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Reference: Add Mss 40,001 - 41,000
Title: Additional Manuscripts, catalogue 39



This is the thirty ninth volume of Additional Manuscripts (Add Mss) to have been catalogued in the West Sussex Record Office and it has been compiled, in general, along the lines indicated in the introduction to the first volume in November 1956


The class of Additional Manuscripts embraces all the smaller gifts and deposits of documents received by the West Sussex Record Office, as distinct from the large family and estate collections, such as the Goodwood Mss., or accumulations from solicitors' offices, such as Oglethorpe and Anderson Mss.; collections of official bodies, such as Quarter Sessions Records; or collections from other bodies, such as the Records of the Royal Sussex Regiment, each of which is referred to and quoted by name. The majority of Additional Manuscripts have been deeds of title, though increasingly a healthy balance of a vast range of other original material has been catalogued in these volumes. However, the pressure of the sheer weight of material to be catalogued has meant that since volume twenty nine in March 1983, the catalogues of title deeds, instead of being the detailed calendars that had been prepared until that date, have mainly been catalogued in summary lists, with the emphasis being placed on the property concerned in the transaction, rather than on the parties involved, or the technicalities of the type of legal conveyance being used. From the thirty sixth volume in November 1987, the Accession number of each collection catalogued is given at the head of each separate catalogue


This catalogue lists the usual number of small deposits, mostly concerning deeds of title, and includes a large number of deposits from the Sussex Archaeological Society of maps of that part of West Sussex that was in East Sussex prior to Local Government Re-Organisation in 1974. Of particular interest are some items purchased with the help of grants from the West Sussex Archives Society, notably a Midhurst Playbill of 1770 (Add Mss 40,302); a map of Old Erringham Farm in 1687 by Robert Whitpaine (Add Mss 40,625); and a map of Ricklehurst and Redlands in Thakeham by Thomas Redford in 1730 (Add Mss 40,946). The Society also purchased a Household Account Book of the 4th. Viscount Montague at Cowdray, 1684 - 1685 (Add Mss 40,599). It is the first of four such volumes, of which the second and fourth are among the Cowdray Archives and the third is still missing). (This document is listed in a separate catalogue as 'Cowdray manuscript' under the 'from Landlord to Labourer' Project.) Also deposited was a copy of Dr. Pauline Buzzing's thesis on the Goodwood Estate in the 19th. century (Add Mss 40,623). The documents listed in this volume range in date from a late thirteenth century grant of land in Wiston (Add Mss 40,944), to some accounts of a smallholding on the Land Settlement Estate at Sidlesham in 1987 (Add Mss 40,205)


No index has been provided for this volume, as all the relevant details of this and all previous volumes have been included in the card indexes of persons, places, manors and subjects, which are to be found in the Search Room of the West Sussex Record Office


Searchers are again asked to exercise care in quoting references, and to use the form Add Mss followed by the relevant number or numbers. In printed works the reference should be preceded by 'West Sussex Record Office' (or 'W.S.R.O.' in subsequent references). Those wishing to photocopy items catalogued in these pages should ask permission from the Search Room Supervisor and sign the appropriate copyright forms, and


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County Archivist


June 1992




Add Mss 40,001-40,034 Title Deeds of properties in Cuckfield, 1612-1800


Add Mss 40,035-40,125 Title Deeds of properties in South Bersted, Birdham, Bognor, West Chiltington and Pulborough, North Mundham and Slindon, 1759-1934


Add Mss 40,126-40,143 Plans of various buildings by Messrs. Hillier, Parker, May and Rowden, 1935-1966 and n.d


Add Mss 40,144-40,173 Records of the Bognor branch of the W.E.A., 1926-1982


Add Mss 40,174-40,197 Title Deeds of property in Burgess Hill and Littlehampton, 1876-1987


Add Mss 40,198-40,205 Accounts of a smallholding on the Land Settlement Estate at Sidlesham, 1983-1987


Add Mss 40,206-40,220 Title Deeds of Tremylet's, Green Lane End, Bosham, 1772-1935


Add Mss 40,221 Papers relating to Chanctonbury Civil Defence Corps, c. 1960s


Add Mss 40,222-40,235 Miscellaneous papers of Frederick Osborne of Yapton, 1916-1947


