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Introductory note.


Note: the physical arrangement of the papers


Key to typed list


List of documents




CLARKE ESTATES. Freckenham: Manorial


Evidences of title


Administration: general


Adminstration: correspondence


Administration: plans and surveys


Alderton: Manorial


Evidences of title


Further Manorial


Freckenham: Further miscellaneous documents


LITTELL ESTATES. Ryes (Lt. Henny etc. Essex) Evidences of title (Manor)


Evidences of title (Estate)


Administration: general


Administration: plans and surveys


Advowson of Lt. Henny


House and house management


Thorndon area: Manorial


Evidences of title




Alpheton: Manorial: Evidence of title, Miscellaneous


Earl Soham, Charsfield area: Evidences of title: Plans


General, Littell Estates:


LEEDS ESTATES. Staverton, Wantisden area:




Evidences of title




Land in Barnardiston


Administration: accounts


Administration: correspondence


Administration: miscellaneous




MISCELLANEOUS DEEDS (of property which Barnardistons did not inherit or did not keep) are contained in the "Family" section, under appropriate individual headings, on pages 67, 78, 80, 82, 91.




CLARKE (of Snailwell, Cambridgeshire):-


John (fl. 1640's)


Sir Samuel 1st Bt. (died 1719) m. Mary Thomson


Frances (1654-1718) m. Thomas Luck


Sir Robert, 2nd Bt. (died 1746) m. Mary Barnardiston


Sir Samuel, 3rd Bt. (died ?1758)


Sir Robert, 4th Bt. (died 1770) m. Elizabeth Littell


Sir Arthur, 6th and last Bt. (died 1806)


LEEDS (of Croxton, Cambridgeshire):-


Edward (17th century)


Edward (died 1729)


Edward (died 1758) m. Anne Collet


Collet family


Edward (died 1803)


Manor of Rushforth, deeds


Litigation: re.Lacy (1723-43)


re. Blackford (1729-1806)


re. Issod (1710-1776)


Estates (not later to Barnardistons): London Sherborne


BARNARDISTON:- Early documents (and some relating to Barnardistons not of the present line)


Thomas (died 1705) m. Mary Downing


Nathaniel (died 1771) m. Bethia Fowler


John (died 1781) m. Anne Leeds


Nathaniel (1755-1837) m. 1. Margaret Cooke.


2. Elizabeth Joanne Styles


re. Styles and Gawsell Families


re. Trusteeship under will of Joseph Leeds


re. Houses in London


Nathaniel Clarke (1799-1837) m. Sophia Eyres


re. Executorship of Elizabeth Arnett


re. Little Henny parish activities


Louisa Elizabeth (1828-1891) m. John Greenwood


Nathaniel (1832-1916) m. Lady Florence Legge


Sophia Mary (1836-1903) m. Sir William Parker, Bt.


Nathaniel Walter (1858-1919) m. Sarah Floyd Jones


Thomas Legge (1866-1912)


Geoffrey (1868-1940)


Ernald (1871-1944)








Barnardiston family history, pedigrees and Arms


Barnardiston family history, correspondence about Barnardiston family history, printed works and Mss. about


Barnardiston family history, about Kedington church


Pictures (Barnardistons and connexions)


Pictures (other people and places)


Printed works (not apparently directly personal)


Richard Almack's account (pamphlet, numbered 613/837) is a brief complete history of the family.


There is an excellent manuscript pedigree, with Arms displayed in colour (numbered 864)


The collection contains much of outstanding value and varied interest, but the following deserve some extra notice:-


1700 Suffolk Poll Book (613/767)


Seventeenth century letters (613/869, 613/870)


1588/9 Risbridge Subsidy Return (613/768)


Proposals against Napoleonic Invasion threat (613/19)


In this list the documents have been grouped under convenient headings, but many documents relate to more than one matter, person or place, so that this grouping is not intended to be completely rigid. Cross references have been included in the list, and there is also the card index on hand at the Record Office for anyone wishing to see the papers.

