Request your own Ministry of Defence personnel record or on behalf of a living data subject

Use this form to request your own Ministry of Defence (MOD) service personnel record, or if you are acting on behalf of a service personnel member. If you are not seeking access under the Data Protection Act, please use our Freedom of Information (FOI) request form for where the individual is presumed living, or is presumed deceased.

The records in this collection cover the time before, during and after an individual’s service in the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, where the individual has a date of birth before or during the year 1939.

The records include around 500,000 individuals who served in the First World War and the vast majority of service personnel from the Second World War. They include British subjects from the UK and overseas, as well as foreign nationals who served with British forces, for example, within the Aden Pioneer Corps or Libyan Arab Force.

These are personnel records, and consequently by the very nature of their original purpose they contain a range of personal data, including medical information.

You will need to provide proof of identity and/or proof that you are acting on behalf of another. This ensures any relevant information in the record/extract we have is about the right individual. Once this is confirmed we can progress this request.

Proof of your identity can include a photocopy, scan or readable photograph of your passport or driver’s license.

If you are seeking information on behalf of someone, i.e. someone who is unable to act for themselves, you must explain in the ‘Additional information’ field:

  1. 1. your relationship with that person;
  2. 2. what information you require;
  3. 3. and why it is required.

These requests fall under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Regulation.

Please note that the information will only be disclosed to you, and if the record itself is closed, it will remain closed.

If your record is open and you believe it should be closed because you - the subject - are still alive, you can ask for the record to be closed; please see The National Archives’ Takedown and Reclosure Policy.

Data Protection Request

If The National Archives does not hold your records, please make a Ministry of Defence Subject Access Request by completing the following form: DPA SAR Form 1694.

How it works

Step 1: Fill in the form below with details of the individual whose record you are requesting. Include proof of the individual’s identity, proof of consent (if applicable) and your own contact details.

Step 2: On receipt of your form and the supporting valid proof, we will search for the record of the individual named in the form.

Step 3: Our team will respond to you via email or post with the results of the search within one calendar month.

If we find a record of the individual for whom you have provided proofs, we will send you a copy of the record with the email.

Data subject access

Are you the data subject (are you searching for information about yourself)?

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