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Family and estate records of the Wentworth, Vernon, and Vernon-Wentworth families of Wentworth Castle, Stainborough, near Barnsley.


Records include:-


Manorial records:


Worsborough: Appointment of steward, 1899; notes about court rolls; deputation of gamekeeper (and for Stainborough and Penistone), 1879.


Records of Institutions, etc:


Dodworth National School: treasurer's cash books, 1887-1904.


Barnsley National School: list of subscribers, 1816.


Barnsley Chronicle: balance sheets, 1889-1898.


Wills, settlements, including legal papers and abstracts:


Wentworth of Wentworth Castle, Vernon of Hilton and Levison Vernon of Stoke Park (Northamptonshire). The last relate to estates at Aldeburgh, Snape, Sweffling, etc. (Suffolk), 1732-1832; papers relating to the Wentworth copyhold estates in Wakefield and Twickenham, in dispute between Henry and Levison Vernon, 1804-1806.


Later family wills, 1860-1902.


Estate papers:


Rentals and Accounts: Wentworth Castle estate, 1814-1815, 1865-1881, 1881-1913.


Wombwell, 1882, Stainborough, 1884, Birdwell tenants, 1880, Vizard estate tenants, 1895.


Farm accounts, 1872-1880.


Loch Rannoch (Perthshire), accounts relating to house, estate and game, 1890s.


Cash books, 1852-1880 (including Hood Green School), 1881-1888.


Wage accounts, 1823.


Garden paysheets and accounts, 1878-1885.


Inventories: Wentworth Castle: lists of fixtures, etc., 1799, 1801, 1803-1804.


Survey and valuation: Ashford Lodge estate, Steep, Hants., 1827


Timber: Wentworth estates: letters and brief accounts.


Estate correspondence: Lord Raby to his steward, 1696-1712; Robert Smith (steward) to Henry Vernon, 1811; E. M. Henville (steward) to F. W. H. V. Wentworth, with weekly accounts, 1816-1819 (one bundle); letters to T. C. V. Wentworth, mainly relating to Suffolk estate, 1885.


Household: Recipe book of Mrs. Fisher, 1772.


Leases of land: Stainborough, and Dodworth, 1787-1885; Toddington and Harlington (Beds), 1805.


Maps: Water supply to Wentworth Castle, c.1875-1881, township of Stainborough (early 19th century), estates in Penistone, 1803, Hoyland Swaine, 1827, Stainborough, 1850.


Aldeburgh cum Hazlewood (Suffolk): 2 tracings showing proposed railway from Saxmundham to Aldeburgh, n.d.


Colleries: Correspondence and papers relating to leases, royalties in the West Riding: Blacker Main (including Edmunds Exchange), 1857-1885, 1893; Edmunds Main, 1875-1877; Darley Main, 1860-1872; Ossett, 1893-1898; Worsbro' dale, 1852-1857; miscellaneous correspondence and measurements of coal, statements of royalties, 1852-1906. Valuations: Wombwell Main, 1867-1871, Stainborough, 1832-1854; draft leases and agreements of various seams in the Barnsley and Stainborough area, 1822-1894.


Maps and plans of colliery working in Barnsley and Stainborough area, 1845-1912.


Tithe: Worsborough tithe rental (corn tithes), 1824-1833; apportionment of rent charge, commutation rental, etc., 1834-1846. Dodworth tithe rent assessment book (later 19th century).


Poaching: Summonses to appear on charges of poaching, 1815.


Personal and public office


Family letters: Henry Vernon of Hilton (d.1732), 1726-1727, concerning death of his wife.


Henry Vernon of Hilton (d.1814): travels abroad, 1783, 1789; from his son H. C. E. Vernon, 1793-1800; from his 2nd wife, Margaret Vernon, 1797-1812; from Mrs. Fisher, 1803; from Thomas Conolly, 1796-1802, a claimant to the Strafford estate.


Mrs. Margaret Vernon's (nee Fisher) correspondence: letters before her marriage, 1793-1794; letters between her, her husband and her mother, 1794-1795, 1799, 1802-1806; letters from her husband, 1800-1801, 1807-1813; correspondence relating to Henry Vernon's illness and death in Paris, 1814-1815; Paris journal, 1814. (The correspondence is extensive but relates mainly to family matters, especially the Wentworth inheritance).


Letters relating to the estate after her husband's death, 1814-1818.


F. W. T. V. Wentworth (d.1885): correspondence as Sheriff-appointment, official letters, grand jury, accounts in connection with his office, 1840-1842 (bundle each); letters from his wife's family (she was daughter of 1st Marquis of Ailesbury), 1824-1861 (about 35); begging letters and some others, 1880-1885; proposals for new voluntary schools in S. Yorks. parishes, 1870.


