Catalogue description Roll of Honour of Suffragette Prisoners 1905-1914

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Title: Roll of Honour of Suffragette Prisoners 1905-1914

Pamphlet containing an alphabetical list of Suffragette Prisoners [no publishing details available]. The entries have been copied out as indicated below [The list does not contain any additional details].


Please note that this list of prisoners was compiled by the Suffragette Fellowship, c. 1950, based on the recollections of former suffragettes. As such it is not a comprehensive source.


Roll of Honour


Suffragette Prisoners


1905 - 1914




Abbey, Alfred


Abrahams, Dorothy


Adams, Eleanor


Adamson, Christine


Adamson, Kate


Ainsworth, Annie


Ainsworth, Laura


Aitken, Violet


Albert, Sophie


Aldis, Violet Mary


Alderman, Grace


Aldham, Mary Ann


Alexander, Isabelle


Allan, Janie


Allen, Doreen


Allen, Greta


Allen, Helen


Allen, Margaret


Allen, Mary


Andrews, Constance


Andrews, Edith Mary


Ansell, Gertrude Mary


Archdale, Helen


Archibald, Louise


Armitage, Lilian


Armstrong, Evelyn


Armstrong, Kathleen


Armstrong, Laura


Armstrong, Nora


Arnes, Helen


Arscott, Jessie


Arthur, Janet


Arton, Evelyn


Asquith, Lily


Atheling, Lelegarde


Atkinson, Helen


Atkinson, Jane


Atkinson, Robert


Auld, Constance


Auld, Winifred


Aves, Miss


Aylmer, Audrey


Ayrton, Barbara




Bacon, N


Baines, Jennie


Baker, Annie


Baker, Frances


Baker, Lizzie


Baldock, Ethel


Baldock, Minnie


Bales, Agnes


Ball, Edith Warwick


Ball, Ethel


Ball, Gennie


Ball, Lilian


Ball, William


Ballan, Gertrude


Bank, Harry


Barber, Grace


Bard, Kate


Bardsley, K


Barnes, Dorothy


Barnet, M


Barnwell, Ellen


Barrett, Pattie


Barrett, Rachel


Barrowman, Janet


Bartlett, Elsie


Bartlett, Frances


Barton, Alice


Bartrum, Doris


Batchelor, Mrs


Beach, Ivy


Beckett, Ethel


Beevers, Ellen


Bell, Annie


Benett, Sarah


Berkeley, Elizabeth


Biggs, Annie


Billing, Elizabeth


Billinghurst, R May


Billington, Teresa


Binnie, Norah


Blackledge, E


Bland, Violet


Bogan, Janette


Boileau, Lily


Bonn, Ivy


Borovisky, L


Borrmann-Wells, Mrs


Borty, James


Bourchier, Dr Helen


Bourton, Susan


Boutelle, Grace


Bouvier Eugénie


Bower, Charlotte


Bower, Emma


Bowker, Dorothy


Boyd, Janet


Boyle, Diana


Boyle, Nina


Brackenbury, Georgina


Brackenbury, Hilda


Brackenbury, Marie


Brady, Phyllis


Brailsford, Frank


Brailsford, Jane


Brand, Miss


Brandon, Emily


Branson, Grace Mary


Bray, Constance


Bray, Winifred


Bremner, E


Brewster, Bertha


Bright, Florence


Brindley, Maud Mary


Bristy, Alice


Broadhurst, Katherine


Brook, Gertrude


Brooke, Ellen


Broughton, Miss


Brown, Alice Ward


Brown, Amelia


Brown, Caroline


Brown, Elsie


Brown, Jessie


Brown, Kathleen


Brown, Margaret Jane


Brown, Mary


Brown, Mrs Shaw


Browne, Millicent


Bryant, Violet


Bryer, Constance


