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Copy of thewill of Priscilla Mac Eune of Gerard Street in the parish of St Ann. Soho, widow, proved PCC


25 August 1780


She gives her freehold messuage and coach house in Albemarle Street (formerly Sir William Young bart, now John Johnson surveyor, let at £180 rent) to Sir Edward Williams of Breckneck bart, William Jones of Holborn Hill, haberdasher and John Parker of Panton Street silversmith in trust during the lives of the testator's daughter Elizabeth Gordon wife of John Gordon of Gerard Street and her granddaughter Caroline Gordon, one of the daughters of Elizabeth, and the survivor, Elizabeth Gordon to receive the profits for her own use for life, and after Caroline to receive them for her own use, after both deaths, to the use of all children of Caroline as she shall appoint or to use of all children then living equally; in case there are no children living, then to Caroline's right heirs.


She gives her freehold messuage in Albemarle Street next to the first messuage (now Governor Pounill) to the same trustees to use of testator's daughter Christiana Losack wife of Richard Hawkshaw Losack of Seymour Street Portman Square, esq, and the testator's granddaughter Charlotte Gordon the other daughter of Elizabeth Gordon, for life and the life of the survivor, to receive the profits, after to use of children of Charlotte as she shall appoint or equally, in default to Charlotte's right heirs


She gives her freehold messuage in Gerard Street (now Hickie) to the trustees on trust during Elizabeth Gordon's life to pay her the issues for her own use, after to use of all her children as she shall appoint or equally


Power to her daughters and granddaughters when enjoying the profits to demise the property for terms up to 21 years at the best rent without fine


Her executors are to invest £300 and £5000 in public stock or real security on trust, as to the £300 to pay the testator niece Martha Hardgrove at age 21 and in the meanwhile apply the dividends towards her maintenance, with power to use part of the principal for her advancement in marriage or otherwise for her advantage, as to the £5000 to pay the interest to Christiana Losack for her life and after to divide the principal among her children as she shall appoint or equally among children then living and if none, to pay the principal to her executors and administrators


She gives her gold watch and plate, jewels, rings and trinkets to her granddaughter Caroline Gordon, her executors and administrators; all her wearing apparel to be divided between her two granddaughters Caroline and Charlotte or the whole to the survivor.


All her stock in teade, money, securities and mortgages besides to Elizabeth Gordon and Caroline on trust, a moiety each, Elizabeth's moiety after to her children and Caroline's to her children, as they shall each appoint or equally, and to Caroline's executors and administrators They may each make use of their moieties for advancing their trade and business


Elizabeth and Caroline to be joint executors


Witnesses:- John Exley, Robert Crispin, John Morris clerk to Erle and Co


Codicil 26 March 1777


Additional legacies - to her son in law Richard Hawkshaw Losack esq £100 for a ring, to her son in law John Gordon esq. £100 for a ring, to her granddaughter Elizabeth Losack £100 for a ring, to her granddaughter Charlotte Gorden £100 for a ring


She fears it may be inconvenient for Sir Edward Williams to act as trustee on account of his great distance from London and therefore revokes his appointment but confirms that of Jones and Parker, giving them respectively £50 for their trouble


Witnesses:- Robert Crispin, James Trower, John Morris


2nd codicil 15 March 1780


Instead of the £300 for Martha Hardgrove, the executors are to invest £500 in the names of the trustees for her benefit as before.


She varies the bequest of her silver plate which she now gives to Elizabeth Gordon for life, she making an inventory and giving a copy to Caroline who is to have it after her mother's death


She revokes the bequest of £100 to Elizabeth Losack for a ring and instead gives her £1000 to be paid immediately on the testator's death by the executors


Witnesses:- John Exley, John Lawrence, Edward Gosling


Copy of the will and codicil of Mrs Christiana Losack who died 26 March 1818, proved PCC 7 April 1818 by Woodley Losack and Richard Losack two of the executors


8 December 1816


Her money to be equally divided between her children Henry, George, Richard, William, and Woodley Losack, and her daughter Mrs White of Chatham Dockyard. All her jewels, trinkets and other property to be divided between George, Richard and Woodley Losack and Mrs White


Witness: Rachel Watkins


Her sons Henry and William have given her much cause to be displeased with their conduct and to guard against their acting in any manner to the injury of their families, she appoints her sons Admiral George. Captain Woodley, and Richard Losack with Dr John White her daughter's husband, to act as executors and administrators; they are to act as trustees for the proportion of her property which Henry and William will inherit- They are suthorized to give up that part when Henry and William consent to make providionfor the support of their families. Should one of the executors be abroad, the others are to act


Witness: Rachel Watkins


Charlotte Robertson wife of James Robertson esq of Warren Street p St Pancras deposes to the authenticity of the handwriting of Christiana Losack late of Nassau Street p St Marylebone, 4 April 1818


Information added for Thomas N.Parker, esq, trustee


In 1792 Christiana Losack executed a bond for £500 to her son Richard on his marriage and another for the same amount to her daughter Elizabeth wife of Dr John White.


The bonds were to be payable on her death and bear no interest till then. It was not intended that either should thereby obtain a latger proportion of the trust property. At the same time, Richard Losack the father executed 2 bonds of £1000 each on the marriages of Richard and Elizabeth, these were paid on his death. Elizabeth's £1000 was invested in the names of her trustees John Wilson of Gower Street, Bedford Square, esq and Benjamin Savage of Jeffries Square, St Mary Axe esq in 3% consols. It is the wish of Dr White and his wife that Mr Parker should invest the £500 in the same way


The £1000 paid to Richard Losack's trustees, John Martin of Lombard Street banker, Francis Hubble Dance of West Malling, Kent, esq, John Grover Faithful Fortescue of Writtle Lidge, Chelmsford, Essex, esq, and Vice Admiral George Losack, was invested in India Stock; Richard and his wife Anne request Mr Parker to invest their £500 in the same


Mrs Losack wished to preserve her son William's share for his children, and a satisfactory arrangement has taken place between him and the two acting executors RL and WL


Captain Henry Losack and the executors have settled all points relative to the codicil and Mr Parker is requested to transfer his 1/6th share to Capt Henry Losack of the 7th Veteran Battalion


Vice Admiral George Losack is at St Christophers in the West Indies, his solicitor Mr Fraser of Serle Street, Lincolns Inn, is authorized to adjust all concerns Richard Losack's 1/6th may be transferred, describing him as of the Stock Exchange, gentleman


Tribute to Parker from the acting executors (signed)


Parker's note that a release from the children and others was dated 21 July 1818 and received from Mr T.D. Blake, Parker's solicitor, 20 April 1821. Signed.

Date: 24 September 1776
Held by: Shropshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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