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Autobiography of Frances Stackhouse Acton of Acton Scott (1 Vol) spent little time in the schoolroom, only friends Miss Walpoles (mothers great friend) (their father had been killed in Irish Rebellion of 1800)


Frances was her father's companion, copied for her father, his papers for the Royal or Horticultural Societies when she was 13 taught drawing by Mr Wood ( ), a London master and lectured on Perspective at the Royal Institution describe cottages, spinning wheels and clothes of the people living in the area of Elton (Herefordshire) described custom of 'heaving' on Easter Monday.


Grandmother (died 1798 or 1799) lived at Mary Knowle, hoarded money, burglary repulsed gift of sack of 100 golden guineas to Frances Frances taught to love nature (including insects) details simple experiment 1805 visit of Humphrey Davy came regularly to 1812; recalls visit of him and Madam Le Brun.


'On a prior visit that Sir H D and my father made some experiements to ascertain the different intensity of rays of life (sic (i) 'light' intended) when conveyed through glass of various colours, by their action on a piece of white leather, which had been staturated with (I believe) a solution of Chloride of silver; which experiement seems to me to be somewhat similar to the Photography since discovered.'


1809 first visit to London spent a day at Spring Grove, Hounslow, then belonging to Sir Joseph Bankes. 'long and intimate friend of my Father and an encourager of his researches in Vegetable Physiology.'


Bankes tells of his having travelled describes Miss Bankes, Hounslow as a place for changing horses account of painting of her uncle Richard Payne Knight by Sir Thomas Lawrence; attended by Flaxman, the sculptor and Samuel Rogers, distant cousin (see DNB) remembers seeing Lord Nelson and Emma Hamilton visiting Downton Castle to visit uncle 3 years at Downton (handed over to Thomas by Richard Knight) Richard Knight spent summer at cottage he had built for himself and received his friends at Downton in the winter lists visitors including Eldridge the artist and Lord Aberdeen Sir Wm Gell had a 'camera lucide' which refelcted the object to be sketched. Used for making the drawings for his book on Pompeii Seldom went to balls at Ludlow


Take possession of Acton Scott, Salop on her marriage very dilapidated; difficulty of living on £1000pa gives account of Mr Williams of Cornwall; reaming about Spencer Perceval's assasination the night before it happened saw a good deal of Mr Eustace, superintending his 'Classical Tour on Italy" and Dr Clarke 'Travels in Russia and Crimea) T P Stackhouse Acton had been a fellow traveller of Clarke and REgional Heber saw Lord Byron at Travellers Club. Account of the local clergyman Mr Glascott.


No tithe dinner, farmers paid when they felt like it


Piece copied by the Reverend Michael Hopton


25 October 1812 birth of daughter, lived for 17 years remembers Mrs Elizabeth Knight of Henley, her godmother died 1812 1812 repairs to house = May and June spent on Isle of Wight


'Being good sailors instead of taking a lodging we established ourselves on board a small yacht belonging to Lord Grantham (afterwards Lord de Grey) which he allowed the Captain to hire out when he did not want it himself'


Good account of naval review at Spithead described parish, had to keep more servants than needed because Mr and Mrs Stackhouse 3 or 4 months a year + 3 or 4 sevants made Mrs Stackhouse Acton compiled the book at the request of her nieces.

Date: 1873
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Language: English
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