Date: c1280 - 1954

For convenience and preservation all documents, except those of exceptional size and shape (e.g. rolled maps, pedigree, pictures in folders), have been placed in Standard record-office boxes in the same order as that in which they were taken out of the various trunks and boxes in which they arrived at the Record Office.


How far that arrangement was determined by the order of natural accumulation or by any previous system of sorting is not certain, but it may be of value to preserve a record of the physical relationship of each document to its neighbours in the collection. The grouping in this list has been carried out on paper only, and the documents remain in their original order. The list below shows the trunks and boxes from which the documents were taken and any marking, labelling or wrapping. The numbered labels applied to a former National Register of Archives brief list.


The arrangement of the papers as found on their arrival at the Record Office:-


(All unlabelled unless otherwise indicated).


1 - 37: from long cardboard box.


3-10: Bundle marked: "Maj. Gen. Barnardiston, 1858-1919. Letters, etc., referring to his medals and decorations. Record of service. Commission. Cert. of Baptism etc. etc. are at Middlesex Regt. Depôt, Mill Hill."


38-83: from studded trunk, said to have belonged to Thomas Barnardiston, who died 1704.


38: Labelled "1".


39-41: Labelled "2".


42-47: Labelled "3", Tenement in Northgate Street, Bury St. Edmunds, 1705-1728".


48: in a box, labelled "4"


49-50: Labelled "5", "Deeds of property at Ballybeg, County Tipperary".


52/1: Labelled "20".


53-58: Labelled "11".


59: Labelled "18".


60-63: Labelled "19".


64: Labelled "22".


65: Labelled "23".


67: Labelled "25".


71: Labelled "21".


84-310: from long trunk.


225-230: wrapped in a sheet of "Chelmsford Chronicle". of 3rd November, 1882.


285: wrapped in a sheet of "The Gazeteer and New Daily Advertiser", of 19th July, 1787.


286: wrapped in a sheet of "The Daily Advertiser", of 5th July, 1786.


311-329: from flat cardboard box.


330-383: from black metal box, labelled "6"; in white paint" Mr. & Mrs. Barnardiston's. Settlement Trustees."


330: Labelled "Box 6. No. 13".


331: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 4".


332: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 7".


333-343: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 8".


344: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 9".


345: note about "Box 6. Bundle 12".


347: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 1".


348-361: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 2".


362: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 5".


363: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 10".


364: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 11".


365: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 3".


366-383: Labelled "Box 6. Bundle 6". "Title deeds relating to Thorndon".


384-436: from unpainted metal box "No. 2."


384-387: Labelled "Box 2. Bundle.6."


388-393: Labelled "Box 2. Bundle 3."


394-410: Labelled "Box 2. Bundle 5."


411-434: Labelled "Box 2. Bundle 4." "Deeds necessary to prove title to Lodge Farm in Lt. Henny, Gt. Henny and Middleton purchased 1810". (411-416: Labelled "old deeds not included in the abstracts").


435: Labelled "Box 2. Bundle 1."


436: Labelled "Box 2. Bundle 7."


437-497: from unpainted metal box "No. 4".


437-444: Labelled "Box 4. Bundle 4."


445-447: Labelled "Box 4. Bundle 3."


448-467: Labelled "Box 4. Bundle 2."


468-474: Labelled "Box 4. Bundle 1."


475: Loose in box.


476-497: Labelled "BOX 4. Bundle 7."


498-569: from unpainted metal box "No. 1."


498: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 5."


499: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 6."


500: Loose in box.


501-502: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 7."


503: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 2."


504: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 10."


505-545: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 9."


546: Marked "Bundle 14."


547: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 8."


548: Marked "Bundle 13. Box 1."


549-554: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 3."


555: Marked "Box 1. Bundle 15."


556: Marked "No. 11."


557: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 4."


558: Marked "Box 1. Bundle 12."


559-568: Labelled "Box 1. Bundle 1."


569: Loose in box.


570-602: from unpainted metal box "No. 5."


570; Labelled "Box 5. Bundle 1."


571: Labelled "Box 5. Bundle 5."