Buckton, Agnes


Bull, Amy


Bumpstead, Grace


Bunter, Miss


Bunting, Jane Legate


Burbridge, Grace


Burkett, Mrs


Burkitt, Hilda


Burley, Florence


Burns, Lucy


Burrows, Mary


Burton, Alice


Bushell, Mrs




Cairns, Ida


Cairns, Isabel


Callender, Mary Doris


Calway, Mary


Cameron, Mrs


Cameron, Greta


Campbell, Lucy


Canning, Florence


Capper, Mabel


Carde, Kate Gordon


Carlin, Miss


Carlyn, Mary


Carrett, Eliza


Carter, Josephine


Carwin, Sarah


Casey, Eileen


Casey, Emma


Casey, Irene


Casey, Isabelle


Caunter, Antonia


Cave, Helen Cassandra


Chambers, Constance


Chapin, Mrs


Chapman, Florence


Chappelow, Grace


Charlton, Emily


Charter, Margaret


Chatterton, Ada


Chatterton, Alice


Chesshire, Evelyn


Cimino, Emilia


Clapson, Olive


Clarence, Edith


Clark, Alan


Clarke, Emily


Clarke, Helen


Clarke, Mary


Clarkson, Florence


Clayton, Edwy Godwin


Clayton, Margaret


Clifford, Cecilia


Clyde, Constance


Coates, Janet


Cobbe, Lilian


Cobden-Sanderson, Anne


Codd, Clara


Cohen, Leonora


Colley, Margaret Davis


Collie, E


Collier, Constance Louise


Collier, E


Collier, H


Collins, -


Conley, Emily


Connelly, Dina


Connor-Smith, Aileen


Conway, Kate Cecilia


Cook, Grace Muriel


Cook, Gwendoline


Cook, Mrs Kelindale


Cooke, Florence


Cooper, Jane


Cooper, Mary


Cooper, Ruth


Corbett, Catherine


Corcoran, Kathleen


Corner, Sarah


Corson, A D


Cousins, Margaret


Cove, Miss


Cowen, Molly Dubree


Cowley, Emily


Cox, Ethel


Craggs, Helen


Craies, Agathoniki


Craig, Annie


Craig, Constance


Crawfurd, Helen


Crees, Sarah


Criddle, Helen


Crocker, Ellen


Croft, John Edward


Cross, Hilda


Crow, Lizzie


Crummer, Kathleen


Cubley, Matilda


Cullen, Louisa


Cumberland, Jessie Landelle


Cummins, Elsie


Cunard, Ida


Curwin, Sarah




Dalglish, Elsie


Dallas, Irene


Daring, Joan


Davidson, Miss


Davies, Edith


Davies, Elizabeth


Davis, Alice


Davis, Caley


Davison, Emily Wilding


Dean, Edward


Deane, Millicent


Dear, Nina


Denny, James


de Roxe, Mabel


Despard, Charlotte


Dew, Margaret


Dickinson, Frances


Dickinson, Margaret


Dodgson, Mary Boyd


Doudney, Violet Mary


Douglas, Miss


Douglas-Smith, K


Dove-Wilcox, Lilian


Dowding, Eleanor


Dowling, Bourke


Downie, Marion


Downing, C Lowndes


Downing, Edith Elizabeth


Draper, Lillie


Drever, Joan


Drummond, Flora


Drysdale Bessie


Dugdale, Joan


Dugdale, Una


Duna, Mrs


Duncan, Margaret Susan


Dunlop, Marion Wallace


Durham, Alice Lilla


Duval, Barbara


Duval, Emily


Duval, Elsie


Duval, Norah


Duval, Victor




Earl, Mrs


East, Mary


Eates, Louise


Ede, Dr Frances


Edwards, Blanche


Edwards, Marie


Edwards, Maude


Elam, Bertha


Eldridge, Clara


Eldridge, Martha


Elliott, Eleanor


Elliott, Mildred


Emerson, Kathleen


Emerson, Ruth


Emerson, Zelie


Entwistle, Louisa


Evans, Alice


Evans, Dorothy


Evans, Elise


Evans, Gladys


