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Title: Conington Collection

This is a large collection of deeds, manorial records, family and estate papers centered on the records of the Heathcote family of Conington Castle from 1752. The 19th century Heathcotes spent all their lives on their estate, "bestowing on it all the personal care and outlay which a love of country life and a sense of duty would prompt. Without yielding to fads and whims, all that modern science and practice in agriculture sanctioned has been respected and made use of here" (Reminiscences of Albert Pell, 1908).


The collection also including records of the Cotton family estates 1490-1760, the Mower/Moyer estates in Essex 1400-1651, and the manorial records of Conington, Leighton Bromswold, Upton, Great Stukeley and Little Stukeley manors. The records have been listed in great detail with CON reference numbers

Date: c1354-1953

Conington Collection: Arrangement


The Collection is split into the following sections:


I Manorial


Con 1/1-10 - Manor of Conington


Con 1/11 - Manor of Leighton Bromswold


Con 1/12 - Manor of Upton


Con 1/13 - Manor of Gt. Stukeley


Con 1/14 - Manor of Lt. Stukeley


Con 1/15 - Bucks. Manors


Con 1/16-17 - Manor of Hawkesberry (Essex)


II - Family Wills and Settlements


Con 2/1 - Wills: Cotton Family


Con 2/2 - Wills: Heathcote Family


Con 2/3 - Wills: Miscellaneous


Con 2/4 - Settlements: Cotton Family


Con 2/4/1-5 - Cotton Family Settlements


Con 2/4/6-15 - Deeds re. debts of John Cotton of Steeple Gidding, and Settlement thereof


Con 2/5 - Settlements: Heathcote Family


Con 2/5/1-3 - Heathcote Family Settlements


Con 2/5/4 - Deeds re. Settlement of Robert Boothby's Estate


Con 2/6 - Miscellaneous Family Settlements


III Deeds


Con 3/1 Conington


Con 3/1/1-3 - Manor and lands at Conington


Con 3/1/4 - Sale of Conington Estate by Cotton to Heathcote


Con 3/1/5 - Deeds re. Adventurers land in Conington Fen


Con 3/1/6 - Grant of Constables' Close, Conington for the poor of Holme


Con 3/1/7-8 - Deeds of Conington Rectory


Con 3/2 - Steeple Gidding


Con 3/2/1-7 - Deeds re manor and lands at Steeple Gidding


Con 3/2/8 - Deeds re. Sale of Steeple Gidding Estate from Cotton to Heathcote


Con 3/2/9-10 - Steeple Gidding Rectory


Con 3/3 - Deeds re lands in Gt. and Lt Stukeley


Con 3/3/1-3 - Camoys Manor in Gt Stukeley etc.


Con 3/3/4-5 - Sale of Gt Stukeley lands from Berke to Heathcote


Con 3/3/6 - Deeds re. Gt Stukeley Rectory


Con 3/3/7-8 - Deeds re. Little Stukeley


Con 3/4 - Deeds re. Manor and lands at Upton


Con 3/4/1 - Deeds re. Hull's Farm and Land at Upton


Con 3/4/2 - Descent of the Upton Estate to the Cotton Family


Con 3/4/3-4 - Sale from Cotton to Heathcote Family


Con 3/4/5 - Oddments re. Upton


Con 3/5 - Deeds re properties in Essex


Con 3/5/1 - Deeds re. Manor and lands at Pitsca


Con 3/5/2 - Deeds re. Pitsea Hall


Con 3/5/3-4 - Manor of Pitsea


Con 3/5/5 - Deeds re. Manor of Chingford


Con 3/5/6 - Deeds re. Messuage called Burwills and lands in Chingford


Con 3/5/7 - Deeds re. lands in Tobbing.(Essex)


