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This record is held by London Metropolitan Archives: City of London

Details of LMA/4223
Reference: LMA/4223

This collection includes maps, plans, photographs and publications


The majority are Ordnance Survey sheets of various scales and editions. Some seem to have come originally from the Gas Light and Coke Company Surveyors Department, or the Brentford Gas Company. Many have been amended to show property owned or leased by the Gas Light and Coke Company, the Brentford Gas Company or the North Thames Gas Board. The earliest sheets date from 1893 but amendments continue to have been made up until 1989. Any properties highlighted on the sheets tend to be gas works or showrooms.


The plans cover only parts of the area north of the River Thames. There are no sheets for areas south of the Thames.






Abbey Mills LMA/4223/01/200


Abbey Road (Barking LB) LMA/4223/01/204


Abbott Road, 121-127 (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


Abbott Road, 121-127 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Abey-Gunawardene, Mr R.M.D. LMA/4223/01/127


Abingdon Road, 029 (Kensington and Chelsea LB) LMA/4223/01/068


Accommodation Road, 008-009 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/103


Accommodation Road, 013 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/103


Acton High Street (Acton MB) LMA/4223/01/076


Acton High Street, 233-239 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/127


Albert Crescent, 003 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/161


Albert Drive, 056 (Wandsworth MetB) LMA/4223/01/070


Alexandra Road (Heston and Isleworth MB) LMA/4223/01/143


Alleyn Park, 014 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/123


Alleyn Park, 014 (Heston and Isleworth MB) LMA/4223/01/138


Anson Road, 058, 058/A (Islington LB) LMA/4223/01/058


Archers Fields (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/188


Arcola Street, 027 (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/060


Argall Avenue (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/166


Ariel Way LMA/4223/01/260


Arlington Road (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/033


Assethall Limited LMA/4223/01/211


Assethall Limited LMA/4223/01/212


Audley Road, 025 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Automobile and General Packing Company Limited LMA/4223/01/047


Avenue Road, 002 (Enfield LB) LMA/4223/01/236


Baker, B.W. LMA/4223/01/243


Barking Regional College of Technology LMA/4223/01/185


Barkingside High Street, 041 (Ilford MB) LMA/4223/01/177


Baronsmede, 046 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/127


Battersea Gas Holder Station LMA/4223/01/071


Battersea MetB LMA/4223/01/071


Battersea Park Road, 033 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Battersea Park Road, 521-523 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/047


Battlebridge Road (Saint Pancras MetB) LMA/4223/01/036


Beacon Hill, 031 (Islington LB) LMA/4223/01/059


Beaconsfield Road, 137-143 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/120


Beaconsfield Road, 161 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/120


Beaconsfield Road, 205 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/120


Beaconsfield Road, 249 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/120


Beacontree Avenue, 004 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/174


Beaufort Road, 028 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Beckton Gardens, 001-011 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/211


Beckton Road, 350-352 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/209


Beckton Road, 354-370 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/209


Billericay High Street, 091 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/165


Birchington Road, 048 (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/062


Bittacy Hill, 019 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/098


Bittacy Hill, 049 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/098


Bonallack and Son Limited LMA/4223/01/184


Bovis Construction Limited LMA/4223/01/095


Bow Common Lane, 001-002 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


Bow Common Lane, 004 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


Bow Common Lane, 004 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Brent LB LMA/4223/01/124


Brentford High Street (Brentford and Chiswick MB) LMA/4223/01/079


Brentford High Street, 007-008 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/147


Brentford High Street, 007-008 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/255


Brentford High Street, 340-344 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/147


Brentford High Street, 340-344 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/255


Brentwood High Street, 105 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/164


Breweries LMA/4223/01/255


Breweries LMA/4223/01/147


Bridge Street (Lambeth LB) LMA/4223/01/045


Bridge Street, 040 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/080


Bridge Street, 057 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/090


Bridge Wharf LMA/4223/01/267


British Insulated Callenders Cables Limited LMA/4223/01/206


British Railways Board LMA/4223/01/116


British Railways Board LMA/4223/01/064


British Transport Commission LMA/4223/01/095


British Transport Commission LMA/4223/01/169


British Transport Commission LMA/4223/01/071


British Waterways Board LMA/4223/01/108


Broadwalk, 013 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/175


Broadway Buildings LMA/4223/01/263


Broadway House LMA/4223/01/263


Brook Road, 019-027 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/107


Brooke Avenue, 007 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Brooke Avenue, 007 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/097


Brunswick Road (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Brunswick Road (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Buckinghamshire CC LMA/4223/01/226