Evans, Kate W


Evans, Marie Winton




Fagg, E M


Fahey, Caprina


Faintheart, Lydia


Farmer, Alice


Farmer, Florence


Farquhar, Fanny


Farquhar, Margaret


Fausten, Mary


Feek, Florence


Fernie, Emily


Field, Louise


Fielding, Annie


Filshill, Helen Anderson


Filshill, Jessie


Finlayson-Gould, Elizabeth


Firth, -


Fisher, Marjorie


Fison, Alice


Fison, Margaret


Fitzherbet, Maude


Flatman, Ada S


Floyd, Lettice


Fontain, Olive Faith


Forbes-Robertson, Miss


Ford, D


Ford, Robert


Forrester, Lilian Williamson


Forsyth, Lall


Fowler, Emma


Fox, Norah Dacre


Francis, Gertrude


Franklin, Frances


Franklin, Hugh


Fraser, Anne


Frazer, Mary


Freeman, Elizabeth


Freeman, Maud


Freeth, Lilian


Fricker, E


Friedlaender, V Helen


Frisby, Elizabeth


Frith, Henrietta


Fry, Selina


Fussell, Emily Victoria


Fussell, Maud




Gait, J R


Gargett, Laura


Garnett, Theresa


Garrett, Eliza


Garrett-Anderson, Dr Elizabeth


Garth, Mary


Gaskell, E Penn


Gatty, Katharine Gillett


Gawthorpe, Mary


Gay, Louisa


Geddie, Mrs


Gibb, Ellison


Gibb, Elizabeth


Gibb, Margaret


Gibbs, Mary


Gibbons, Miss


Gibson, Janet


Gillett, E


Gillett, Lilian


Girling, Jessie Laura


Giveen, Clara Elizabeth


Gliksten, Millie


Glover, Nestie


Glyde, Mrs


Godfrey, Ellen


Godfrey, Violet


Gonne, Charles


Goodliffe, Mary


Goodman, Mary Penelope


Gordon, Elizabeth


Gordon, Elsie


Gordon, Frances


Gough, Theresa


Goulden-Bach, Ada S


Graham, Alison


Graham, Freda


Graham, Margaret


Graham, Rachel


Grand, H


Grant, Evelyn


Grant, Georgina


Graves, Florence


Gray, Charles


Gray, Mary


Green, Alice


Green, Cecil


Green, Janette


Green, Kathleen


Green, Marion


Greig, Annie


Greive, N


Grey, Jane


Grey, Jeanette


Grey, Laura


Grey, Mary


Griffiths, Charlotte


Griffiths, Claire


Gurney, Agnes Brita


Gye, Elsa




Hackey, Mary


Haig, Cecilia


Haig, Charlotte


Haig, Evelyn Cotton


Haig, Florence


Haley, Margaret


Hall, Alice


Hall, Emmeline


Hall, Nellie


Hall, Pattie


Hambling, Evelyn


Hardie, Dr Mabel


Haslam, Edith


Hatten, Esther


Haverfield, The Hon Evelina


Hawkins, Alice


Hay, Nellie


Haywood, Hannah


Hazel, Gladys Mary


Healiss, Georgina


Heasman, Harriet


Heliss, Mary


Helliwell, Fanny


Helliwell, Lily


Helsby, Elsie


Hemming, Laura


Henderson, Juliette


Henderson, Marguerite


Hendry, Jane


Henry, Agnes


Hepple, Miss


Herrick, Elizabeth


Hesmondhalgh, Elizabeth


Hetherington, Amy


Heward, Jessie


Hewitt, Miss


Hewitt, Mary


Hickling, Lilian


Hicks, Amy


Hicks, Martha Lilian


Higgins, Annie


Higgins, Elizabeth


Higginson, Eleanor


Hill, J K


Hillier, Mrs


Hilsdon, Charles


Hilton, Mrs


Hirst, Mrs Cobden


Hocken, Olive


Hodgson, Grace


Hodgson, Joan


Hogg, Julia


Holder, -


Holland, Mary


Holme, Vera


Holmes, Marion


Holst, -


Home, Mary


Hope, May


Hopkins, Margaret


Hopson, Annie


Houlton, Elsie


Housman, Clemence


