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Reference: Flick/I/i/6
Title: Release from trusts of marriage settlement



1a. Anne Travell of Cheltenham, Gloucs., spinster


b. Edward Witts of Cheltenham, Gloucs. esq.


c. Agnes, wife of 1b.


2. Rev. Francis Edward Witts of Upper Slaughter, Gloucs., clerk, trustee for 1b. and c.


3a. William Kerr of Northampton, doctor of medicine


b. George Tompson of Hoxton Fields, Middx.


SUBJECT OF TRANSACTION: Recites marriage settlement of 10/11 May 1725, and that marriage took place shortly after. Recites that Robert Conant survived Francis Chute, but died, and administration was granted to George Thompson who mortgaged part of the estate to Edward Crewe for £1200 (part of the sum of £8000) by deed of 17/18 April 1758. Recites that John Travell has died leaving his son surviving him. Recites that William Travell died unmarried and without issue. Recites that John Travell the son and Anne His wife died leaving Francis, Ferdinando Tracy, Anne, Agnes and Catherine their only children


Recites that Catherine Travell has died without issue, in the lifetime of Ferdinando Tracy Travell. Recites that Francis Travell died in 1801 without issue, whereupon Ferdinando Tracy Travell became tenant in tail under the marriage settlement. Recites that he died on 27 Sept. 1808 without issue, leaving two sisters surviving.


Recites will of George Tompson dated 2 July 1781 who appointed his wife Susannah as his sole executrix. Recites her will of 13 May 1791 whereby she appointed 3. as her executors


Recites that 1a. and 1c. by virtue of the several deaths in the family have become entitled to the estate under the marriage settlement as tenants in common, which was formerly declared by Chancery order of 11 February 1815


Recites another Chancery order of 25 May 1815 whereby upon a petition sent by 1b. and c., the court ordered that the moiety of the trust estate which was 1c.'s should pass to 2, as her trustee


Recites that the interest which has accrued upon the sum of £1200 which was invested as recited, has amounted to £362-1s. (from the death of Ferdinando Tracy Travell to the present day) making together with the principal sum £1562-1s.


Recites that 3. have paid 1a. the sum of £781-6d.


Now, in consideration of the sum of £781-6d. paid by 3. to 1a. and of the same sum to be paid to 2., 1. and 2, discharge 3. from all trusts under the will of George Tompson decd. concerning the trust estate of the marriage settlement.






Anne Travell


Edward Witts


Agnes Witts


Francis Edward Witts




(a) Witness to Sealing:


Thomas Shelden


Richard Maisey


(c) Other endorsements:


Memo as on Marriage settlement in recital

Date: 10 June 55 George III 1815
Held by: Oxfordshire History Centre, not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical condition: Parchment; 1,2. seals

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