Buckinghamshire CC LMA/4223/01/227


Bungalows LMA/4223/01/098


Burnaby Road, 005-007 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/219


Burnaby Road, 023 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/219


Burnaby Road, 037-065 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/219


Butts Road, 020 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/214


Buxton Gardens, 020, 022 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Buxton Gardens, 037 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Cable Stores LMA/4223/01/211


Cafes LMA/4223/01/211


Cambria Street (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Cambridge Park (Wanstead UD) LMA/4223/01/180


Camden High Street, 148-150 (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/033


Camden High Street, 183 (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/033


Campden Hill (Kensington and Chelsea LB) LMA/4223/01/068


Canning Town Gas Testing Station LMA/4223/01/267


Canning Town Glassworks Limited LMA/4223/01/206


Canning Town Glassworks Limited LMA/4223/01/207


Cannon Lane (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/094


Cannons Lane (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/080


Cannons Lane Holder Station LMA/4223/01/080


Canteens LMA/4223/01/124


Capitol Housing Association LMA/4223/01/064


Car Parks LMA/4223/01/093


Car Parks LMA/4223/01/095


Carnwath Road (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/047


Causton Street (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/048


Causton Street (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/264


Causton Street, 019-037 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Central Electricity Generating Board LMA/4223/01/169


Central Electricity Generating Board LMA/4223/01/212


Central Electricity Generating Board LMA/4223/01/207


Central Electricity Generating Board LMA/4223/01/209


Central Electricity Generating Board LMA/4223/01/211


Channelsea House LMA/4223/01/200


Charing Cross Road, 028 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/040


Chatsworth Gardens, 044 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Cheapside, 097 (City of London) LMA/4223/01/041


Chemical Works LMA/4223/01/203


Chigwell High Road (Chigwell UD) LMA/4223/01/160


Church Avenue, 054 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/096


Church Hill Road (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/174


Church Road, 054 (Heston and Isleworth MB) LMA/4223/01/138


Church Road, 175 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/238


Church Street, 011 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/146


Church of England Childrens Society LMA/4223/01/187


Civic Square, 002 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/225


Claps Gate Lane (Barking LB) LMA/4223/01/204


Claremont Road (Willesden MB) LMA/4223/01/054


Clarence Terrace, 006 (Ilford MB) LMA/4223/01/177


Clarendon Road, 051-053 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/107


Clements Road, 002-004 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/184


Clements Road, 016-020 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/184


Clubrooms LMA/4223/01/124


Clubrooms LMA/4223/01/217


Coal Wharves LMA/4223/01/164


Cody Road (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Cody Road (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Cody Road (West Ham CB) LMA/4223/01/206


Colleges LMA/4223/01/185


Commerce House LMA/4223/01/193


Constable Close, 010 (Hendon MB) LMA/4223/01/053


Constance Road, 041 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/248


Constance Road, 041 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/250


Cony Green (Hillingdon MB) LMA/4223/01/112


Cooperage Wharf LMA/4223/01/206


Cooperage Wharf LMA/4223/01/207


Coppetts Road (Finchley MB) LMA/4223/01/105


Cowley Mill Road, 006 (Hillingdon MB) LMA/4223/01/108


Cowley Mill Road, 006 (Hillingdon MB) LMA/4223/01/109


Cranbourne Avenue, 013 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/123


Cranbrook Road, 137 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/181


Cranley Gardens, 036 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/106


Creffield Road (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Creighton Avenue (Finchley MB) LMA/4223/01/105


Crescent Terrace, 001-008 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/211


Crossoaks Farm LMA/4223/01/258


Crow Lane (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/186


Crown Hill, 025, 027 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/189


Crown Hill, 025, 027 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/190


Crown Parade, 003 (Hayes and Harlington MB) LMA/4223/01/119


Dace Road (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/035


Dace Road (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/195


Dansey Place, 004-005 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/040


Dawley Road (Hayes and Harlington MB) LMA/4223/01/119


Dawley Road (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/113


De Bohun Avenue, 038 (Southgate MB) LMA/4223/01/235


Depots LMA/4223/01/046


Depots LMA/4223/01/060


Depots LMA/4223/01/068


Depots LMA/4223/01/113


Depots LMA/4223/01/159


Depots LMA/4223/01/179


Depots LMA/4223/01/265


Depots LMA/4223/01/037


Depots LMA/4223/01/122


Depots LMA/4223/01/188


Depots LMA/4223/01/189


Depots LMA/4223/01/190


Depots LMA/4223/01/191


Depots LMA/4223/01/219


Depots LMA/4223/01/040


Depots LMA/4223/01/062


Depots LMA/4223/01/091


Depots LMA/4223/01/184


Depots LMA/4223/01/263


Depots LMA/4223/01/175


Devonshire Crescent, 002 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/098