Houston, Kathleen


How-Martyn, Edith


Howes, Beatrice


Howey, Elsie


Howey, Mary


Huddleston, Edith


Hudson, Edith


Hughes, Beatrix


Hughes, Mollie


Hull, Florence


Hull, Louisa


Humphrey, Anne


Humphrey, Mary


Hunt, Annie


Hunt, Florence


Hunt, Mabel


Huntingdon, Hannah


Hutchen, William


Hutchinson, Hannah


Hyde, Marianne




Ibbotson, Olive


Impey, Elizabeth


Inglis, I


Inkley, Ida


Irving, Isabel


Isaacs, Mary




Jack, Ellen


Jackson, Jane


Jacob, Edith


Jacobs, Eleanor


Jacobs, George


James, Margaret


Jameson, Julia


Jarvis, Kathleen


Jeffcott, Olivia


Jeffrey, Violet


Jenkins, Amelia


Jenkins, Ernest


Jerome, Veronica


Jewson, Lydia


Joachim, Maud


John, Nancy


Johnson, David


Johnson, Grace


Johnson, Henry


Johnstone, Miss


Joing, Harry


Jolly, Caro Bray


Jones, Beatrice


Jones, Hope


Jones, Martha


Jones, Mary R


Jones, Violet Mary


Jones, Winifred


Joseph, Leah


Joule, Barbara


Julian, Peggy




Keane, K


Keegan, Mary


Keeling, Rachel


Keevil, Gladice


Keller, L Phyllis


Kelly, Agnes


Kelly, Garvey (Mrs)


Kelly, Isabel


Kennedy, Katherine


Kenney, Annie


Kenney, Jessie


Kenney, Nellie


Kenyon, Esther


Ker, Alice J, Dr


Ker, Margaret Louise


Kern, Amelia


Kerr, Constance


Kerr, Herriet Roberta


Kerr, Marie


Kerwen, Nellie


Kerwood, Edith


Key, Mildred


King, Edith


King, Marian


Kirby, Alice


Kirby, Mabel


Knight, Adelaide


Knight, Dr Elizabeth


Knight, Rose Amanda


Knight, Sarah




Lackey, Norah Kathleen


Lacon, Annie


Laing, F


Laing, Jessie Jane


Lake, Constance,


Lamartine-Yates, Rose


Lamb, Aeta


Lambert, Clare


Lambert, Lena


Lane, A


Lane, Catherine


Lane, Mary


Lang, Miss


Langford, Emily


Lansbury, Annie


Lansbury, George


Lansbury, William


Law, Cecilie


Lawes, Jessie


Lawless, Leslie


Laycock, Louisa


Lee, Lilian


Lehman, C L


Leigh, Alice


Leigh, Dora


Leigh, Mary


Lenanton, Grace


Lennox, Geraldine


Lenton, Lilian


Lethune, Mary


Liddle, Helen Gordon


Lilley, Kate


Lilley, Louise


Lilley, P


Lillingston, Amy


Lindsay, Mary Ogilvy


Linscott, M P


Llewellyn, Gertrude


Llewhellin, Olive


Lloyd, Georgina


Lloyd, Maude


Lockwood, Jane


Logan, Norah


Lomax, Jane


Lovell, Florence


Lowy, Mrs E


Lowy, Ethel


Lowy, Gertrude


Lowy, Henriette


Lummis, E C


Lytton, Lady Constance




McAlpine, Mrs Caxton


McArpon, Gaston


McArthur, Elizabeth


McCallum, Jennie


McCarthy, Adelaide


McCarthy, Eileen


MacDermott, Delia


McDiarmid, Mrs


MacDonald, Mrs Meredith


McDonald, Agnes


McDonal, Mrs Harry


McEwan, Donald


Macfarlane, Florence


Macfarlane, Margaret


Macarlane, Marjorie


Macfarlane, Maxine


Mackay, Georgina


McLeod, Robina


McPhun, Florence


McPhun, Margaret


Macrae, Georgina


Macrae, Helen


Mackworth, Margaret


Maloney, Miss


Manders, John


Manesta, Evelyn


Manning, Edmee


Manning, Geraldine


Mansel, Mildred Ella
(spelt Mansell in the roll)


