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Title: Assizes: North and South Wales Circuit, South Wales Division: Indictment Files

Until 1892, these North and South Wales Circuit, South Wales Division documents are parchment indictments bundled together by county. They give details of the defendant and the charge, and are usually annotated with details of the plea and verdict. Coroners' inquisitions are occasionally included.

The series is broken in 1892, resumes briefly in 1920 and then continues from 1924. Following the provisions of the Indictments Act 1915 (5 & 6 Geo V, c 90) the twentieth century indictments are typed or handwritten on standard, usually pre-printed, forms, using continuation sheets where necessary. They give the jurisdiction and venue of the trial, name of defendant, plea, a summary statement of the charge or charges, particulars of the charge or charges, and, where applicable, details of the defendant's previous criminal record. Subsequent to the trial the remaining blanks were filled up to give the name of the presiding judge, the date of the trial, the verdict and sentence. Like earlier indictments they are endorsed with a list of witnesses.

The clerk has occasionally inserted notes to the effect that certain indictments have been removed in order to be sent to the appeal court. Some indictments have formal correspondence relating to an appeal, attached to them.

Date: 1834-1945

Until 1892 documents are bundled together by county.

The twentieth century indictments have been bundled together, usually by county.

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Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Justices of Assize, South Wales Circuit, 1830-1945

Physical description: 77 bundles and papers

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