Devonshire Road, 026 (Ealing MB) LMA/4223/01/117


Distillery Road, 001-004 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/147


Distillery Road, 001-004 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/255


Dorville Road, 004 (Lewisham MetB) LMA/4223/01/052


Dyrham Lane (Hertfordshire CC) LMA/4223/01/259


Dyrham Park Farm LMA/4223/01/259


Ealing Broadway, 054 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/122


Ealing High Street, 001 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/253


East Ham MB LMA/4223/01/211


East Ham MB LMA/4223/01/209


East India Dock Road, 028 (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


East India Dock Road, 154 (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


East India Dock Road, 154 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


East India Dock Road, 281 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


East Street (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/193


East Street (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/194


Eastcote Road, 038 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/091


Eastern Boulevard, 099 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/192


Eastern Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/091


Eastern Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/188


Eastern Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/189


Eastern Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/191


Eastern Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/164


Eastern Esplanade, 042-043 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/219


Eastern Esplanade, 058 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/219


Eastern Esplanade, 062-064 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/219


Edgware Road (Willesden MB) LMA/4223/01/054


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/086


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/091


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/107


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/120


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/164


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/188


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/189


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/190


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/191


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/197


Electricity Sub Stations LMA/4223/01/084


Electricity Transfer Stations LMA/4223/01/211


Elm Grove Road, 015 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/127


Elm Road (Essex CC LMA/4223/01/218


Elm Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/220


Elmgrove Road (Brentford and Chiswick MB) LMA/4223/01/077


Elsley Road, 192 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/047


Emily Cottages (Barking UD) LMA/4223/01/203


Emma Street (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/038


Engel Park, 081 (Hendon MB) LMA/4223/01/234


Essex Manufacturing Company LMA/4223/01/225


Factory Road, 204 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/213


Fairfax Drive (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/216


Falmouth Avenue (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/161


Farlane House LMA/4223/01/262


Farms LMA/4223/01/258


Farms LMA/4223/01/259


Feltham High Street, 005, 005A (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/145


Finchley Road, 235-237 (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/062


Flats LMA/4223/01/052


Forge Lane, 010-012 (Surrey CC) LMA/4223/01/150


Frithwood Close (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/167


Fulham Broadway, 001-003 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Fulham Road, 643/A (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Fullers Avenue, 019 (Ilford MB) LMA/4223/01/172


G. Cohen and Sons LMA/4223/01/200


GLC LMA/4223/01/071


GLC LMA/4223/01/209


GLC LMA/4223/01/211


Gainsborough Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/004


Gainsborough Road, 002 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/179


Gallions Wharf LMA/4223/01/213


Gallions Wharf LMA/4223/01/211


Garages LMA/4223/01/122


Garages LMA/4223/01/219


Garages LMA/4223/01/068


Garages LMA/4223/01/124


Garages LMA/4223/01/120


Garages LMA/4223/01/206


Garages LMA/4223/01/207


Garages LMA/4223/01/262


Gas Consultative Council LMA/4223/01/040


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/036


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/037


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/038


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/049


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/084


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/094


Gas Holder Stations LMA/4223/01/091


Gas Light and Coke Company Limited LMA/4223/01/005


Gas Pumping Stations LMA/4223/01/054


Gas Pumping Stations LMA/4223/01/058


Gas Pumping Stations LMA/4223/01/062


Gas Pumping Stations LMA/4223/01/089


Gas Pumping Stations LMA/4223/01/073


Gas Testing Stations LMA/4223/01/267


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/006


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/007


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/013


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/019


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/020


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/023


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/024


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/030


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/043


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/064


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/071


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/072


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/080


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/109


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/110


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/111


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/123


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/141


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/147


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/166


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/183


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/193


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/194


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/212


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/223


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/266


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/038


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/095


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/107


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/120


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/200


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/206


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/207


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/255


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/262


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/108


Gas Works LMA/4223/01/263


General Post Office LMA/4223/01/200


George Lane, 135, 135/A (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/175


George Lane, 137, 139 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/175


Gillender Street (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Gillender Street (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Glengall Road, 009, 009/A (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/061


Golders Green Road, 108-116 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/103


Gooseley Lane (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/211


Goswell Road, 146 (Finsbury MetB) LMA/4223/01/037


Goswell Road, 146 (Finsbury MetB) LMA/4223/01/265


Grange Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/188


Grange Road, 030 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/123


Great West Road (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/147


Great West Road (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/255


Green Lane (Chigwell UD) LMA/4223/01/160


Greenford Broadway, 038 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/117