572-602: Labelled "Box 5. Bundle 4."


603-656: from unpainted metal box "No. 3."


603-606: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 4."


607-608: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 1." including "Box 3. Bundle 9."


609: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 10."


610 Labelled in box.


611: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 3."


612: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 7."


613-627: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 5."


628-631: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 11."


632: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 8."


633-653: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 2."


654-656: Labelled "Box 3. Bundle 6."


657-676: from flat wooden box with brass handles, labelled "15."


657: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Bury & Norwich Post & Suffolk Herald." 16th Feb. 1864.


658: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Morning Chronicle." 11th Sept. 1855.


659: unlabelled


660: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Chelmsford Chronicle." 15th Dec.1876.


661: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Chelmsford Chronicle." 11th Nov.1870.


662: unlabelled


663: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Chelmsford Chronicle." 9th Nov.1877. and "The Chronicle." 10th Aug. 1883.


664: unlabelled


665-672: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Chelmsford Chronicle." 19th Oct.1877.


673: bundle wrapped in sheet of "Suffolk & Essex Free Press." 23rd Dec. 1869.


674-676: unlabelled


677-689: from flat wooden box, labelled "17." and marked "N. C. Barnardiston, Esq., The Ryes Lodge, Little Henny. Booked Oct. 5th, by Comet Coach 1/4."


690: in round leather covered box.


691: in round leather covered box (some old worm holes in it).


692: Labelled "Packet 7. Bundle 1."


693: Labelled "Packet 7. Bundle 2."


694: Labelled "Packet 7. Bundle 3."


695-702: Labelled "Packet No. 10."


703-708: Labelled "Packet No. 8."


703: Labelled "Packet 8. Bundle 1."


704: Labelled "Packet 8. Bundle 2."


705: Labelled "Packet 8. Bundle 4."


706: Labelled "Packet 8. Bundle 5."


707: an envelope marked "Lease of parish room. Bundle 8". the contents of which, according to list, were removed 4th March, 1945).


709-772: from wooden box with iron handles.


709: Labelled "12."


710: Labelled "34."


723: Labelled "9."


724: Labelled "35."


773-815: from tea-chest.


775: in box as described on Page 88.


777-781: Labelled "14."


782-800: Labelled "13."


816-863: from three large folded covers of stiff boards.


864: in metal cylinder, labelled "6."


865: Labelled "36."


866: Unlabelled.


867: Labelled "33." "Thorndon Hill Farm."


868: Labelled "Oak Hill Farm, 31."


869: 870 Loose, Framed.


871-970: from small ornamented metal-covered box.

Held by: Suffolk Archives - Bury St Edmunds Branch, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Barnardiston family of The Ryes, Essex

Physical description: 26 series
Immediate source of acquisition:

(Ac. No. 613)

  • Clarke family, baronets, of Snailwell, Cambridgeshire
  • Leeds family, baronets, of Croxton Park, Cambridgeshire
Unpublished finding aids:

All names and places in this list have been indexed (on cards) at the Record Office, and a subject index will be completed as soon as possible.

Administrative / biographical background:

The Kedington and Brightwell lines of Baronets of the Barnardiston family died out in the eighteenth Century, and few documents relating to them are to be found in this set of papers (but see 613/873-49 and 613/864-929 to the end).


These papers relate mainly to the present line of the family, whose head to-day would be a Baronet if the patent of 1611 had not been stayed (see document 613/869) Nathaniel Barnardinton of this line (1755-1837) was at one time the sole living male of his house. He settled at the Ryes, Little Henny, in about 1807.


This (Ryes) estate formed part of the Littell estates which passed to the Clarkes of Snailwell, Cambridgeshire, from whom it passed in turn to Barnardistons (when the last Clarke Baronet died in 1806). Nathaniel Barnardiston's mother was a Leeds. Thus the later Barnardiston estates included nothing at Kedington (see document 613/794) but were made up principally of these Clarke, Littell and Leeds inheritances. In fact a considerable part of these papers relates to those families.

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