Catalogue description Cuttings From the Goole Times and the Goole Chronicle

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Title: Cuttings From the Goole Times and the Goole Chronicle

This collection comprises cuttings from the Goole Times and the Goole Chronicle entitled 'For 77 years it towered over Goole's Dockland' 1969 [1991.8]; 'Bartholomew's funeral' 1919 [1991.9a]; 'Horses perish' 1919 [1991.9b]; 'War memorial in a public park' nd [1991.10]; 'When a haunted ship visited Goole' nd [1991.11]; 'Goole working men have no reason declares chamber' 1919 [1991.12]; 'Goole's great day of peace' 1969 [1991.13]; 'The registered Port of Goole' nd [1991.14]; 'War cost Goole 80% of it's trade' nd [1991.15]; '1917 Tank is Goole's reward' nd [1991.16]; 'Goole's post war coal exports hit badly' nd [1991.17]; 'Barlow built R33 is world's biggest' nd [1991.18]; 'A tale of Christmas past 1986' nd [1991.19]; 'Looking back at Goole's past' 1978 [1991.20]; 'More traffic for the Aire and Calder' 1987 [1991.21]; 'Barge trains to re-open, West Riding 1986 [1991.22]; 'Container craft the way forward' nd [1991.23]; 'Aground before the Bennett flag' 1987 [1991.24]; 'Unique record of fortunes of B.S.Co.' 1989 [1991.25]; 'Goole Basin' 1975 [1991.26]; 'Small but still on the Water' 1987 [1991.27]; 'Whence the Balls at ABP' 1986 [1991.28]; 'Falklands talk for the forum' 1987 [1991.29]; 'Bluewater broadcast its Shanties' 1987 [1991.30]; 'Goole men hit by coal strike' nd [1991.31]; 'Memories of the Bennett line' 1987 [1991.32]; 'ABP's mystery spheroids' 1986 [1991.33]; 'A day on the river' nd [1991.34]; 'The pitiful state of Goole trade' nd [1991.35]; 'Ouse river bank in dangerous state' nd [1991.36]; 'Blaze damages old L& Y offices' nd [1991.37]; '900 Goole men out in rail strike' nd [1991.38]; 'Dockers' pay goes up to 14s 6d a day' nd [1991.39]; 'Hopes for trade from Tom Pudding demonstration' 1986 [1991.40]; 'The ship is a museum piece' 1987 [1991.41]; 'War reduces Goole's trade by 66%' nd [1991.42]; 'When Howden heard county's biggest blast' 1978 [1991.43]; 'The day when Goole was read the riot act' 1980 [1991.44]; 'Hotel which saw the birth of Goole' 1987 [1991.45]; 'Reading the riot act' 1987 [1991.46]; 'The Midnight Assassins' nd [1991.47]; 'Roads and houses were swarming with people fleeing from their homes' nd [1991.48]; 'Zeppelin at Goole' 1980 [1991.49]; 'Mastermind of modern Goole' 1919 [1991.50]; '120 Year old Tom Pudding System to end' 1986 [1991.50]; 'Bartholomew's revolutionary Tom Puddings' 1987 [1991.51]; 'Pusher Tugs and Tom Puddings' 1987 [1991.52]; '1,000,000 Tons of coal through Goole' 1987 [1991.53]; 'The heyday of the Tom Pudding' 1987 [1991.54]; 'Goole Hoist lifts last shipment of coal' 1986 [1991.55]; 'The demise of the Tom Pudding' 18.6.1987 G.T/G.C. [1991.56]; 'Compartment boat hoist fire' 1990 [1991.57]; 'Goole's greatest benefactor' 1987 [1991.59]; 'Retirement of the men who made Goole' 1919 [1991.61]; 'A Zeppelin raid, fire and a missing Cannon' 1987 [1991.62]; 'Article about "Hand and Heart" nd [1991.64]; 'Map of the Port of Goole' nd [1991.76]; 'Letter from W H Bartholomew re: towage rates' 1910 [1991.77]; 'Advert for Goodhall Clayton and Son' nd [1991.79]; 'Map of collieries served by waters in W. and S.Yorks' nd [1991.85]; 'Gwent and Antwerp shed' 1921 [1991.92]; 'Lowther Hotel after Zeppelin raid with L& Y railway wagon' 1915 [1991.94]; 'Steamship on its side in Dry Dock' 1930s [1991.105]; 'Harry Glew's Plumbing shop Adam Street' nd [1991.121]; 'West Dock' nd [1991.145]; 'West Dock' nd [1991.148]; 'Railway Hoist' 1950 [1991.174]; 'No.2 Boat Hoist' nd [1991.178]; 'No. 5 Boat Hoist Anti-breakage Appliance' nd [1991.181]; three photos showing 'Last run of Tom Puddings' [1991.193a/b/c]; 'New Port of Goole's earliest known advert for the Port of Goole' nd.

Date: 1915-1990
Held by: Yorkshire Waterways Museum, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Goole Waterways Museum

Physical description: c72 items
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  • Goole Times
  • Goole Chronicle
  • Goole, Snaith, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Inland water transport

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