Greenford Road (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/116


Grosvenor House LMA/4223/01/054


Grosvenor House LMA/4223/01/102


Grove House LMA/4223/01/262


Haines Street, 001 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Hale End Close (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/247


Hale Hamilton LMA/4223/01/108


Hale Street (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


Ham Central Mission Sports Ground LMA/4223/01/208


Hammesmith and Fulham LB LMA/4223/01/262


Handley House LMA/4223/01/208


Hardwicke Street, 072-074 (Barking LB) LMA/4223/01/204


Harefield Hospital LMA/4223/01/245


Harford Street (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


Haringey LB LMA/4223/01/107


Harlesden High Street (Willesden CP) LMA/4223/01/005


Harlesden High Street, 016 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/124


Harlesden High Street, 061 (Willesden MB) LMA/4223/01/063


Harmonic Hall LMA/4223/01/207


Harmonic Hall LMA/4223/01/206


Harrow MB LMA/4223/01/095


Hartswood Road (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/164


Harwood Terrace, 019-033 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Hatherley Wharf LMA/4223/01/043


Hatherley Wharf LMA/4223/01/207


Havelock Road (Southall MB) LMA/4223/01/073


Havelock Road Stables LMA/4223/01/073


Heath Road (Twickenham CP) LMA/4223/01/017


Heidelberg Graphics Limited LMA/4223/01/140


Heidelberg Graphics Limited LMA/4223/01/255


Hermitage Walk (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/175


Heygate Avenue, 035 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/217


High Street North, 131 (Barking LB) LMA/4223/01/204


Highgate West Hill, 062 (Saint Pancras MetB) LMA/4223/01/056


Hilgrove Road (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/062


Hill End Road (Uxbridge MB) LMA/4223/01/245


Hillway, 021 (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/058


Hoadley Road, 016 (Wandsworth MetB) LMA/4223/01/051


Holroyd Road, 025 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/069


Hornsey Park Road, 105 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/107


Hornsey Park Road, 123-151 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/107


Horseferry Road School LMA/4223/01/264


Horseferry Road, 041-045 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Horseferry Road, 041-045 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/264


Horseferry Road, 068-072 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Horseferry Road, 088 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Horseferry Road, 088 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/264


Horseferry Road, 094 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Hospitals LMA/4223/01/245


Hounslow High Street, 198 (Heston and Isleworth MB) LMA/4223/01/143


Hounslow LB LMA/4223/01/140


Hounslow LB LMA/4223/01/145


Hounslow LB LMA/4223/01/147


Hounslow LB LMA/4223/01/255


Ilford High Street, 062-066 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/184


Ilford Hill, 039 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/184


Imperial House LMA/4223/01/262


Imperial Road, 001-001/A (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Imperial Square, 001-030 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Institutes LMA/4223/01/207


Institutes LMA/4223/01/206


Instrument House LMA/4223/01/232


Inverness Street (Saint Pancras CP) LMA/4223/01/012


Iron Bridge Wharf LMA/4223/01/267


Iver Heath Sports Ground LMA/4223/01/226


Iver Heath Sports Ground LMA/4223/01/227


J. Brown and Company Limited LMA/4223/01/211


J. Brown and Company Limited LMA/4223/01/209


J. Cade and Company Limited LMA/4223/01/164


J. Sainsbury and Company Limited LMA/4223/01/064


J.T. Byford and Sons Limited LMA/4223/01/189


Kenilworth Gardens, 013 (Staines MB) LMA/4223/01/149


Kensington and Chelsea LB LMA/4223/01/064


Kilburn High Road, 106 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/062


Kilburn High Road, 122-126 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/062


Kilburn High Road, 156 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/061


Kilburn High Road, 307-311 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/061


Kings Street, 019 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/146


Kings Road (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Kings Road, 559-569 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Kings Road, 595-609 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Kingsbury Road (Wembley MB) LMA/4223/01/101


Kingsbury Road, 447 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/100


Kingsend (Ruislip-Northwood MB) LMA/4223/01/093


Klondyke Avenue (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/189


Klondyke Avenue (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/190


Kyle Stewart Properties Limited LMA/4223/01/138


LCC LMA/4223/01/264


LCC LMA/4223/01/267


LCC LMA/4223/01/071


LCC LMA/4223/01/211


Laburnam Street (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/038


Ladbroke Dwellings, 001-010 (Kensington and Chelsea LB) LMA/4223/01/064


Ladbroke Grove (Kensington and Chelsea LB) LMA/4223/01/064


Laindon Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/167


Lansdowne Drive, 095 (Hackney MetB) LMA/4223/01/034


Lanyard Street, 011 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


Laundry Yard (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Lawrence Court, 012 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/086