Manson, Grace Mary


Manson, Katherine


Margesson, Kathleen


Marion, Kitty


Markwick, Charlotte


Marsden, Dora


Marsden, Lena


Marsden, Mildred


Marsh, Charlotte


Marshall, Emily Kitty


Marshall, Ida


Marson, Miss


Martell, Mrs


Martin, Alison


Martin, Mary Beatrice


Martin, May Sophia


Martin, Selina


Masters, Marjore


Matters, Muriel


May, Alice


Mayo, Winifred


Medd-Hall, Leonie


Melford, Jackeydaura


Meredith, Helen


Metge, Lilian


Methuen, J C


Miles, Mary Louise


Mill, Mary


Miller, Irene


Milne, Alice


Mills, Kate


Mitchell, Grace


Mitchell, Hannah


Mitchell, Hester


Mitchell, Irene


Mitchell, Lilias


Mitchell, Mary Anne


Mocatta, Ada


Moffat, Kate


Moffat, Maggie


Moloney, Dorothy


Monck-Mason, Alice


Montefiore, Dora


Montgomery, Mary


Moor, Alice


Moore, C


Moore, Marie Charlotte


Moore, Mrs


Moorhead, Ethel


Morris, Bessie


Morris, Caroline


Morris, Lily


Morris, Mary


Morris, Poppy


Morrisey, Alice


Morrisey, S


Morrison, Margaret


Morrison, Mary


Morrow, Mrs


Moses, Mrs


Moullin, Ruth Mansell


Muir, Anne


Muir, Madge


Muir, Mary


Mulligan, Mr


Munro, Anna


Murphy, Jane


Murphy, Margaret


Murray, Dr Flora


Murray, Mrs Guthrie


Myer, Annie


Myer, Vera


Myers, Elsa


Myers, May Louise




Napier, Miss


Nash, Mary


Naylor, Marie


Neilans, Alison


Neave, Nellie


Neill, Marie


Nesbitt, M C


Neville, Nora


New, Edith


New, Violet


Newby, M du Sautoy


Newton, Nora


Nicholson, Kathleen


Noble, Alice


Noblett, Kate


Norbury, Lilian


Norris, Lucy


North, Mabel


North, Phyllis


Norton, A Nancy


Nugent, Constance


Nupsia, Miss




Oates, Verity


Offord, Daisy


Older, Ann Alice


O'Kell, Kathleen


O'Kell, Rose


O'Mahoney, Miss


O'Sullivan, Annie




Paget, Kathleen


Paige, Robson


Palethorpe, Fanny Davidson


Palethorpe, Mary Cox


Palmer, Margarite


Pankhurst, Adela


Pankhurst, Christable


Pankhurst, Emmeline


Pankhurst, Sylvia


Parker, Annie


Parker, Frances


Pascoe, Jane


Pascoe, Mary


Paterson, Margaret


Paul, Alice


Paxton, Helen


Peace, Rachel


Pearce, Miss


Pearson, Elsie


Pearson, Mary


Pearson, Nance Seymour


Pease, Fanny


Pendred, Pleasance


Pepper, Beatrice


Peter, Madeline


Pethick, Dorothy


Pethick, Dr Marie


Pethick-Lawrence, Emmeline


Pethick-Lawrence, Frederick William


Phillips, Henry


Phillips, Julia


Phillips, Louise


Phillips, Mary


Pickering, Julia


Pilkington, Katherine


Pinnance, Elizabeth


Pitfield, Ellen


Pitman, Ellen


Pogson, Sarah


Porlocke, Marion


Postlethwaite, Mary


Potbury, Isabelle


Potbury, Merlet Adelaide


Pratt, Dolphine


Pratt, Miriam


Price, Edith Mary


Price, Frances


Price, Lizzie


Procter, Zoe


Purser, Mrs




Quinn, Miss




Radclyffe, Dorothy


Radclyffe, F E


Ramsay, Miss


Rawle, Mary Anne


