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William Morris and Sons Ltd., Sowerby Bridge, Worsted Spinners


Order Books, 1844-1946, WIM/1-59


Machinery Accounts, 1849-1892, WIM/60


Stock Records, 1849-1972, WIM/61-77


Bills, 1864-1917, WIM/78-79


Financial Records, 1874-1960, WIM/80-93


Purchasing Records, 1887-1968, WIM/94-108


Legal Records, 1889-1920, WIM/109


Trading Records, 1892-1898, WIM/110-111


Time Records, 1897-1936, WIM/112-116


Journal, 1898-1904, WIM/117


Insurance Policies, 1901-1908, WIM/118


Costing Records, 1901-1932, WIM/119


Safety Records, 1905-1916, WIM/120


Production Records, 1905-1971, WIM/121-126


Sales Records, 1909-1970, WIM/127-136


Reference Works, 1910-1927, WIM/137-140


Making-up Records, 1912-1965, WIM/141


Banking, 1913-1916, WIM/142-150


Insurance and Wages, 1916-1969, WIM/151-165


Chamber of Commerce Records, 1925-1932, WIM/166


Administration, 1926-1941, WIM/167-169


Nominal Ledgers, 1933-1954, WIM/170-174


Bobbins Records, 1934-1971, WIM/175-176


Secretary's Records, 1935-1945, WIM/177-180


Dispatch Records, 1937-1940, WIM/181-191


Order Sheets, 1938-1940, WIM/192-194


War Records, 1939-1951, WIM/195-201


Prices, 1940-1973, WIM/202-207


Canteen Records, 1942-1945, WIM/208-209


Recombing Records, 1947-1965, WIM/210-214


Remittance Records, 1950-1951, WIM/215


Merchandising Records, 1957-1962, WIM/216-217


Dyeing Records, 1923-1947, WIM/218-221


Records held from other Firms, n.d., WIM/222-223


Photographs, n.d., WIM/224-227


William Morris and sons Ltd., Stansfeld Mills, Sowerby, Worsted Spinners


Order Books, 1848-1972, WIM/228-270


Engineering, 1874-1885, WIM/271


Stock Records, 1879-1951, WIM/272-278


Costings Records, 1880-1945, WIM/279-280


Purchasing Records, 1880-1964, WIM/281-311


Sales Records, 1882-1925, WIM/312-314


Deliveries Records, 1882-1964, WIM/315-326


Financial Records, 1883-1941, WIM/327-337


Production Records, 1901-1923, WIM/338-339


Insurance Records, 1911-1921, WIM/340-341


Rovings and Drawings Records, 1911-1917, WIM/342


Banking, 1911-1933, WIM/343


Day Book, 1912-1914, WIM/344


Tendering, 1913-1914, WIM/345-346


Canteen Records, 1914-1976, WIM/347-348


Garage Accounts, 1916-1917, WIM/349


Packing Records, 1917-1919, WIM/350


Secretary's Records, 1919-1935, WIM/351


Sales Ledgers, 1919-1949, WIM/352-353


Machinery Records, 1921-1933, WIM/354


Samples Records, 1922-1924, WIM/355


Administration, 1924-1956, WIM/356-366


War Records, 1939-1941, WIM/367-368


Wages, 1940-1947, WIM/369-370


Records concerning other Firms, 1950-1969, WIM/371-377


Nominal Ledger, 1954-1956, WIM/378


Recombing Records, 1968-1970, WIM/379


Company Stamp, n.d., WIM/380


Photographs, n.d., WIM/381-382


William Morris and Sons Ltd., Corporation Mill, Sowerby Bridge, Worsted Spinners


Stock Records, 1878-1904, WIM/383-385


Financial Records, 1880-1947, WIM/386-389


Registration, 1884-1938, WIM/390-408


Wages Records, 1887-1947, WIM/409-427


Reports, 1927-1952, WIM/428-429


Bobbins Records, 1929-1934, WIM/430


Insurance Records, 1946-1951, WIM/431-432


Reference Works, 1948-1957, WIM/433-434


Quality Control, n.d., WIM/435


William Morris and Sons Ltd., Hollins Mill, Warley, Worsted Spinners


Records, 1923-1924, WIM/436


William Morris and Sons Ltd., Bradford Warehouses, Worsted Spinners


Samples Records, n.d., WIM/437-440


Company Stamp, n.d., WIM/441


William Morris and Company, Hereford, Worsted Spinners


Records, 1875-1908, WIM/442.

Date: 1844-1976
Held by: West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

William Morris and Sons Ltd, worsted spinners of Sowerby Bridge

Physical description: 109 boxes / 2.18 m³
  • Textile industry
Administrative / biographical background:

William Morris and Sons Ltd had a number of mills:


Stansfeld Mills, Triangle, Sowerby


Owned from 1848, the mills closed in 1970 because of structural faults. They were largely demolished in 1985. Attached to the mill was a hostel for female workers, opened in 1921 and used until the 1950s.


Corporation Mill, Sowerby Bridge, Warley


This mill produced khaki worsted yarn for the Army and materials for the Navy in the First World War. Work from Stansfeld Mills was transferred here from 1970. It closed in October 1979 with the loss of 135 jobs. Crestol Ltd (hair care manufacturers) used the mill from 1980-1986. In 1989 J and C Joel Ltd, specialist textile merchants and international dealers bought it. In 1990 some space was let to the Treadmill Fitness and Health Centre. In 1979 Corporation Mill was the last Sowerby Bridge worsted spinners to close.


Other sites were Hollins Mill, Warley, warehouses at 13-15 Barkerend Rd, Bradford, and a business in Hereford founded c1875. Eventually the firm became a branch of Illingworth Morris and Company Ltd.

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