Lea Bridge Road, 154-160 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/266


Lea Bridge Road, 154-160 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/166


Lea Bridge Road, 672-676 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/179


Leven Road, 196 (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


Leven Road, 196 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Lexden Road, 034 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Leyton MB LMA/4223/01/266


Leyton MB LMA/4223/01/169


Leytonstone High Road, 676-678 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/179


Lodge Road (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/102


London Docklands Development Corporation LMA/4223/01/207


London Docklands Development Corporation LMA/4223/01/209


London Docklands Development Corporation LMA/4223/01/200


London Docklands Development Corporation LMA/4223/01/211


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/166


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/179


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/197


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/266


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/095


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/207


London Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/211


London Electricity Generating Board LMA/4223/01/200


London Road (Havering LB) LMA/4223/01/222


London Road, 056-060 (Staines MB) LMA/4223/01/134


London Road, 082 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/224


London Road, 084-116 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/224


London Road, 118-140 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/224


London Road, 158-162 (Staines MB) LMA/4223/01/134


Long Lane (Staines MB) LMA/4223/01/132


Longbridge Road, 204 (Ilford MB) LMA/4223/01/199


Loughton High Road, 179, 181 (Chigwell UD) LMA/4223/01/158


Lower Richmond Road (Barnes MB) LMA/4223/01/237


Lower Terrace (Hampstead MetB) LMA/4223/01/055


Lowther Star Limited LMA/4223/01/262


MCC LMA/4223/01/108


Madeira Avenue (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/215


Malam Gardens, 001-029 (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


Malam Gardens, 001-029 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


March Road, 003 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/144


Mare Street, 277 (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/035


Marsham Street, 063-075 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Mead House LMA/4223/01/262


Meesons Lane, 001 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/224


Methodist Chapels LMA/4223/01/211


Michael Road, 001-027 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Michael Road, 014-044 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Michael Road, 029-037 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Michael Road, 046-052 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Michael Road, 062-084 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Middlesex House LMA/4223/01/254


Mighell Avenue (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/175


Mill Hill Broadway, 035 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/086


Millers Avenue, 001-009 (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/060


Monck Street, 002 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/264


Monck Street, 002 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Montgomery Wharf LMA/4223/01/140


Montgomery Wharf LMA/4223/01/252


Montgomery Wharf LMA/4223/01/255


Motor Vehicle Collection Company Limited LMA/4223/01/209


Motor Vehicle Collection Limited LMA/4223/01/211


Mountnessing Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/165


Mulberry Tree Public House LMA/4223/01/200


Muncaster Road, 070 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/050


Muswell Hill Broadway, 238 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/106


N.V. Tools Limited LMA/4223/01/164


Nacovia Wharf LMA/4223/01/262


New Broadway, 003 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/122


New Heston Road, 040-042 (Heston and Isleworth MB) LMA/4223/01/138


New Road, 001-002 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/098


New Winsor House LMA/4223/01/211


Newcastle Wharf LMA/4223/01/071


Newham LB LMA/4223/01/195


Newham LB LMA/4223/01/209


Newham LB LMA/4223/01/211


Newman Street, 089 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/040


Nicoll Road, 007 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/124


Nicoll Road, 009, 011 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/124


Nine Elms Lane, 040-042 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Nine Elms Lane, 044 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Nine Elms Lane, 048-050 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


North Drive, 025 (Ruislip-Northwood MB) LMA/4223/01/093


North Thames Gas Consultative Council Offices LMA/4223/01/045


North Thames House LMA/4223/01/134


Northolt Road, 134-150 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Northolt Road, 243 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/097


Northwold Road, 020 (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/060


Northwood Road (Uxbridge MB) LMA/4223/01/232


Norwood Road, 240 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/123


Nursery Walk (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/186


Oakeshott Avenue, 016 (Camden LB) LMA/4223/01/058


Oban Street, 025, 027 (Poplar MetB) LMA/4223/01/206


Oban Street, 025, 027 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Offices LMA/4223/01/044


Offices LMA/4223/01/045


Offices LMA/4223/01/095


Offices LMA/4223/01/134


Offices LMA/4223/01/184


Offices LMA/4223/01/221


Offices LMA/4223/01/040


Offices LMA/4223/01/219


Offices LMA/4223/01/264


Old Pye Street, 012-014 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Old Pye Street, 012-014 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/264