Rawson, Miss


Ray, Heron


Redfern, Adeline


Redhead, Mary


Reid, Dr


Reid, E


Reinold, Mrs


Rennie, Enid


Reye, Hélène


Reynolds, Margaret


Rice, Ada


Rice, Charlotte


Rice, Helen


Richards, Cathleen


Richardson, Mary


Richmond, Katherine


Rigby, Edith


Rix, Winifred


Roberts, Alice


Roberts, Elizabeth


Roberts, Gladys


Roberts, Mrs


Roberts, M Adair


Roberts, William


Robertson, Flora


Robinson, Arnott Erskine


Robinson, M K


Robinson, Margaret


Robinson, Rona


Rock, Dorothea Merlet


Rock, Madeline Caron


Rodney, Marie Forest


Roe, Grace


Rogers, Margaret


Rogers, Marie McGregor


Rolfe, Frank


Rose, Alice


Rothwell, Kathleen Roy


Rowe, Frances


Rowlatt, Margaret


Rowles, Hilda


Rozier, Emma


Rozier, Harriet


Rusbrooke, Edith


Russell, Florence


Russell, Louise


Ryan, Dora


Ryan, Harry


Ryland, Bertha




Sadd-Brown, Myra


Sainty, Hepzibah


Saltonstall, Lavinia


Sanborne, Florence


Sanders, Beatrice


Sanderson, Amy


Satterley, Mrs


Savage, -


Scawthorne, Mrs


Schofield, Elizabeth


Scholefield, Mabel Murell


Scott, Arabella


Scott, Emmeline


Scott, Isabella


Scott, Julia


Scott, Margaret


Scott, Muriel Eleanor


Schuster, Elsa


Scrimgeour, Mrs


Scully, Michael


Seaton, Ethel


Selkirk, Mary


Semple, Bessie


Sennett, Maud Arncliffe


Sentance, Ethel


Sentance, Gertrude


Seruya, Sime


Sewell, Cicely


Seymour, Isabel


Shales, Daisy


Shallard, Amy


Shallard, Dorothy


Shallard, Emma


Sharp, Evelyn


Shaw, C Howard Mrs


Shaw, Gertrude


Sheehy-Skeffington, Hannah


Sheppard, Genie


Sheppard, Hannah


Sheppard, Louise


Shipley, Alice Maud


Short, Jane


Sidley, Marguerie


Sidley, Mrs


Simmons, Ada


Simmons, Elizabeth


Simmons, G Holt White Mrs


Simmons, T Bayard


Simpson, F J


Simpson, May


Slade, Ethel Annie


Slater, Sarah


Small, Mabel


Small, Margaret


Smart, K


Smart, Laura


Smart, Nancy


Smith, Aileen Connor


Smith, Alice


Smith, Ann


Smith, Bessie


Smith, Mrs Chalmers


Smith, Dorothy


Smith, Dr Dorothea Chalmers


Smith, Ellen


Smith, Enuncita


Smith, Jane


Smith, Jessie


Smith, Kate


Smith, Margaret Drew Frazer


Smith, Mary


Smith, Olivia


Smith, P


Smith, Lady Sybil


Smith, Winifred


Smithies-Taylor, Mary


Smyth, Emma


Smyth, Dr Ethel


Smyth, Lilian


Smyth, Louisa


Smyth, Norah


Solomon, Daisy D


Solomon, Georgina M


Soskice, Dr


Sotheran, Beatrice


Sotheran, Florence


Spanton, Helen


Spanton, Margaret


Sparborough, Jane


Spence, Maud


Spencer, Mary


Spencer, Dorothy


Spencer, Stella Lavinia


Spong, Dora


Spong, Florence


Spong, Irene


Sproson, Emma


Stacey, Edith


Stack, Charlotte


Stanley, Emma


Steele, Mrs


Steer, Janette


Stephenson, Elsie May


Stephenson, Jessie


Stevens, Mary


Stevenson, Blanche


Stevenson, Eva


