Catalogue description WEALDEN DISTRICT COUNCIL

This record is held by East Sussex Record Office

Details of DW
Reference: DW

This catalogue comprises the records deposited by Wealden District Council and its predecessors. It is arranged by the departments of District Council, as established in 1974, which have deposited records, with records deposited prior to 1974 being attributed to the department which would most likely have otherwise inherited them. The departments are


DW/A Technical Services Department (15 series)


DW/B Secretary's Department (130 series)


DW/C Treasurer's Department (58 series)

Date: 1835-1993
Held by: East Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Wealden District Council, 1974-

Hailsham Rural District Council, 1895-1974

Uckfield Rural District Council, 1895-1974

Eastbourne Rural District Council, 1895-1934

Uckfield Urban District Council, 1895-1934

East Grinstead Rural District Council, 1895-1934

Ticehurst Rural District Council, 1895-1934

Physical description: 203 series
Access conditions:

Closed until 30 years after the last date of the document

Immediate source of acquisition:

Records formerly listed as REG and UUC were deposited by Wealden District Council in Feb 1977 (A2049); as REA and RHA by Hailsham RDC in Jul 1965 (D668); and as RUC by Wealden District Council in Mar 1974 (A1696) and Feb 1977 (A2049). Information on deposit of records listed in DW from the outset is generally given at series level

Custodial history:

The records of the district councils formed under the 1894 Act which were deposited by Hailsham and Uckfield RDCs or by Wealden District Council down to about 1977 were initially organised in the Record Office in collections for each of 1894 councils (including they records they inherited from rural sanitary authorities and other predecessors). Later deposits by Wealden District Council were placed in a collection for that authority. In 2003 the collections for the 1894 councils were assimilated into the collection for Wealden District Council and assigned new references. The former references are generally given at file level, but occasionally at series level


Concordance of old and new references for records relisted in 2003 and, in a few cases, at earlier dates


