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Home Guard County Durham – request a paid search of closed records where the subject is deceased

The National Archives holds enrolment forms of County Durham Home Guard personnel. Many of these records are already open and available for download upon payment of a £3.50 fee. See our Home Guard personnel guide for further information about Home Guard records.

You can use the form on this page to request a paid search of the closed Home Guard enrolment forms where the subject of the form is deceased. If the closed record is about you, use our other Home Guard personnel request form.

How it works

Step 1: Fill in the form below with details of the individual whose record you are requesting – include evidence that the individual is deceased and your own contact details.

Step 2: Using the link provided, pay the search fee (£24.35).

Step 3: On receipt of your form with valid proof of death and confirmation of your payment, we will search for the individual named in the form.

Step 4: Our team will contact you via email or post with the results of the search within 20 working days. If we find a record of the individual for whom you have provided evidence of death, we will send you a copy of the record with the email. Some of the records include medical forms which for data protection reasons are closed until 2045 so this information will be redacted.

Step 5: A description of the record will subsequently appear in Discovery, our online catalogue.

How much does it cost?

There is a fee of £24.35 for the search. This fee covers the time taken to conduct the search and provide you with a copy.

Search details

Please provide us with information about the Durham Home Guard person that you want us to search for. We will use this information to search our systems for the closed record.

Upload evidence of death

Suitable forms of evidence are an official death certificate or published obituary. If we do not receive a valid proof of death, we will be unable to proceed with a search.

Files supported: .jpg, .png, .gif

Please enter your name and contact details so that we can send you the results of the search.
Your contact details

Please choose how you would like to be contacted (email or post).

Email Post

Your research enquiry will not be carried out until payment is confirmed.

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