Stevenson, Mr


Stewart, Mary


Stuart, Grace


Stuart, Gertrude


Stone, Elizabeth


Stone, George


Strange, Nora


Streatfeild, Fanny


Streatfeild, Kathleen


Summers, Ada


Swain, Cornelia Robina


Swain, Catherine


Swan, Annie


Swan, Mrs Cameron


Swan, D


Swan, Vera


Syme, Anne Fraser


Symon, Elizabeth


Symons, M Travers


Sutor, Alan




Tanner, Kathleen


Taylor, Evelyn


Taylor, Mrs


Taylor, Jennie


Taylor, Mary Alice


Taylor, Rosalie


Terrero, Jane


Thewlis, Dora


Thomas, Ethel


Thomas, Isabel


Thompson, Elizabeth


Thompson, Frances


Thompson, Louise


Thompson, Margaret Eleanor


Thompson, Mary Dawes


Thomson, Edith


Thoy, Annie


Till, Florence


Tillard, Irene


Tillard, Violet


Titterington, Amy


Tollemache, Aethel


Tollemache, Grace


Tolson, Catherine


Tolson, Helen


Towler, Rose


Townend, Mary King


Townsend, Caroline


Townsend, Rachel


Toyn, Alice


Trant, Charles


Trott, Kathleen


Tucker, M A


Tunks, Florence


Turner, M S


Tyson, Leonora


Tyson, M




Underwood, Ruth




Valentine, Marie


van Sandau, Matilda Wolff


Varley, Julia


Vaughan, Gertrude


Vertue, -


Vidley, Lilian


Vincent, Alice




Walker, Alice


Walker, Jessica


Walker, Melvine


Wallace, Janette


Waller, Marie Louise


Wallis, Margaret


Walsh, Annie


Walsh, Kate


Walters, Alice


Waltenstall, Lavinia


Walton, Olive Grace


Walton, V G


Ward, Florence


Ware, Eileen


Watkins, Mrs


Watson, Bertha


Watson, Dorothy


Watson, Eva


Watson, Horatia


Watt, Susan


Watts, Helen Kirkpatrick


Webb, Annie


Webb, Hilda


Webber, Charles


Wells, Miss


Wentworth, Vera


West, Dulcie


West, Florence


West, Margaret


Wharry, Evelyn


Wharry, Olive


White, E M


Wheeler, Annie


Whiteley, Edgar


Whitworth, Edith


Whitworth, Mary


Wilcox, Mary


Wilde, Adeline Redfern


Wilkes, Mark


Wilkinson, Gertrude


Wilkinson, Mabel


Wilkinson, Sarah Anne


Williams, Florence


Williams, Frances


Williams, Gertrude


Williams, Grace


Willson, Laura Annie


Wilson, A Agnes


Wilson, Catherine


Wilson, Eva


Wilson, S C


Wingrove, Edith Audrey


Wise, F


Wiseman, Mrs


Withall, Letitia (Leslie Hall)


Wood, Chrystabel


Wood, Florence


Wood, Julia


Wood, Mary


Woodburn, Amy


Woodlock, Patricia


Woolridge, Mary


Worthington, Mrs


Wortman, Margaret


Wright, Ada Cecile


Wright, Isa


Wright, Alice Morgan


Wykes, Annie


Wylie, Barbara


Wylie, Emma


Wyatt, Aubrey




Yates, Hannah


Yorke, Norah


Young, Cecilia


Young, Dorothy


Young, Elizabeth


Young, E Phoebe


Young, Marie


Young, William

Date: c.1960
Held by: London University: London School of Economics, The Women's Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: 7/XXX4/2
Language: English
Physical description: 1 item (15p

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