Catalogue description K. LL[OYD] to her husband, LUKE LLOYD, at London.

This record is held by Lancashire Archives

Details of DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/194
Reference: DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/194
Title: K. LL[OYD] to her husband, LUKE LLOYD, at London.

--"I prayes God we in this family and all the rest of friends are in good health; wee in the same condition you left us, or better, nothing wanting but thyselfe, which is more prised then all the rest, and I hope ere long toe injoy. Tom is at the Dungre, my sister Ellin at Geaton, Brereton's army within 3 myels of Chester. The Lord Berron's army in Chester, and from Banger toe Harden, where there is greate feare. This weeke there are garisons put in Feneshall and Bettisfeeld. Wee expect more toe Hanmer. They are of those men that come from Ireland, that turned when they where taken prisonnors at the Withe. I sent to the Widow Wenlock, who was very glad to hear of her sonns helth. Shee dare not write, but desired that I would remember her love toe him and certifie him that all his frends are in helth. William Genings is very ernest with me that hee may red [rent] some corner of a feild that has much brome groing upon it. Hee would soe a bushell of ots, hee tells mee; it will take no more. My promise was toe certifie you and toe returne him your answere, which I desire to have with what speed you can. Thomas Roe questions your man, when I send him for your rent, whether I have commission toe receve it. I desire hee may bee satisfied in a line or toow, for it comes very sloly from him. I long much toe hear of thy resolution, which I hope will bee toe goe noe further nor toe alter thy condition any way. I hope there will bee noe cause for it. However, as thou tenders the life of thy poore desolate wife, goe noe further from her. Thou knowest the condition thou left me in, and if thou goe any further I shall dispare of ever seeing thee. Therefore desire, love, let mee heare that thy resolution is toe stay wher thou art. I hope it will bee but a short time. Doe not think I doubt of God's alsufficience, for I have dayly experience of his delivering and forbearing mercies unto mee all my life thorow, and especially of late dayes, but if you goe further you must pas a great deale of danger, soe must I, beefore wee can meet againe." Seal.

Date: 1643 [-4], February 3
Held by: Lancashire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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