Con 3/5/8 - Deeds re. Manor and lands of Hawksbury


Con 3/5/9 - Manor of Hawkesbury: Admissions and Surrenders


Con 3/5/10 - Deeds re. lands in the Manor of Leigh


Con 3/5/11 - Deeds re. lands in the Manor of Prittlewelle


Con 3/5/12 - Deeds re. lands in the Manor of Mylton Hall


Con 3/5/13 - Manor of Earles Hall, Admissions and Surrenders


Con 3/5/14 - Deeds re. various properties in Essex


Con 3/6 - Deeds re. properties in London


Con 3/7 - Deeds re. lands at Alconbury


Con 3/8 - Deeds re. lands at Somersham


Con 3/9 - Deeds re. Hunts. Closes in Molesworth


Con 3/10 - Deeds re. lands at Sawtry


Con 3/11 - Deeds re. Manor of Hartford


Con 3/12 - Deeds re. lands in Derbyshire and Statfordshire


Con 3/13 - Deeds re. lands in Buckinghamshire


Con 3/14 - Deeds re. lands in Agden, Cheshire


Con 3/15 - Miscellaneous Deeds


IV Estate Administration


Con 4/1 - Conington Castle Estates


Con 4/1/1 - Rentals


Con 4/1/2 - Account Books


Con 4/1/3 - Miscellaneous


Con 4/2 - Conington and other Estates


Con 4/2/1 - Small Books and Documents


Con 4/2/2 - Rentals Lands in Huntingdonshire


Con 4/2/3 - Rent Audit Sheets. Conington Estates


Con 4/2/4 - Rentals miscellaneous


Con 4/2/5 - Estate Surveys Steeple Gidding


Con 4/2/6 - Estate Surreys, Stukeley and Upton


Con 4/2/6/7 Estate Surrey. Miscellaneous


Con 4/2/6/8 Accounts: Hunts. estates in general


Con 4/2/6/9 Accounts: Conington Estates


Con 4/2/6/10 Accounts: Conington, Upton and Stukeley


Con 4/2/6/11 Accounts: Steeple Gidding


Con 4/2/6/12 Accounts: Essex and London


Con 4/2/6/13 Accounts: Private: Cotton Family


Con 4/2/6/14 Accounts: Private: Heathcote Family


Con 4/2/6/15 Accounts: Private: Miscellaneous


Con 4/2/6/16 Taxes


Con 4/2/6/17 Estimates for repairs, expenses etc.


Con 4/2/6/18 Data re purchase of estates


Con 4/2/6/19 Sales Catalogues


Con 4/2/6/20 Documents re. Inclosure


Con 4/2/6/21 Maps and Plans


Con 4/2/6/22 Game Books


Con 4/2/6/23 Estate Administration: Miscellaneous.


V Legal Cases


CON 5/1 Rights


CON 5/2 Papers in cases


CON 5/3 Chancery Bills and Complaints


CON 5/4 Montagne v. Heathcote: re. Ownership of Upton Manor


CON 5/5 Morton v. Douglas


CON 5/6 Case re. Will of John White (d.1769)


CON 5/7 Re the will of Sir Gilbert Gilbert


CON 5/8 Re the Estates of Sir Robert and Lady Anne Hamilton


CON 5/9 Re the Will of Miss Catherine Moyer


CON 5/10 Smith v. Bull, Upton v. Buckworth


CON 5/11 Lord Gwydir's land at Alconbury


CON 5/12 Legal cases: Miscellaneous


VI Trusteeships


CON 6/1 Various Trusts


CON 6/2 The Skinner Trusts


CON 6/3 Trusts of Marriage Settlement of Viscount and Viscountess Downe


VII Letters


CON 7/1 Sir Robert Wilmot's Estate at Weston


CON 7/2 Purchase of Conington and Steeple Gidding Estates


CON 7/3 Conington Tithes


CON 7/4 Lands at Alconbury


CON 7/5 Purchase of Stukeley Estate


CON 7/6 Tithes on Duke of Manchester's Land at Great Stukeley


CON 7/7 London Properties


CON 7/8 Miss Moyer's Land at Corringham, Essex


CON 7/9 Constable's Close, at Holme


CON 7/10 Miscellaneous


VIII Miscellaneous Family Papers


CON 8/1-5 Miscellaneous

Held by: Huntingdonshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Heathcote family of Conington, Huntingdonshire

Physical description: 8 Series; 56 Sub-Series
  • Cotton family of Conington, Huntingdonshire
  • Moyer family of Essex
  • Mower family of Essex
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