Old reference New reference


DW/A/1/8-19 DW/A/12/1-12


DW/A/1/20-102 DW/A/13/1-96


DW/A/2/1, Series 1 DW/A/14


DW/A/2/1, Series 2, and 2-14 DW/A/15


DW/A/4/7 DW/A/4/27


DW/A/4/8 DW/A/4/28


DW/A/4/9 DW/A/4/29


DW/A/4/10 DW/A/4/30


DW/A/4/11 DW/A/4/31


DW/A/4/12 DW/A/4/32


DW/B/1/26 DW/B/74/4


DW/B/1/28 DW/B/74/7


DW/B/1/29 DW/B/78/1


DW/B/1/30 DW/B/78/2


DW/B/1/31 DW/B/79/1


DW/B/2/1 DW/B/61/1


DW/B/2/2-9 DW/B/70


DW/B/2/10 DW/C/23/1


DW/B/2/11 DW/B/71/1


DW/B/2/12 DW/B/71/2


DW/B/2/13 DW/B/71/3


DW/B/2/14 DW/B/71/4


DW/B/2/15 DW/B/71/5


DW/B/20/1 DW/B/20/43


DW/B/20/2 DW/B/20/44


DW/B/20/3 DW/B/20/45


DW/B/20/4 DW/B/20/46


DW/B/20/5 DW/B/20/47


DW/B/20/6 DW/B/20/48


DW/B/20/7 DW/B/20/49


DW/B/20/8 DW/B/20/50


DW/B/20/9 DW/B/20/51


DW/B/20/10 DW/B/20/52


DW/B/20/11 DW/B/20/53


DW/B/20/12 DW/B/20/54


DW/B/20/13 DW/B/20/55


DW/B/20/14 DW/B/20/56


DW/B/20/15 DW/B/20/57


DW/B/20/16 DW/B/20/58


DW/B/20/17 DW/B/20/59


DW/B/20/18 DW/B/20/60


DW/B/20/19 DW/B/20/61


DW/B/20/20 DW/B/20/62


DW/B/20/21 DW/B/20/63


DW/B/20/22 DW/B/20/64


DW/B/20/23 DW/B/20/65


DW/B/20/24 DW/B/20/66


DW/B/20/25 DW/B/20/67


DW/B/20/26 DW/B/20/68


DW/B/20/27 DW/B/20/69


DW/B/20/28 DW/B/20/70


DW/B/20/29 DW/B/20/71


DW/B/20/30 DW/B/20/72


DW/B/20/31 DW/B/20/73


DW/B/20/32 DW/B/20/74


DW/B/20/33 DW/B/20/75


DW/B/20/34 DW/B/20/76


DW/B/20/35 DW/B/20/77


DW/B/20/36 DW/B/20/78


DW/B/20/37 DW/B/20/79


DW/B/20/38 DW/B/20/80


DW/B/20/39 DW/B/20/81


DW/B/20/40 DW/B/20/82


DW/B/22/1 DW/B/22/2


DW/B/22/2 DW/B/22/3


DW/B/22/3 DW/B/22/4


DW/B/22/4 DW/B/22/5


DW/B/22/5 DW/B/22/6


DW/B/22/6 DW/B/22/7


DW/B/22/7 DW/B/22/8


DW/B/22/8 DW/B/22/9


DW/B/22/9 DW/B/22/10


DW/B/28/1 DW/B/28/2


DW/B/28/2 DW/B/28/3


DW/B/28/3 DW/B/28/4


DW/B/28/4 DW/B/28/5


DW/B/28/5 DW/B/28/6


DW/B/28/6 DW/B/28/7


DW/B/28/7 DW/B/28/8


DW/B/28/8 DW/B/28/9


DW/B/28/9 DW/B/28/10


DW/B/28/10 DW/B/28/11


DW/B/28/11 DW/B/28/12


DW/B/28/12 DW/B/28/13


DW/B/28/13 DW/B/28/14


DW/B/28/14 DW/B/28/15


DW/B/28/15 DW/B/28/16


DW/B/4/1 DW/B/4/5


DW/B/4/2 DW/B/4/6


DW/B/4/3 DW/B/4/7


DW/B/4/4 DW/B/4/8


DW/B/4/5 DW/B/4/9


DW/B/4/6 DW/B/4/10


DW/B/4/7 DW/B/4/11


DW/B/4/8 DW/B/4/12


DW/B/4/9 DW/B/4/13


DW/B/4/10 DW/B/4/14


DW/B/4/11 DW/B/4/15


DW/B/4/12 DW/B/4/16


DW/B/4/13 DW/B/4/17


DW/B/4/14 DW/B/4/18


DW/B/4/15 DW/B/4/19


DW/B/4/16 DW/B/4/20


DW/B/4/17 DW/B/4/21


DW/B/4/18 DW/B/4/22


DW/B/4/19 DW/B/4/23


DW/B/4/20 DW/B/4/24


DW/B/4/21 DW/B/4/25


DW/B/4/22 DW/B/4/26


DW/B/4/23 DW/B/4/27


DW/B/4/24 DW/B/4/28


DW/B/4/25 DW/B/4/29


DW/B/6/46 DW/B/107/2


DW/B/63/1 DW/B/63/4


DW/B/63/2 DW/B/63/5


DW/B/63/3 DW/B/63/6


REA/A1/1 DW/B/118/2


REA/A1/2 DW/B/118/3


REA/A1/3 DW/B/118/4


REA/A1/4 DW/B/118/5


REA/A1/5 DW/B/118/6


REA/A1/6 DW/B/118/7


REA/A1/7 DW/B/118/8


REA/A1/8 DW/B/118/9


REA/A1/9 DW/B/118/10


REA/A1/10 DW/B/118/11


REA/A1/11 DW/B/118/12