Orchard Rise, 004 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/242


Orsett Road, 024-028 (Havering LB) LMA/4223/01/222


Orsett Road, 024-028 (Hornchurch MB) LMA/4223/01/221


Oxford Street, 496-504 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/040


Oxhey Lane (Hertfordshire CC) LMA/4223/01/249


Palace Chambers LMA/4223/01/045


Palace Wharf LMA/4223/01/071


Park Avenue, 011 (Enfield MB) LMA/4223/01/088


Parkside, 002 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/215


Parnell Road, 024 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/039


Parr's Cottages, 001-004 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/186


Pear Tree Street (Finsbury MetB) LMA/4223/01/265


Pembroke Lodge LMA/4223/01/217


Perryn Road, 070 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/066


Petersham Road, 265 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/240


Phoenix Cottages, 001-003 (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/108


Phoenix Cottages, 001-003 (Hillingdon MB) LMA/4223/01/109


Pleydell Avenue, 027 (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/067


Point Wharf LMA/4223/01/255


Point Wharf LMA/4223/01/140


Ponton Road, 024 (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Popes Lane, 162 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/127


Post Offices LMA/4223/01/175


Poulton Place (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/046


Poulton Place Depot LMA/4223/01/046


Pound Lane (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/124


Priests Lane (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/164


Prince of Wales Road, 101-103 (Battersea MetB) LMA/4223/01/049


Princes Wharf LMA/4223/01/071


Progress Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/191


Public Houses LMA/4223/01/200


Public Houses LMA/4223/01/123


Pulton Place (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Queen Street, 006-007 (City of London) LMA/4223/01/041


Queensbridge Road (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/038


Rathbone Place, 011 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/040


Rathbone Street, 029-035 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/040


Rayleigh UDC LMA/4223/01/189


Regents Park Road, 316 (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/099


Rewell Street (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Rhondda Grove, 022 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/039


Rhondda Grove, 026-027 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/039


Richard Thomas and Baldwins Limited LMA/4223/01/211


Richmond Gas Works LMA/4223/01/023


Richmond Gas Works LMA/4223/01/024


Rickmansworth Road (Ruislip-Northwood MB) LMA/4223/01/089


Ridgdale Street, 012 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Ripple Road (Barking UD) LMA/4223/01/197


Roach Road (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/035


Roach Road (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/195


Rochford Parochial Church Council LMA/4223/01/194


Rocks Lane (Barnes CP) LMA/4223/01/022


Rockware Avenue (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/116


Roman Road, 554-556 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/039


Romford Road, 968 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/184


Romney Street, 065-069 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Rosehaugh Stanhope LMA/4223/01/200


Rosemont Road (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/126


Ruislip High Street, 071 (Ruislip-Northwood MB) LMA/4223/01/093


Saint James Road, 012 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/164


Saint Leonards Street (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Saint Leonards Street (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/207


Saint Mary's Lane (Havering LB) LMA/4223/01/187


Saint Marys Avenue (Wanstead UD) LMA/4223/01/180


Saint Michaels Vicarage LMA/4223/01/211


Saint Pancras Gas Holder Station LMA/4223/01/036


Saint Pauls Gas Holder Station LMA/4223/01/037


Samuel Properties Development Limited LMA/4223/01/095


Sandford Manor House LMA/4223/01/263


Sands End Gas Works LMA/4223/01/030


Sands End Lane (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Sands End Lane (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Sandyard House LMA/4223/01/263


Schools LMA/4223/01/264


Seaham Wharf LMA/4223/01/071


Seven Sisters Road, 097-099 (Islington LB) LMA/4223/01/059


Seven Sisters Road, 101 (Islington LB) LMA/4223/01/059


Seven Sisters Road, 121 (Islington LB) LMA/4223/01/059


Shell Mex and BP Company Limited LMA/4223/01/262


Shell UK Limited LMA/4223/01/262


Shepperton Road (Surrey CC) LMA/4223/01/246


Shirley Gardens (Ealing MB) LMA/4223/01/075


Shirley Gardens, 001-001/A (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/122


