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Organisations (335)

Persons (886)

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Families (6)

  • Botfield family Dawley, Shropshire
  • Carr-Gomm family of Rotherhithe Rotherhithe, Surrey
  • Jebb family of Bramfield Hall Walton, Derbyshire
  • Russell family, Dukes of Bedford Ampthill, Bedfordshire;Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire;Oakley, Bedfordshire;Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire;Chenies, Buckinghamshire;Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire;Shingay, Cambridgeshire;Thorney, Cambridgeshire;Calstock, Cornwall;Stoke Climsland, Cornwall;Plymstock, Devon;Tavistock, Devon;Kingston Russell, Dorset;Maiden Newton, Dorset;Swyre, Dorset;Micheldever, Hampshire;Stratton, Hampshire;Hitchin, Hertfordshire;Sibson cum Stibbington, Huntingdonshire;Beckenham, Kent;Rotherhithe, Surrey;Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire;Bloomsbury, Middlesex;Covent Garden, Middlesex;Streatham, Surrey;Tooting, Surrey;Wandsworth, Surrey;Helgay, Norfolk;Thornhaugh, Northamptonshire;Wansford, Northamptonshire;Easton Bavents, Suffolk;Cheam, Surrey;Ewell, Surrey;Hadnock, Monmouthshire;Southery, Norfolk;Aspley Heath, Bedfordshire;Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire;Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire;Eversholt, Bedfordshire
  • Sotheron-Estcourt family of Estcourt Estcourt, Gloucestershire;Ashley, Gloucestershire;Dursley, Gloucestershire;Lasborough, Gloucestershire;Long Newnton, Gloucestershire;Newington Bagpath, Gloucestershire;Shipton Moyne, Gloucestershire;Tetbury, Gloucestershire;Headstone, Hertfordshire;Oxhey, Hertfordshire;Hoeberton, Nottinghamshire;Kirklington cum Upsland, Yorkshire;Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire;Cricklade, Wiltshire;Carbrook, Yorkshire;Darrington, Yorkshire;Goole, Yorkshire;Holme upon Spalding Moor, Yorkshire
  • Stapleton family, Barons Beaumont: Carlton Towers Carlton, Yorkshire

Paper catalogues available to view at The National Archives - (100)