Add Mss 40,236-40,239 Minute Books of Sompting Ratepayers Association, 1952-1966


Add Mss 40,240 Plan of proposed London and Brighton Railway with a branch to Shoreham, 1835


Add Mss 40,241 Bill in Chancery relating to dispute over tithes due on Marsh Farm, Binsted, 1797-1798


Add Mss 40,242 Map of Fair Place or Howells in Clayton and Hurstpierpoint, by William Figg, 1807


Add Mss 40,243 Photocopy of Map of Horsted Keynes by Richard Browne, 1689


Add Mss 40,244-40,252 Records of Chichester and District Music Club, 1943-1988


Add Mss 40,253 Plan of Little Hickstead Farm in Bolney, Twineham and Hurstpierpoint, n.d., but early 19th century


Add Mss 40,254 Title Deed of properties in Pulborough, 1600


Add Mss 40,255-40,264 Title Deeds of part of the Stansted Estate, 1870-1914


Add Mss 40,265 Correspondence concerning an exhibition relating to John Galsworthy, 1967


Add Mss 40,266 Tracing of map of piece of land in Haywards Heath and Cuckfield


Add Mss 40,267 Printed Map of land at Barns Green in Shipley and Itchingfield, post 1859


Add Mss 40,268 Map of the Rowfant Estate in Worth, c. 1830


Add Mss 40,269 Map of Bramblehill Farm in West Hoathly and Grove Farm in Worth, post 1850


Add Mss 40,270 Map of Cansiron Farm in East Grinstead and Hartfield, 1724


Add Mss 40,271 Map of Barnetts Place or Courtlands estate in West Hoathly and East Grinstead, 1865


Add Mss 40,272-40,273 Copies of the Ditchling and Keymer Tithe Maps, 1875


Add Mss 40,274-40,275 Estate plan of the Selsey on Sea Ltd. development, and architects plan of suggested development, 1907


Add Mss 40,276 Plan of freehold estate in Bognor, 1826


Add Mss 40,277 Facsimile of Map of Westbourne Manor, 1640


Add Mss 40,278 Map of Homestall and Cherry Garden Farms in East Grinstead, c. 1830


Add Mss 40,279-40,281 Miscellaneous documents relating to the will of Selina Eliza Taylor, 1874-1884


Add Mss 40,282-40,301 Title Deeds of property in Lindfield and Ardingly, part of the Buxshalls Estate, 1901-1928


Add Mss 40,302 Midhurst Playbill, 1770


Add Mss 40,303-40,304 Documents relating to Rustington Inclosure, 1839, and Bury Inclosure, 1854


Add Mss 40,305-40,308 Miscellaneous papers of Walter A. Wood & Co., of Horsham, makers and distributors of agricultural machinery, 19th and 20th centuries


Add Mss 40,309-40,324 Papers relating to the performance of a Cycle of Mystery Plays in Chichester in 1967


Add Mss 40,325 Title Deed of Horsham Tannery, 1724


Add Mss 40,374 Photocopy of Map of Petworth, c. 1874


Add Mss 40,375 Family Bible and Book of Common Prayer, 1740-1741


Add Mss 40,376 Ordnance Survey Map, 1898 (2nd ed. 25")


Add Mss 40,377 Inventory of Charles Bennet, 1st Earl of Tankerville, 1722-1723


Add Mss 40,378 Title Deed of property in Worthing, mid 19th century


Add Mss 40,386-40,391 Wills and Home Guard records relating to the Allen family of Chichester, jewellers, 1918-1944


Add Mss 40,392 Map of Broadwater and Chantry Farms in Broadwater, c. 1825


Add Mss 40,393 Rate Book for the City of Chichester, c. 1824


Add Mss 40,394-40,445 Papers of the Gorringe family of Kingston by Sea, 1718-1985


Add Mss 40,446-40,502 Title Deeds of 14-17 North Pallant, Chichester, 1717-1899


Add Mss 40,503-40,526 Archaeological drawings by F.G. Aldsworth, published in Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1983 and Nature, n.d


Add Mss 40,527-40,529 Pedigrees of the Birch family, 1812 and n.d


Add Mss 40,530-40,546 Plans of Atherington farm buildings, Clymping, 1927 and n.d


