Foreign Office: Confidential Print

Details of Division within FO
Reference: Division within FO
Title: Foreign Office: Confidential Print

Confidential Print consists of complete or extract copies of selected correspondence and other papers issued or received by the Foreign Office. Individual prints contain varying numbers of documents, ranging from single items to substantial compilations, which deal with the affairs of particular countries or subjects.

The nature of these documents also varies considerably, although particular volumes generally contain some or all of the following types: dispatches from British diplomatic missions, Foreign Office instructions and memoranda, political, economic and other reports generated by diplomatic missions abroad, by the Foreign Office's own departments or by other departments of the British Government, proceedings of foreign legislative bodies and memoranda transmitted by foreign embassies in Britain, proceedings and resolutions of ambassadorial and other diplomatic conferences, protocols and ratified treaties, proceedings and reports of international bodies and reports from home and foreign news media relating to political affairs. Individual volumes are also divided into chapters on occasion, each chapter dealing with a specified topic or event.

The following are concerned with individual countries or regions: Abyssinia (Ethiopia) FO 401, Afghanistan FO 402, Africa FO 403, America FO 461, America, Central, and the Caribbean FO 533, America, North FO 414, America, South and Central FO 420, America, South, Other Countries FO 497, America, United States of FO 462, Antarctica FO 463, Arabia FO 464, Asia, Central FO 539, Austria FO 465

Belgium and Luxembourg FO 466, Borneo and Sulu FO 572, Brazil FO 467, British Commonwealth FO 468, Bulgaria FO 469, Burma FO 435

China FO 405, Czechoslovakia FO 470

Denmark FO 471

Eastern Affairs FO 406, Eastern Sanitary Reforms FO 542, Egypt and the Sudan FO 407, European Affairs, General FO 430, Europe, Central FO 404, Europe, Eastern, General FO 472, Europe, South-Eastern FO 421, Europe, Southern FO 434, Europe, Western FO 425

Far Eastern Affairs FO 436, Finland FO 473, France FO 432

Germany FO 408, Greece FO 476

Hungary FO 477

Iceland FO 478, India, Pakistan and Ceylon FO 479, Indo-China FO 474, Indonesia FO 480, Iraq FO 481, Israel (Palestine) FO 492, Italy FO 482

Japan FO 410, Jordan FO 437

Korea FO 483

Lebanon FO 484, Liberia FO 485, Libya FO 540

Mexico FO 486, Middle East, General FO 487, Morocco and North-West Africa FO 413

Nepal FO 488, Netherlands FO 489, Northern Affairs FO 490, Norway FO 491

Pacific Islands FO 534, Persia (Iran) FO 416, Philippines FO 493, Poland FO 417, Polar Territorial Claims FO 429, Portugal FO 494

River Plate Countries FO 495, Romania FO 496, Russia and Soviet Union FO 418

Scandinavia and Baltic States FO 419, Siam and South-East Asia FO 422, Spain FO 498, Suez Canal FO 423, Sweden FO 499, Switzerland FO 500, Syria FO 501

Tibet and Mongolia FO 535, Turkey FO 424

United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria) FO 552

Vatican FO 503

Yugoslavia and Albania FO 504

The following are concerned with particular subjects: Contraband and Trading with the Enemy FO 551, Cultural Propaganda FO 431, Economic Affairs, General FO 433, General Affairs FO 475, Inter-Imperial Relations FO 426, International Copyright FO 544, Law Officers' Opinions FO 834, League of Nations FO 411, Miscellaneous FO 412, Opium FO 415, Slave Trade FO 541, Sugar Bounties FO 549, Territorial Waters FO 427, Traffic in Arms FO 428, Traffic in Arms FO 428, United Nations FO 502 and War, General FO 438

FO 881 consists of a virtually complete set of confidential prints in numerical order.

Date: 1711-1960
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Physical description: 95 series
Administrative / biographical background:

Confidential print was intended for circulation internally within the Foreign Office and to the monarch, the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, other government departments and diplomatic missions abroad and was printed for the convenience of users.

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