What are tags?

A tag is a keyword or short phrase to describe or categorise a catalogue entry to:

  • help you find it again
  • help other researchers find entires that may be of interest to them
  • improve brief official descriptions

For example, tags may modernise historical terms, expand a brief catalogue description by adding keywords to identify material found in a document, standardise terms, and bring related entries together.

The National Archives holds millions of records. To help our users easily find these records we add metadata (extra information such as keywords, to describe a record) to them. Below is an example of where The National Archives has added metadata to records.

Date and location metadata will commonly have been added by The National Archives

Commonly The National Archives will have added date and location metadata. Unfortunately The National Archives is unable to add more descriptive metadata to the records. This is where you can help. You can add metadata to records, and in a similar way it will make finding records easier for other users. We call this tagging records.

Additional metadata in the form of user tags can be added by users.

Are tags verified?

No. Because tags are not checked for accuracy we recommend that you seek independent advice or verification before acting on the information. If you find any tags which you believe are incorrect or inappropriate please click on the 'flag as inappropriate' link to alert an administrator.