Add Mss 40,547 Plan of Chichester Cathedral, 1952


Add Mss 40,548 Title Deed of land in Ardingly, 1431


Add Mss 40,549-40,552 Records relating to Chichester Festival Theatre, 1963-1982


Add Mss 40,553 Translation of the Fitzalan Survey of c. 1400 by C.J. Longcroft, 1849


Add Mss 40,554-40,556 Letters of the 4th Duke of Richmond, 1804 and the Rev. J.R. Bloxam, 1888


Add Mss 40,557 Photocopy of the Earl of Tankerville's Uppark Ledger, 1732-1738


Add Mss 40,558-40,560 Miscellaneous Worthing records, 1839-1932


Add Mss 40,561-40,572 Papers of W. Powell Breach relating to the parliamentary history of the Borough of Steyning, 1680-1910


Add Mss 40,573-40,596 Papers of the Barnard, Jupp, Gratwicke and Martin families, 1767-1969


Add Mss 40,597-40,598 Receipt for the Lay Subsidy for the Rape of Chichester, 1572 and will of Richard Tribe of Bramshott, 1649


Add Mss 40,600-40,616 Title deeds of 16 Nelson Road, Bognor Regis, 1909-1979


Add Mss 40,617 Transcript of Regina v. the Inhabitants of Storrington, 1875


Add Mss 40,618 Title deed of Sedgewick Park in Nuthurst, 1702


Add Mss 40,619 Bond relating to property in Aldwick Manor, 1764


Add Mss 40,620-40,622 Papers relating to Messrs. G. and S. Woodman Ltd., of East Lavant, grocers


Add Mss 40,623 'Estate Management at Goodwood in the mid-nineteenth century' by Pauline Buzzing


Add Mss 40,624 Rules and Regulations of the Midhurst Bank for Savings, 1819


Add Mss 40,625 Map of Old Erringham Farm, Old Shoreham, 1687


Add Mss 40,626 Title Deed of Griggs Green in Bramshott, 1693


Add Mss 40,627-40,636 Papers relating to the Croft Family Estates, 1823-1890


Add Mss 40,637-40,638 Account for stone digging at Black Down, 1835-1884


Add Mss 40,639 Lease of property in Littlehampton, 1906


Add Mss 40,640-40,928 Title Deeds of Chichester and other parishes, 1722-1947


Add Mss 40,929-40,933 Pantomime Scripts of R.M. (Bob) Howse, c. 1956 - c.1972


Add Mss 40,934 Title Deed of property in North Mundham, 1753


Add Mss 40,935-40,943 Miscellaneous Title Deeds of properties in Slindon and West Wittering, 1611-1833; and plan of Westhampnett Workhouse, 1873


Add Mss 40,944-40,945 Title Deeds of property in Wiston, 13th century and 1325


Add Mss 40,946 Map of Rickleherst and Redland in Thakeham, 1730


Add Mss 40,947 Map of Chases Farm in Fernhurst, 1845


Add Mss 40,948-40,954 Title Deeds of 31 York Road, Tilgate, Crawley, 1955-1987


Add Mss 40,955-40,957 Household accounts and menus for Stopham House, 1911-1915


Add Mss 40,958-40,961 Title Deeds of 2 Bretts Orchard, Balcombe, 1960-1974


Add Mss 40,962-40,999 Title Deeds of properties in Sompting, Pagham and Burgess Hill, 1878-1984


Add Mss 41,000 Sermon by Dean Holtby at the West Sussex County Council Centenary Service in Chichester Cathedral, 1989

Date: 1325-1989
Related material:

These documents are listed in a separate catalogue as 'Goodger family papers' under the 'from Landlord to Labourers' project


Add Mss 40,326-40,373 Title Deeds and papers concerning the Goodger family of West Ashling, 1713-1905


These documents are listed in a separate catalogue as 'Twing family papers' under the 'from Landlord to Labourer' project


Add Mss 40,379-40,385 Additional Turing family papers, 1810-1943


These documents are listed in a separate catalogue as 'Cowdra manuscript' under the 'from Landlord Labourer' project


Add Mss 40,599 Household Account Book of the 4th Viscount Montague at Cowdray, 1684-1685

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