• 1903-1920 ED 191 Board of Education: Legal Branch: Enrolled Deeds

    Copies of Board of Education enrolled deeds transferring or granting lands for educational purposes made under the Mortmain and Charitable Uses Acts 1888-1892 or the Technical and Industrial Institutions Act 1892.

    Most of the deeds related to Church of England public elementary schools though there are a few for secondary schools and one or two for playing fields.

    The 70 deeds contain the name(s) of the grantor(s) and the trustees of the charitable foundation. The first managers are also nominated.

    The volumes cover England and Wales. The majority of the deeds were enrolled in the earlier part of the period. There is an index at the front of each volume with the name and location of each foundation.

  • ED 262 1899-1980 Board of Education and successors: Legal Branch: Law Precedent Covers Details