  • NRA 41305 Virginia Adam, anthropologist: diaries and papers
  • NRA 29730 Samuel Vyvyan Trerice Adams, politician: corresp and papers
  • NRA 42338 Aid to the Elderly in Government Institutions
  • NRA 29735 Sir Gerald Reid Barry, journalist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 19938 Sir Hugh Beaver, industrialist and engineer: corresp and papers link to online catalogue
  • NRA 30247 John Desmond Bernal, physicist, and Eileen Bernal: papers rel to peace councils
  • NRA 25115 William Henry Beveridge, Baron Beveridge, social reformer and economist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 7520 Charles Booth, shipowner and writer: notebooks and papers rel to Survey of Life and Labour of the P
  • NRA 29734 William John Braithwaite, civil servant: papers rel to the National Insurance Act
  • NRA 41205 British Hospitals Contributory Schemes Association
  • NRA 9525 British Library of Political and Economic Science: scientists' correspondence
  • NRA 7521 Henry Broadhurst, MP: corresp and papers
  • NRA 11569 Herbert Bryan, Independent Labour Party activist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 43454 Charles Roden Buxton, politician, and Dorothy Frances Buxton, political campaigner and author: corr
  • NRA 15920 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament link to online catalogue
  • NRA 29424 Edwin Cannan, economist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 25120 Hugh Chevins, journalist: corresp and misc papers
  • NRA 41580 Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley, 1st Baron Chorley, lawyer and conservationist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 21464 Walter McLennan Citrine, Baron Citrine, trade union leader: corresp and papers
  • NRA 29731 Clapham Conservative Association
  • NRA 30251 Sir William Henry Clark, colonial administrator: misc corresp link to online catalogue
  • NRA 29733 Sir Robert Clayton, banker: business and family papers
  • NRA 43028 Colonial Research papers
  • NRA 7522 Arthur Ebenezer Cooke: collection of trade union material relating to design and illustration
  • NRA 7523 Leonard Henry & Catherine Courtney, Baron and Baroness Courtney: diaries, corresp and papers
  • NRA 16530 Hugh Dalton, 1st Lord Dalton: political papers
  • NRA 33418 Francis Campbell Ross Douglas, Baron Douglas of Barloch: corresp and papers
  • NRA 30239 Charles Vickery Drysdale, inventor of scientific instruments and birth control pioneer: papers
  • NRA 7536 Dundas family, Viscounts Melville: papers rel to Scottish communications link to online catalogue
  • NRA 20574 Evan Frank Mottram Durbin, economist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 16800 Fabian Society
  • NRA 7524 William Farr, statistician: papers
  • NRA 7525 Thomas Henry Farrer, 1st Baron Farrer: corresp and papers
  • NRA 20019 Federal Union and Federal Trust for Education and Research link to online catalogue
  • NRA 13231 Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • NRA 30252 Frank Wallis Galton, secretary of the Fabian Society: corresp and papers
  • NRA 25119 Alfred George Gardiner, journalist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 7526 Sir Robert Giffen, civil servant: papers
  • NRA 30243 Morris Ginsberg, sociologist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 29423 Ellis Charles Raymond Hadfield: papers rel to British and Irish canals
  • NRA 8109 Frederic Harrison, positivist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 7527 Francis Horner, MP, economist: corresp and political notes
  • NRA 42988 Independent Labour Party
  • NRA 40483 International Association for Labour Legislation: Commission on Child Labour, British section
  • NRA 41201 International Marxist Group
  • NRA 30238 Sir Joshua Jebb, surveyor-general of convict prisons: corresp and papers
  • NRA 30255 W Rees Jeffreys: papers rel to roads and motor transport
  • NRA 30242 GW Jones and B Donoughue: papers rel to Herbert Morrison
  • NRA 35366 Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit, and the Social Credit Party of G
  • NRA 30245 Imre Lakatos, professor of logic: corresp and papers
  • NRA 7528 George Lansbury, MP: papers
  • NRA 30240 League of Nations Union
  • NRA 21423 Edward Mayow Hastings Lloyd, civil servant: corresp and papers
  • NRA 18526 London Positivist Society
  • NRA 28876 London University: British Library of Political and Economic Science: misc accessions
  • NRA 7529 Margaret and James Ramsay Macdonald, Statesman: papers
  • NRA 30241 Ronald William Gordon Mackay, politician: papers
  • NRA 7530 Sidney Joseph Madge, antiquary and topographer: collections rel to Crown lands during the Commonwea
  • NRA 30248 Sir Henry James Sumner Maine, jurist: notebooks and papers
  • NRA 30246 Violet Rosa Markham (Mrs Carruthers), politician and public servant: corresp and papers
  • NRA 25118 James Edward Meade, economist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 30244 Merton and Morden Labour Party
  • NRA 7531 John Stuart Mill and Helen Taylor papers
  • NRA 7532 Edmund Dene Morel, MP, author and journalist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 25117 Siegfried Frederick Nadel, anthropologist: papers
  • NRA 30257 National Institute of Industrial Psychology
  • NRA 9998 National Peace Council
  • NRA 30253 National Society of Childrens Nurseries
  • NRA 43701 Newman Hunt & Co, general merchants, London
  • NRA 30249 North Lambeth Labour Party
  • NRA 43323 Michael Joseph Oakeshott, professor of Political Science: corresp and papers
  • NRA 42849 John Parker, politician and author: corresp and papers
  • NRA 28048 William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy: corresp and papers
  • NRA 17353 Political and Economic Planning: records and papers
  • NRA 7535 Richard Potter, MP: corresp and papers
  • NRA 42239 Alan Richmond Prest, economist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 25121 Denis Nowell Pritt MP: corresp and papers
  • NRA 30254 Reconstruction Committee: womens employment sub-committee
  • NRA 41200 Sir Brandon Meredith Rhys Williams MP: corresp and papers
  • NRA 41138 Juliet Evangeline, Lady Rhys Williams, public servant: corresp and papers
  • NRA 41307 Romney Street Group
  • NRA 30256 Royal Economic Society
  • NRA 29736 Russell family, Dukes of Bedford: household accounts
  • NRA 41473 Neville Devonshire Sandelson, barrister and MP: corresp and papers
  • NRA 41481 Charles Gabriel Seligman and Brenda Zara Seligman, anthropologists: corresp and papers
  • NRA 30258 George Bernard Shaw, author and playwright: business corresp and papers
  • NRA 42850 Robert Edward Sheldon MP: corresp and papers as chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts
  • NRA 29737 Henry Solly: collection rel to conditions of working classes
  • NRA 25116 Tariff Commission
  • NRA 30259 Richard Henry Tawney, historian: corresp and papers
  • NRA 30236 Richard Morris Titmuss, professor of social administration: papers
  • NRA 7537 Graham Wallas, political scientist: diaries, corresp and papers
  • NRA 7533 Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Baron and Lady Passfield: diaries, correspondence and papers
  • NRA 7534 Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Baron and Lady Passfield: local government collection
  • NRA 20610 Sir Charles Kingsley Webster, historian: corresp and papers
  • NRA 7538 Reginald Earle Welby, Baron Welby: corresp and papers
  • NRA 10650 Sir Frederic Wise, MP: corresp, diaries and papers
  • NRA 30250 Womens Co-operative Guild
  • NRA 28049 Womens Industrial Council
  • NRA 30237 Womens International League for Peace and Freedom: British section link to online catalogue


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