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The collection contains a considerable quantity of deeds and estate papers relating to property in Lincolnshire, Kent and Warwickshire. There is also a vast collection of correspondence and other personal papers of the Gunman, Delavel, Hussey and Jarvis families, including those of Colonel G. R. P. Jarvis, who had a distinguished career in the army during the Napoleonic Wars.

Date: 1321-1918



Title deeds and settlements JARVIS I


JARVIS I/A. Doddington and Lincolnshire property.


JARVIS I/B. Coventry property.


JARVIS I/B/1. In Spon Street and Spon Bar Gate.


JARVIS I/B/2. In Hill Street.


JARVIS I/B/3. Miscellaneous.


JARVIS I/C. Warwickshire property.


JARVIS I/D. Kent property.


JARVIS I/D/1. Various Kent properties.


JARVIS I/D/2. Land in Alkham.


JARVIS I/E. Property in other counties and in Jamaica.


JARVIS I/F. Numbered parcels of title deeds mostly relating to Warwickshire and Coventry property.


Leases and subsidiary to title JARVIS II


JARVIS II/1. Kent property.


JARVIS II/2. Warwickshire property.


JARVIS II/3. Coventry property.


JARVIS II/4. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire property.


JARVIS II/5. A parcel of papers collected by James Gunman, probably for a Chancery case.


JARVIS II/6. A miscellaneous bundle of papers probably collected as case papers.


JARVIS II/7. Miscellaneous.


Estate Papers JARVIS III


JARVIS III/A. Doddington property.


JARVIS III/A/1. Surveys.


JARVIS III/A/2. Rentals.


JARVIS III/A/3. Tenancy agreements.


JARVIS III/A/4. Accounts.


JARVIS III/A/5. Estate Correspondence.


JARVIS III/A/6. Particulars of sate.


JARVIS III/B. Kent property


JARVIS III/B/1. Surveys.


JARVIS III/B/2. Rentals.


JARVIS III/B/3. Tenancy agreements.


JARVIS III/B/4. Accounts.


JARVIS III/B/5. Estate Correspondence.


JARVIS III/C. Warwickshire and Yorkshire property.


JARVIS III/C/1. Surveys and valuations.


JARVIS III/C/2. Rentals.


JARVIS III/C/3. Accounts.


JARVIS III/C/4. Estate Correspondence.




The personal papers of G.R.P. JARVIS JARVIS V


JARVIS V/A. Correspondence.


JARVIS V/A/1. 1794-1799.


JARVIS V/A/2. 1803-1809.


JARVIS V/A/3. 1810-1816.


JARVIS V/A/4. 1816-1822.


JARVIS V/A/5. Correspondence with J.M. Fector, 1814-1821.


JARVIS V/A/6. Papers and letters connected with the death of Mrs Gunman, 1824-5.


JARVIS V/A/7. 1824-1828.


JARVIS V/A/8. 1829-1831.


JARVIS V/A/9. 1832-1837.


JARVIS V/A/10. 1838-1842.


JARVIS V/A/11. 1842-1844.


JARVIS V/A/12. 1845-1851.


JARVIS V/B. Journals and memoranda.


JARVIS V/C. Letter-books of G.R.P. JARVIS.


JARVIS V/D. Account-books.


JARVIS V/E. Papers connected with the banking firm of J. Minet Fector, Dover.


JARVIS V/F. Business correspondence with John Pembrooke, chief clerk of J.M. Fector's bank, and G.R.P. JARVIS's land agent.


JARVIS V/G. Papers connected with family trusts, settlements and securities.


JARVIS V/H. Miscellaneous papers.


JARVIS V/J. The papers of Margaret Blackwell, G.R.P. JARVIS's sister-in-law, and of the Blackwell, Eden, and Lowth families.


The personal papers of G.K. JARVIS JARVIS VI


JARVIS VI/A. Correspondence.


JARVIS VI/A/1. 1840-1855.


JARVIS VI/A/2. 1856-1873.


JARVIS VI/A/3. Letters and receipts connected with the annuity given to Mrs S. Coppin, 1851-1872.


JARVIS VI/A/4. Letters and circulars connected with G.K. JARVIS's holding in the River Dee Company, 1859-1870.


JARVIS VI/B. Papers connected with wills and family settlements.


JARVIS VI/C. Journals, notes, and miscellaneous documents.


JARVIS VI/D. Accounts, bills, receipts, share-certificates.


The personal papers of G.E. JARVIS JARVIS VII


JARVIS VII/A. Correspondence.


JARVIS VII/B. Documents connected with G.E. JARVIS's military career.


The personal papers of Henrietta Scott JARVIS VIII


The personal papers of the Gunman family JARVIS IX


JARVIS IX/1. The papers of Christopher and Katherine Gunman.


JARVIS IX/1/A. Journals.


JARVIS IX/1/B. Settlements and bonds.


JARVIS IX/2. The papers of James Gunman.


JARVIS IX/3. The papers of the Wyvill family.


JARVIS IX/4. The papers of Christopher Gunman and the Hanson family.


JARVIS IX/5. The papers of James and Sarah Hussey Gunman and the Hussey Delaval papers.

Held by: Lincolnshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Jarvis family of Doddington, Lincolnshire

Physical description: 55 boxes.
Access conditions:

No restrictions on access.

Immediate source of acquisition:

Deposited by Colonel R G E Jarvis in 1956.

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