Shops LMA/4223/01/175


Shops LMA/4223/01/172


Shops LMA/4223/01/262


Showhouses LMA/4223/01/248


Showhouses LMA/4223/01/250


Showhouses LMA/4223/01/092


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/035


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/040


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/041


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/042


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/047


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/057


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/059


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/061


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/063


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/075


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/076


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/085


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/090


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/097


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/099


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/100


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/101


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/102


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/103


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/104


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/106


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/108


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/119


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/126


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/127


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/143


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/145


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/146


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/148


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/161


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/165


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/172


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/174


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/177


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/187


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/195


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/196


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/204


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/206


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/215


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/222


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/224


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/225


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/233


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/238


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/239


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/243


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/264


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/005


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/044


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/060


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/062


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/086


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/092


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/093


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/113


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/159


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/164


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/179


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/184


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/185


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/193


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/197


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/217


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/221


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/263


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/265


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/043


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/109


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/122


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/175


Showrooms LMA/4223/01/120


Sillence, Mr LMA/4223/01/099


Sipson Road (Yiewsley and West Drayton MB) LMA/4223/01/114


Smokeless Fuels Federation LMA/4223/01/091


Snakes Lane (Ilford MB) LMA/4223/01/172


Snakes Lane (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/173


Sotheron Road (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


South Mall, 029 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/224


South Road, 032 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/120


South Road, 047 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/120


South Street, 131 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/186


Southend Borough Council LMA/4223/01/218


Southend Broadway, 077 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/215


Southend High Street, 066-068 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/217


Southern Electricity Board LMA/4223/01/120


Sports Grounds LMA/4223/01/098


Sports Grounds LMA/4223/01/126


Stables LMA/4223/01/073


Stables LMA/4223/01/140


Stables Pumping Station LMA/4223/01/073


Stag Lane (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/256


Staines High Street, 010-012 (Staines MB) LMA/4223/01/148


Stamford Place (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/263


Stanley Gardens (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/067


Stanley Road, 042-048 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Stanley Road, 088-100 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Stanley Road, 106-108 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Station Parade, 007 (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/233


Station Road, 019 (Havering LB) LMA/4223/01/187


Station Road, 065, 067 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/159


Station Road, 081-083 (Hendon MB) LMA/4223/01/085


Station Road, 123 (Chertsey UD) LMA/4223/01/243


Station Road, 329-331 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/092


Stations LMA/4223/01/092


Steelcraft Machine Company Limited LMA/4223/01/095


Stephendale Road, 216 (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Sterling Foundry Specialties Limited LMA/4223/01/262


Stoke Newington High Street (Hackney CP) LMA/4223/01/001


Stoke Newington Road, 070-074 (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/060


Stores LMA/4223/01/004


Stores LMA/4223/01/005


Stove Works LMA/4223/01/262


Stratford Broadway, 040-042 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/195


Streatfield Street, 004 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


Supermarkets LMA/4223/01/064


Suregrade Developments Limited LMA/4223/01/211


Swan Wharf LMA/4223/01/108


Swan Wharf LMA/4223/01/109


Tar and Ammonia Product Works LMA/4223/01/211


Templeworth Properties Limited LMA/4223/01/147


Templeworth Properties Limited LMA/4223/01/255


The Avenue, 016, 018 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/170


The Broadway, 008 (Hornsey MB) LMA/4223/01/057


The Broadway, 014, 015 (Ilford MB) LMA/4223/01/172


The Broadway, 031 (Hornsey MB) LMA/4223/01/057


The Drive, 022 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/175


The Green (Richmond MB) LMA/4223/01/239


The Green (Southall MB) LMA/4223/01/073


The Liberty, 002 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/186


The Quadrant, 013 (Richmond MB) LMA/4223/01/239


Thornton Road, 002/A (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/242


Timber Yards LMA/4223/01/263


Tosses Lane (Uxbridge MB) LMA/4223/01/232


Tower Hamlets LB LMA/4223/01/207


Town Lane (Staines MB) LMA/4223/01/134


Townmead Road (Hammersmith and Fulham LB) LMA/4223/01/262


Training Centres LMA/4223/01/200


Tredegar Square, 027-028 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/039


Trinity Cottage LMA/4223/01/206


Trinity Cottage LMA/4223/01/207


Tudor Street, 007 (City of London) LMA/4223/01/041


Tufton Street, 078 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Turton Road (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/104


Union Court, 001-005 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Union Docks LMA/4223/01/014


Union Street, 022-028 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Upper Richmond Road, 192-196 (Barnes MB) LMA/4223/01/237


Upper Richmond Road, 192-196 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/242


Upper Street, 008, 009 (Islington MetB) LMA/4223/01/037


Upper Thames Street (City of London) LMA/4223/01/042


Uxbridge Borough Council LMA/4223/01/108


Uxbridge High Street, 162-163 (Hillingdon MB) LMA/4223/01/108


Uxbridge High Street, 162-163 (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/109