Pigott papers (of Patshall, Staffs.): journal of Sophie Pigott in India, 1777; personal letters to Miss Pigott (afterwards Mrs. Fisher), 1777-1783.


Miscellaneous: Family vault in Worsborough church, 1824: plans; address to F. W. T. V. Wentworth from Primitive Methodist Chapel, Blacker Hill.




Family of Wentworth, by Samuel Horsfall, 1810; Earls of Cardigan and Marquis of Ailesbury; descendents of Henry Vernon (d.1732); emblazoned arms of Mrs. Hatfield Kaye.


Also the following additions to the Wentworth Castle muniments of the Vernon-Wentworth family and their predecessors, the Earls of Strafford of the 3rd creation.




Deeds: Stainborough, Keresforth, Rockley, Rockley furnace and the manors of Worsbrough and Worsbroughdale (Cutler and Rockley families, 1610-18th century; Falthwaite and Dodworth in Silkstone 1693-1834; Hoyland Nether including the Hall and collieries (Townend and Vizard) 1653-1951; Dalton Parva in Rotherham 1723-1940; Exelby, Leeming, North Yorkshire (endowment of Stainbrough chapel) 1623-1775.


Estate: Rentals and surveys of Stainbrough and Rockley c1730, 1789; Hoyland 1771, 1776; farm at Dalton 1826.


Plans: Stainbrough Castle mid-18th century; Hoyland estate 1810-1857; Dalton estate 1850.


Wills and settlements: Cutler, Vernon, Townend, Phipps, Richmond.

Date: 1306-1940

VWM 1 - 690 Correspondence, papers and deeds


VWM Maps 1 - 156 Maps and plans


VWM P 1 - 17 Printed material

Related material:

Note The archives of the nearby, but separate, estate at Wentworth Woodhouse and the Wentworth, Watson-Wentworth, and Wentworth-Fitzwilliam families who lived there form the Wentworth Woodhouse Muniments (WWM). These are also among the collections held at Sheffield Archives


See also LD/1121, available on microfilm A 314


LD/1121 Volume labelled 'Stainborough letters, papers and prints, 1700-1770, vol. 2'. A guardbook probably put together in the 19th century


Contents numbered LD/1121/1-203


Loose (2a) Print of Wentworth Castle (a small early 19th century view)


LD/1121/1 Contemporary engraved portrait of Thomas, Earl of Strafford (d.1739) in Garter robes (to the knees). From a painting by Agar


LD/1121/2 Engraved portrait (head and shoulders) of William, Earl of Strafford (d. 1791). 1798


LD/1121/3-12 Stainborough half yearly rentals, disbursement accounts and servants' wages. Whitsun 1723-Whitsun 1724 and Martinmas 1727. (Several signed by the Earl of Strafford)


1727 includes the full, entry


'Mr. Cotton and Mr. Shore for Stainborough mill and Smithys for half year ................... £20 0s. 0d.


More do for Rockley furnace for half year ... £30 0s. 0d. ins


LD/1121/13 Rental of Wentworth Castle, Keresforth Hill and Rockley, ½ year to Whit. 1756. (With disbursement accounts and servants' wages). (Names of tenants and rents only are given in the rentals, no particulars of holdings)


LD/1121/14-19, 23-24 Manor of Worsbrough and Worsbroughdale. Chief rents, copyhold rents, cottages and fines, received by Richard Fenton at the Great Court held for William, Earl of Strafford, for the years 1745-6, 1750-51, 1755-6


LD/1121/20 The Manor of Rockley. Particulars and valuation. Endorsed: 'Valuation of Rockley estate, gave one to Mr. Groundman'. n.d


LD/1121/21-22 Mr. Fenton's account for the Court fees, with the Earl of Stratford, 1756


LD/1121/25,26,27 Receipts for sums received of the Earl of Strafford per Mr. Fenton, 1773


a.Mary Pierson for salary of her late husband


Thomas Pierson, schoolmaster of Falkirk School


b.John Cawthorne for, jury's dinner, etc. at his house (inn?)


c. Benjamen Micklethwaite for rent for a year of a stone quarry called Oaks Quarry on Ardsley Common


Loose - Small bundle of receipts 1771, including the Earl's receipts for his rent for the rectories of Thorp Arch and Pannell


LD/1121/28 Worsbrough Court chief and cottage rents, 1735. (signed by Strafford)


LD/1121/29 Duchy of Lancaster receipts for-lands called. Rackliffe in Worsbrough Dale, held by the Earl of Strafford. 1754


