Catalogue description BRUSA Planning Conference, 2-19 March 1953 Proposed agenda Final report Appendix B,...

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Details of HW 80/10
Reference: HW 80/10
Description: BRUSA Planning Conference, 2-19 March 1953

Proposed agenda
Final report
Appendix B, Principles of Security and Dissemination
Notes to Appendix B
Annexure B1, The Assignment of Comint to Categories and Sub-categories
Annexure B2, Security Principles governing the Conduct of Comint Activities in Exposed Areas
Appendix H, Communications
Annexure H1, Working Arrangements reached at the 1953 Conference for the Implementation of Appendix H
Appendix N, Arrangements for Emergency Relocation of Comint Units
Annexure N1 [title withheld], with Exhibit 1
Annexure N2 [title withheld]
Addition of footnote to Appendix P
Annexure P1, Comint Arrangements for Supreme Allied Commander Europe, with Exhibit 2 - Principles for the Handling of Y
Annexure P2, Comint Arrangements for Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, with Exhibit 2 - Security Principles for the Handling of Y
Changes in Phraseology in Appendix Q
Annexure Q1, Collaboration between US and UK National Comint Centers, with Exhibit 1 - Operational and Logistical Requirements for the Wartime Augmentation of GCHQ
Annexure Q2, Principles of Wartime Collaboration among Comint Centers of the US, UK, and other British Commonwealth Countries, with Exhibit 1 - Planned Overseas National Comint Centres
Plenary Committee, 1st meeting, 2 March 1953: minutes
Executive Committee, meeting 1, 2 March 1953: minutes, with Annexure 1, Agenda for the UK-US Comint Planning Conference, Annexure 2, Committee Membership Executive Committee, Annexure 3, Suggested Instructions for the Conduct of committee work
Executive Committee, meetings 2-6, 6-17 March 1953: minutes
Review of Appendix D, Annexure D1, Exhibit 5- Co-ordination of T/A and exchange of T/A Material
Review of Appendix O
[title withheld]
Report of Committee Qb on informal discussions of the Establishment of a US Screening Group at GCHQ in Peacetime
Memorandum for the Secretary of the Executive Committee, 1953 BRUSA Planning Conference
Arrangements for Exchange and Dissemination within Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic's Command of Comint beyond the Scope of Third Party Collaboration
Arrangements for Comint Dissemination to and within Supreme Headquarters for Allied Powers Europe and its Sub-Commands, with Appendix A
Date: 1953
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
Access conditions: Retained Until 2010
Record opening date: 25 June 2010
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