Uxbridge High Street, 181 (Hillingdon MB) LMA/4223/01/109


Uxbridge Road (Ealing MB) LMA/4223/01/075


Uxbridge Road, 217 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/122


Uxbridge Road, 878 (Hayes and Harlington MB) LMA/4223/01/119


Vernon Road, 055 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/179


Vicarages LMA/4223/01/211


Victoria Dock Cut (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/211


Victoria Mansions LMA/4223/01/064


Victoria Street, 086 (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/044


Village Way, 157-159 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/094


Vincent Cottage LMA/4223/01/264


Vincent Street (Wandsworth LB) LMA/4223/01/071


Vincent Street (Westminster LB) LMA/4223/01/264


Vivian Avenue, 005 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/102


Wallwood Street, 035 Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


Walnut Tree Road (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/147


Walnut Tree Road (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/255


Walthamstow High Street, 261 (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/174


Wanstead Lane, 058 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/181


Warehouses LMA/4223/01/262


Watford Way, 061-063 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/102


Watling Avenue (Barnet LB) LMA/4223/01/257


Watney Market, 030-032 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/042


Wealdstone Station LMA/4223/01/092


Webster, H. LMA/4223/01/184


Wembley Cottages, 001-005 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/200


Wembley High Road, 574 (Brent LB) LMA/4223/01/104


West Ham Central Mission LMA/4223/01/209


West Ham Corporation LMA/4223/01/206


West Ham Corporation LMA/4223/01/267


West Street, 035 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/193


Western Road, 075-089 (Haringey LB) LMA/4223/01/107


Wharf Road (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/164


Wharves LMA/4223/01/140


Wharves LMA/4223/01/213


Wharves LMA/4223/01/252


Wharves LMA/4223/01/043


Wharves LMA/4223/01/071


Wharves LMA/4223/01/108


Wharves LMA/4223/01/109


Wharves LMA/4223/01/267


Wharves LMA/4223/01/255


Wharves LMA/4223/01/262


Wharves LMA/4223/01/206


Wharves LMA/4223/01/207


Wharves LMA/4223/01/211


Whiston Road (Hackney LB) LMA/4223/01/038


Whitbread and Company Limited LMA/4223/01/211


White City Industrial Estate LMA/4223/01/260


White Hill (Ruislip-Northwood MB) LMA/4223/01/232


White Horse Street, 110 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


White Horse Street, 122 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/043


White Lion Public House LMA/4223/01/123


White Street (Southall MB) LMA/4223/01/072


White Street, 003-010 (Ealing LB) LMA/4223/01/123


Whitechapel Road, 097-099 (Tower Hamlets LB) LMA/4223/01/042


Whitefield School LMA/4223/01/261


Whitmore Road, 024 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Whitmore Road, 066 (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/095


Whitton Road (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/144


Willment, Mr C.J.R. LMA/4223/01/147


Willow Street (Waltham Forest LB) LMA/4223/01/159


Wilton Parade, 011, 011/A (Hounslow LB) LMA/4223/01/145


Wiltshire Lane (Ruislip-Northwood MB) LMA/4223/01/089


Winchester Lodge LMA/4223/01/109


Winchester Lodge LMA/4223/01/108


Windsor Road, 024 (Redbridge LB) LMA/4223/01/182


Winsor House LMA/4223/01/211


Winsor Terrace, 002-100 (Newham LB) LMA/4223/01/211


Woodcock Hill, 042 (Harrow MB) LMA/4223/01/092


Woodcote Road, 036 (Wanstead UD) LMA/4223/01/180


Woodgrange Road, 034 (East Ham CB) LMA/4223/01/196


Woodgrange Road, 064 (East Ham CB) LMA/4223/01/196


Workshops LMA/4223/01/262


Worley, F.H. LMA/4223/01/175


Wychwood Avenue (Harrow LB) LMA/4223/01/084


Yew Avenue (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/113


Yiewsley High Street (Hillingdon LB) LMA/4223/01/113


York Road, 020-022 (Essex CC) LMA/4223/01/217


York Street, 026 (Richmond upon Thames LB) LMA/4223/01/146

Date: 1812 - 1998

The plans have been sorted according to the use to which they were put as well as by sheet number. As far as possible plans of the same county, scale and edition have been kept together.

Held by: London Metropolitan Archives: City of London, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

London Gas Museum

Physical description: 319 files
Custodial history:

The plans were offered to several organisations and LMA took some 400 - those relating to Greater London.

  • Gas industry
Administrative / biographical background:

These plans were part of a collection held by The London Gas Museum, Bromley-by-Bow. The museum had been given them by the North Thames Gas Board who in turn had inherited them from its predecessors. In 1998 the museum began to disperse its collections as it prepared to close.

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