LD/1121/30-36 Draft lease. The Earl of Strafford to Samuel Shore and Wm. Westby Cotton. The ancient water corn mill at Stainborough with weirs and dams, and another house near the remains of some old smithies or bloomeries for making iron; with liberty to build a furnace for casting iron (clauses about working); for 21 years at a rent of £40. 1723. (another copy, T.C.671)


LD/1121/37-38 List of tenants and rents (no place or date)


LD/1121/39-40 Lawyer's brief in a case of Henry Grigg, plaintiff, against Thomas, Earl of Strafford, concerning the tithes of Hooton Pannell in lease to Thomas Wentworth, 1717


The defendant's case


LD/1121/41-176 Letters from William Draycott to the Earl of Strafford. The majority of the letters are written from London where Draycott appears to have been the Earl's man of affairs; mentions receipt of letters and business from Fenton and persons on the estates. At the beginning of the correspondence he appears to have lived in the Earl's London house, but after his marriage he moved out to Chelsea, as he desired a quiet retired life at his time of life - he was apparently elderly. 1722-1728 and one 1738. There are references to general affairs in London as well as estate and business matters but they are not easy to pin down


LD/1121/177-202 Plans for Wentworth Castle at Stainborough (for the most part, these do not appear to be the ones carried out)


LD/1121/177 Notes: 'The new desine I like much better than the first ...' Unsigned


LD/1121/178 Elevation endorsed, 'Plan of Stainborough of Mr. Rave's for the South front to be considered.' (Small pediment and central pilasters similar to present design of South front but not the one carried out)


LD/1121/179 'Staircase plan with measurements, endorsed 'Reve's Stairs of Stainborough'


LD/1121/180 Plan of cellars and notes, by Thomas Thackeray, endorsed 'about 1714'


LD/1121/181-182 Plan and elevation in grey wash of pediment and pillars


LD/1121/183 Plan and elevation apparently for a pavilion or folly. (Rough drawing with measurements)


LD/1121/185 Plan of gallery and several rooms with a separate note (184): 'Lord Stratford's gallery. To be shewed two ways, to, lay No. 2 over No. 1'


LD/1121/186 Drawings for 'Wainscot for the Great Hall, Stainborough' (endorsed)


LD/1121/187 'Dimensions of the rooms formerly a Gallery to the old house at Stainbrough'


LD/1121/188-190 Plans, with measurements, for rooms


LD/1121/191 A plan (unlabelled) with acreage 'within the moate', etc. Endorsed: 'Wal'd Hall. (Another copy, loose numbered LD/1121/19/a)


LD/1121/192 Doorways of 'gothic' appearance


LD/1121/193 Roof plan: 'cove over the stair case'


LD/1121/194,196,197 Designs for balustrades, iron railings, etc


LD/1121/195 Endorsed: A plan from Lawwood to the kitchen garden. 1738


LD/1121/198 Elevation of front of a folly (?)


LD/1121/199 Drawing of gates


LD/1121/200-202 Floor, stairs, shell ornament


LD/1121/203(loose) Engraved plans of 1st and 2nd floors of Stainborough. (Page 92 from Vitruvius Britannicus

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Wentworth, Vernon- family of Wentworth Castle, West Riding of Yorkshire

Vernon-Wentworth family of Wentworth Castle, West Riding of Yorkshire

Physical description: 25 series, (34 boxes, 38 volumes, maps
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  • Vernon family of Hilton, Staffordshire
  • Wentworth family of Wentworth Castle, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Wentworth, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Stainborough, Silkstone, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Hoyland, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Dodsworth, Silkstone, West Riding of Yorkshire
  • Coal mining
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Dates in this catalogue are given in New Style.

Administrative / biographical background:

Thomas Wentworth (1672-1739) purchased the estate at Stainborough from the Cutler family in 1708, and after substantial rebuilding Stainborough Hall was renamed Wentworth Castle. Thomas Wentworth was created 1st Earl of Strafford of the 2nd creation in 1711.


His son William (1712-1791) subsequently became 2nd Earl. He died without issue and the title and estate passed to his cousin's son, Frederick Wentworth (1732-1799), the 3rd Earl. After he too died without issue the 2nd Earldom became extinct.


The estate passed to Frederick's sister, Augusta Wentworth (Mrs Hatfield Kaye), and after her death in 1802 was inherited by a descendant of the 1st Earl, Frederick W T Vernon (1795-1885), who changed his name to Vernon-Wentworth.


He was succeeded by his son, Thomas F C Vernon-Wentworth (1831-1902), and grandson, Captain Bruce Canning Vernon-Wentworth (1862-1951). Captain Vernon-Wentworth, who died without issue, sold the estate to Barnsley Corporation in 1948. The house was a teacher training college until 1978 and is now used by Northern College.

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