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Consists of a complete set of reports and balance sheets from all the Dunlop national companies and subsidiaries; from 1901 to 1965. The reports consist of both printed (for national companies) and typescript (for subsidiaries) financial reports on a yearly basis, predominantly from January to December. These were reports presented to the Board of Directors which controlled Dunlop Rubber Company Limited. They contain audited balance sheets, profit and loss statements and notes on the accounts. However, the extent of detail varies from company to company. Some overseas holdings have presented reports and balance sheets in the indigenous language. 'Prints' are printed annual reports.


Most volumes of reports and balance sheets have a contents page inside the front cover, which gives a breakdown of Dunlop Rubber Company Limited into its various Divisions and Groups.

Date: 1901 - 1965
Held by: London Metropolitan Archives: City of London, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited

Rubber Tyre Manufacturing Company

Dunlop Holdings Limited

Dunlop Rubber Company Limited

Physical description: 107 files
Publication note:

P F Jennings: Dunlopera: The Works and Workings of the Dunlop Rubber Company (1961)


G Jones: The Multinational Expansion of Dunlop, 1890-1939 (1986)


R H A Storrs: Dunlop in War and Peace (1946)


A P Du Cros: Wheels of Fortune: a Salute to Pioneers (1938)

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Administrative / biographical background:

The Dunlop Rubber Company takes its name from John Boyd Dunlop, the first person to put the pneumatic principle into everyday use by making an air filled tube tyre for bicycles. However, he was only involved with the company from 1889 to 1894, when he joined a rival firm, Tubeless (Fleuss) Pneumatic Tyre Company.


The original company was the Pneumatic Tyre and Booth's Cycle Agency Ltd, founded in 1888 in Dublin. The name Dunlop Rubber Company was first used in 1889 for a private company created to serve as one of the manufacturing units for the founder company. This founder company changed its name several times: in 1893 to the Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited; in 1896 to the Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited and in 1913 to the Parent Tyre Company Limited. In 1931 the founder company went into liquidation.


In the meantime, Harvey Du Cros (who had helped to form the Pneumatic Tyre and Booth's Cycle Agency Ltd.) was providing finance to Byrne Bros., a Birmingham business engaged in the production of general rubber goods. In 1896 Byrne Bros. underwent flotation on the stock market as the Rubber Tyre Manufacturing Company based at Para Mill with the intention of building a new factory, Manor Mills, alongside it. Du Cros purchased the Manor Mills and the Rubber Tyre Manufacturing Company in 1900 and 1901 respectively, and the two companies were amalgamated to form the Dunlop Rubber Company Limited. This company purchased the founder company in 1912.


In subsequent years Dunlop expanded into a vast multinational organisation. By 1946 there were 90,000 shareholders and 70,000 employees with factories in, any different countries, sales outlets in nearly every country, and rubber plantations in southeast Asia (from 1910). Apart from merely producing tyres, the Dunlop Rubber Company Limited made cycle rims and motor car wheels fro,,, 1906 and in 1914 developed a process of spinning and doubling cotton for a new tyre fabric. A collapse in trade in 1922 after the post World War 1 boom led to financial and administrative reorganisation, but the inter war period also saw the development of Latex foam cushioning (sold by the subsidiary, Dunlopillo) and expansion by way of new factories in South Africa and India.


After World War II (during which Dunlop played a major part as suppliers of tyres and rubber goods to the Allied forces). Dunlop expanded further to produce sports goods, sponge rubber, precision bearings and adhesives. Dunlop Holdings Limited (encompassing the whole company) was bought by BTR plc in 1985.


An alphabetical list of subsidiaries and companies included in the Dunlop Rubber Company Limited Reports and balance sheets (ACC/2166/001-107) with an indication of the approximate date at which the name first appeared.


