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Reference: Add MSS1001-1514
Title: Catalogue of Additional Manuscripts

This further volume of Additional Manuscripts (Add Mss) has like to its two predecessors been compiled on the lines as indicated in the Introduction to the first volume. Once again deeds of title predominate numerically, but there will also be found a few maps (Add Mss1052 - 1067, 1434, 1477, 1478), poll books (Add Mss1035, 1096), papers relating to parliamentary elections at Bramber (Add Mss1168 - 1186), deeds and papers of a Henfield charity (Add Mss1018 - 1034), an heraldic pedigree of the Naunton family (Add Mss1315), photostats of one of Humphry Repton's 'Red Books' (Add Mss1318), correspondence relating to the Badcock, Lovell and other families (Add Mss1344 - 1412), and correspondence of Oswald Barron, Maltravers Herald Extraordinary (Add Mss1319 - 1321). The documents range in date from a deed of Chiddingfold (Surrey), 1462/3 (Add Mss1011) to the A.R.P. Action Officers' Minute Book which was in use until May 1945


Students are again asked to exercise care in quoting these documents, and to use the form indicated in the Introduction to the first volume




County Archivist


August 1958


Add Mss1001, 1002 Deeds of Bognor, 1869, 1871


Add Mss1003 - 1010 Miscellaneous papers, 1791-1866


Add Mss1011, 1012 Deeds of Chiddingfold (Surrey), 1462/3, and Wisborough Green, 1703


Add Mss1013, 1014 Deeds of Walberton, 1687, and Yapton, 1742/3


Add Mss1015, 1016 Miscellaneous documents, 1772, 1773


Add Mss1017 Invitation to attend a dinner at Midhurst, c. 1790


Add Mss1018 - 1034 Deeds and papers of the Dame Elizabeth Gresham Charity at Henfield, 1661-1936


Add Mss1035 - 1040 Chichester Poll Book, 1784, and miscellaneous documents, 1677-1797


Add Mss1041 - 1043 Miscellaneous documents, c. 1840 - 1883


Add Mss1044 Apprenticeship indenture, 1854


Add Mss1045 Deed of Worthing, 1929


Add Mss1046, 1047 Documents relating to the Protestant Dissenting Congregation at Midhurst, 1757, 1758


Add Mss1048 - 1050 Miscellaneous papers, 19th and 20th centuries


Add Mss1051 Paper relating to a lawsuit, Fuller and another v. Mill and others, 1731


Add Mss1052 - 1067 Maps of various parishes in the Midhurst area, 1652 - 1880


Add Mss1068 Declaration of trust relating to unspecified properties in Sussex, 1762


Add Mss1069 - 1095 Deeds of various parishes, but mainly of Selsey and Bury, 1630/1 - 1809


Add Mss1096 Poll book for the rape of Bramber, 1837


Add Mss1097 - 1126 Deeds of the 'Rising Sun' inn, Crawley, 1755 - 1826, and related papers, 1869 - 1873


Add Mss1127 - 1167 Deeds of Nursery Farm, etc., in New Fishbourne, 1751 - 1933, and a tracing of the tithe map of Rustington


Add Mss1168 - 1186 Papers relating to parliamentary elections at Bramber, 1728 - 1772


Add Mss1187 - 1218 Deeds and other documents, mainly of the Steyning and Bramber area, 1690/1 - 1885


Add Mss1219 - 1275 Deeds and other documents of the Prattenton family and their estate in Bury and Bignor, 1634 - 1848


Add Mss1276 Settlement of real estate in Felpham and of personal estate upon the marriage of William Hayley, the poet, 1809


Add Mss1277 Deed of Harting, 1640, 1658


Add Mss1278 - 1312 Deeds and papers relating to the Postlethwaite family and their estates in Harting, Chidham, Barnham, etc., 1705/6 - 1889


Add Mss1313, 1314 Assignment of an annuity and relevant bond, 1794


Add Mss1315 Pedigree, made c. 1800, of the Naunton family


Add Mss1316-1317 County A.R.P. Control - Action Officers' Minute Books, 1940 - 1945


Add Mss1318 Volume of photostats of landscape plans for Uppark in Harting by Humphry Repton, 1810


Add Mss1319 - 1321 Corresondence of Oswald Barron, Maltravers Herald Extraordinary, 1894 - 1939


Add Mss1322 - 1327 Miscellaneous papers, mainly relating to Chichester, 1685/6 - 1767


Add Mss1328 - 1336 Deeds of Ifield and Rumboldswyke, 1851 - 1856


Add Mss1337 Papers relating to the estate of Catherine Kent, 1871 - 1893


Add Mss1338 Deed of Easebourne and Lodsworth, 1877


Add Mss1339 - 1343 Miscellaneous papers relating to the Pulborough area, c. 1855


Add Mss1413 - 1426 Deeds of 38 Westgate, Chichester, 1801 - 1896


Add Mss1427 - 1431 Papers relating to Greatham, 1875 - 1904


Add Mss1432, 1433 Notes issued by banks in Sussex and elsewhere, 19th century, and correspondence, 1826 - 1842


Add Mss1434 Map of Arundel, 1785 (later copy)


Add Mss1435 - 1437 Deeds of Birdham, 1770 - 1806


Add Mss1438, 1439 Deed of Slinfold, 1623, and an inventory, 1779


Add Mss1440 - 1472 Deeds of West Wittering and Birdham, 1732 - 1912


Add Mss1473 Terrier of Broyle Farm, Chichester, 18th century


Add Mss1474 Admission ticket to Lord Nelson's funeral procession, 1806


Add Mss1475 Information of James Beale of Bosham against his apprentice, 1825


Add Mss1476 Records relating to smuggling offences, 1826 - 1827


Add Mss1477 Reproduction of a map of Pagham and North Mundham, 1637


Add Mss1478 Photographs of a map of Sutton, 1608


Add Mss1479 - 1496 Miscellaneous documents, 1622 - 1825


Add Mss1497 Commission of bankruptcy, 1637


Add Mss1498 - 1514 Deeds and wills mainly of the Downer family and their lands in Alding bourne, 1672 - 1795

Date: 1608 - 1945
Related material:

Add Mss1344 - 1412 Correspondence, genealogical, naval and miscellaneous papers mainly relating to the Badcock, Lovell and associated families.


These documents are listed in a separate catalogue on A2A. See reference Add Mss1344-1412 Stanhope-Lovell Manuscripts.

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