Name Date


Aberdeen Tyre Services 1956


Allington Finance Co Ltd 1958


Anode Rubber Co 1929


Argus Sports Co 1928


Australasia 1928


Aviation Division 1946


Bahau Rubber Co Ltd 1916


W R Barnes and Co Ltd 1955


W and A Bates Ltd 1927


Bemban Rubber Co Ltd 1913


Bibile Rubber Co Ltd 1913


Bintex 1949


W Briggs and Co Ltd 1931


British Hard Rubber Co Ltd 1954


C H Brittain and Co Ltd (Hanley) 1927


Brynmawr Rubber Ltd 1954


Brynmawr Rubber (Sales) Ltd 1954


John Bull Group 1959


Casey and Sons 1929


C H Ltd 1962


Clipper Tyre Co Ltd 1918


County Tyre House Ltd - Canterbury 1931


F A Davis Ltd 1925


Dengate Tyre Co Ltd 1955


Deutsche Dunlop Gummi Compagnie A-G 1923


Dreghorn Publications Ltd 1962


Dunlop Advisory Services Ltd 1957


Dunlop America 1923


Dunlop Gomm Kyokuto Kabushiki Kaisha (Kobe) 1927


Dunlop Malayan Estates Ltd 1940


Dunlop Malayan Industries Ltd 1961


Dunlop Pension Trust 1949


Dunlop Perdriau 1930


Dunlop Plantations Ltd 1918


Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co (S America) 1913


Dunlop Rayon Doublers 1949


Dunlop-Revere Thread Co Ltd 1933


Dunlop Rim and Wheel Co Ltd 1913


Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd 1901


Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd (Ceylon) Ltd 1923


Dunlop Rubber Co (Continental) Ltd 1913


Dunlop Rubber Co (Far East) Ltd 1927


Dunlop Rubber Co (India) Ltd 1913


Dunlop Rubber Co (Ireland) Ltd 1924


Dunlop Rubber Co (South Africa) Ltd 1913


Dunlop Rubber Co (South America) Ltd 1913


Dunlop Rubber Cotton Mills Ltd 1918


Dunlop Scotland Ltd 1949


Dunlop Special Products Ltd 1947


Dunlop Sports Co 1928


Dunlop Tire and Rubber Goods Co Ltd of Canada 1927


Dunlop Weatherprooofs Ltd 1947


Dutfield Rubber Industries 1956


Engineering Consultants 1961


Express Companies 1962


S L and M Feathers 1951


Flexible Saddles Ltd 1927


Gardner Bros 1930


Gemas Rubber Co Ltd 1913


Glovers (Thread Coverers) Ltd 1933


Gomali Rubber Co Ltd 1913


W Goodyear and Sons Ltd 1925


Gorrills 1962


Grimsby Tyre Co Ltd 1938


Guernsey Elastic Thread Co 1935


Harrogate Tyre Co Ltd 1938


Hollingsworth 1936


Hollingsworth Auto Elect Services Ltd 1955


Hood and Winterburn Ltd 1938


James Hoyle Ltd 1920


Hungarian Rubber Co 1927


Fred Hurtley and Son Ltd 1964


Improved Steel Co Ltd 1920


Industrial Developments Ltd 1939


International Latex Processes Ltd 1945


International Synthetic Rubber Co Ltd 1961


H James 1926


Johore Rubber Lands 1930


Lastex Yarn and Lactron Thread 1935


Latex Corporation of Ceylon 1951


Latex Holdings 1930


Leicester Brace and Garter Co 1929


John Letters Ltd 1957


Litesome Sportswear Ltd 1965


L L Tyre Service Ltd 1938


Macintosh Group (also known as the Northern Group) 1926


Including Charles Macintosh


Charles Macintosh depots: Sydney, Buenos Aires, Johanesburg, Dublin, Belfast, Brook Street


Macintosh Cable Co Ltd


Manchester Balata Belting


Broadhurst and Co Ltd


New Eccles Rubber Works Ltd


Casoid Ltd


Campbell Achnach and Co Ltd


Liverpool Rubber Co all 1926


Dela Rubber Co Ltd (Liverpool) 1927


Dela (London) 1928


Macinlop 1928


Macinlop (India) 1928


Macinlop (Ireland) 1928


Macinlop New Zealand 1928


Macinlop Polsce 1938


Macinlop (S Africa) 1928


Charles Macintosh (S America) 1928


Deutsche Macinlop 1928


Marsham Tyre Co 1935


Martins (Leicester) 1928


Midland Tyre Co Ltd 1938


Naaml Venn Nederlandsche Dr en bauder maatschappy 1922


Newton Services (Devon) Ltd 1956


Nigerian Plantations Ltd 1957


Nile Spinning and Doubling Co Ltd 1919


Overseas Trust Ltd 1952


Playlastic Toy Co Ltd 1947


Playlastic Toy Sales Co 1949


John Rain 1929


Rapid Tyre Service Ltd 1931


Redditch Mouldings Ltd 1955


Regent Tyre and Rubber Co Ltd 1938


Ross Spinning Co Ltd 1919


Rubber Curing Patents Syndicate Ltd 1954


Rubber Insurance Agencies Ltd 1951


Rubbermaid Ltd 1954


Edgar Sealey 1961


Segamat (Johore) Rubber Estates Ltd 1920


Semtex Ltd 1938


Shrewsbury and Challiner Tyre Co Ltd 1928


Slazengers Ltd 1959


Smallbone 1938


Sociedad Espanola Dunlop 1918


Societa Italiana Dunlop per I'Industria della Gomma 1913


Société Anonyme des Pneumatiques Dunlop 1919


South Lincs Tyre Co 1942


Spalding Companies 1962


Standamac 1929


Stella Group 1961


Straits Settlement Co 1927


Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd 1962


Terco 1953


Thompson's (Carlisle) Ltd 1938


Thread Holdings Ltd 1935


Tyerco (France) 1954


Tyre Disposals Ltd 1955


Tyre Economy Ltd 1957


Tyre Investment Trust (TIT) 1927


Tyre Machinery Syndicate 1928


Tyre (Scotland) Production Ltd 1955


Tyre Stores Ltd 1949


Tyremail 1937


Tyres (Scotland) Ltd 1955


Tyres (Scotland) Accessories Ltd 1955


Tyresoles Ltd 1953


United Reclaim Ltd 1961


Universal Tyre Co (Yorkshire) Ltd 1938


Virginia Rubber Co Ltd 1915


Welsh Tyre Service Ltd 1938


West Mills, Harlow 1929


Xetal Products 1949


Yorkshire Tyre and Rubber Co 1938

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