REA/A1/12 DW/B/118/13


REA/A1/13 DW/B/118/14


REA/A1/14 DW/B/118/15


REA/A1/15 DW/B/118/16


REA/A1/16 DW/B/118/17


REA/A1/17 DW/B/118/18


REA/A1/18 DW/B/118/19


REA/A1/19 DW/B/118/20


REA/A2/1 DW/B/22/1


REA/R1/1 DW/C/48/1


REA/R1/2 DW/C/48/2


REA/R1/3 DW/C/48/3


REA/R1/4 DW/C/48/4


REA/R1/5 DW/C/48/5


REA/R1/6 DW/C/48/6


REA/R1/7 DW/C/48/7


REA/R1/8 DW/C/48/8


REA/R1/9 DW/C/48/9


REA/R1/10 DW/C/48/10


REA/R1/11 DW/C/48/11


REA/R1/12 DW/C/48/12


REA/R1/13 DW/C/48/13


REA/R1/14 DW/C/48/14


REA/R1/15 DW/C/48/15


REA/R1/16 DW/C/48/16


REA/R1/17 DW/C/48/17


REA/R1/18 DW/C/48/18


REA/R1/19 DW/C/48/19


REA/R1/20 DW/C/48/20


REA/R1/21 DW/C/48/21


REA/R1/22 DW/C/48/22


REA/R2/1 DW/C/49/1


REA/R2/2 DW/C/49/2


REA/R2/3 DW/C/49/3


REA/R2/4 DW/C/49/4


REA/R2/5 DW/C/49/5


REA/R2/6 DW/C/49/6




REA/TR1 DW/B/118/1


REA/TR2/1 DW/C/50/1


REA/TR2/2 DW/C/50/2


REA/TR2/3 DW/C/50/3


REA/TR2/4 DW/C/50/4


REA/TR2/5 DW/C/50/5


REA/TR2/6 DW/C/50/6


REA/TR2/7 DW/C/50/7


REG/A1/1 DW/B/103/4


REG/A1/2 DW/B/103/5


REG/A1/3 DW/B/103/9


REG/A1/4 DW/B/103/10


REG/A1/5 DW/B/103/11


REG/A1/6 DW/B/103/12


REG/A1/7 DW/B/103/14


REG/A1/8 DW/B/103/15


REG/A1/9 DW/B/103/16


REG/A2/1 DW/B/110/1


REG/A2/2 DW/B/110/2


REG/A2/3 DW/B/110/3


REG/A2/4 DW/B/110/4


REG/A2/5 DW/B/110/5


REG/A2/6 DW/B/110/6


REG/A2/7 DW/B/110/8


REG/A2/8 DW/B/109/1


REG/A2/9 DW/B/109/2


REG/A2/10 DW/B/109/3


REG/A2/11 DW/B/109/4


REG/A2/12 DW/B/109/5


REG/A2/13 DW/B/109/6


REG/A2/14 DW/B/109/7


REG/A2/15 DW/B/104/1


REG/A2/16 DW/B/106/1


REG/A2/17 DW/B/106/2


REG/A2/18 DW/B/106/4


REG/A2/19 DW/B/108/1


REG/A2/20 DW/B/107/1


REG/A2/21 DW/B/105/1


REG/A2/22 DW/B/105/2


REG/A2/23 DW/B/105/3


REG/A3/1 DW/B/111/1


REG/A3/2 DW/B/111/2


REG/C1/1 DW/B/114/1


REG/C1/2 DW/B/112/1


REG/C1/3 DW/B/115/1


REG/C1/4 DW/B/113/1


REG/C2 DW/B/117


REG/C3/1 DW/B/116/1


REG/TR1/1 DW/B/103/1


REG/TR1/2 DW/B/103/2


REG/TR1/3 DW/B/103/3


RHA/A/1 DW/B/20/6


RHA/A/2 DW/B/20/7


RHA/A/3 DW/B/20/8


RHA/A/4 DW/B/20/9


RHA/A/5 DW/B/20/10


RHA/A/6 DW/B/20/11


RHA/A/7 DW/B/20/12


RHA/A/8 DW/B/20/13


RHA/A/9 DW/B/20/14


RHA/A/10 DW/B/20/15


RHA/A/11 DW/B/20/16


RHA/A/12 DW/B/20/17


RHA/A/13 DW/B/20/18


RHA/A/14 DW/B/20/19


RHA/A/15 DW/B/20/20


RHA/A/16 DW/B/20/21


RHA/A/17 DW/B/20/22


RHA/A/18 DW/B/20/23


RHA/A/19 DW/B/20/24


RHA/A/20 DW/B/20/25


RHA/A/21 DW/B/20/26


RHA/A/22 DW/B/20/27


RHA/A/23 DW/B/20/28


RHA/A/24 DW/B/20/29


RHA/A/25 DW/B/20/30


RHA/A/26 DW/B/20/31


RHA/A/27 DW/B/20/32


RHA/A/28 DW/B/20/33


RHA/A/29 DW/B/20/34


RHA/A/30 DW/B/20/35


RHA/A/31 DW/B/20/37


RHA/A/32 DW/B/20/38


RHA/A/33 DW/B/20/39


RHA/A/34 DW/B/20/40


RHA/A/35 DW/B/20/41


RHA/A/36 DW/B/20/42


RHA/C1 DW/B/123/1


RHA/C2/1 DW/B/124/1


RHA/C2/2 DW/B/124/2


RHA/R1/1 DW/C/52/1


RHA/R1/2 DW/C/52/2


RHA/R1/3 DW/C/52/3


RHA/R1/4 DW/C/52/4


RHA/R1/5 DW/C/52/5


RHA/R1/6 DW/C/52/6


RHA/R1/7 DW/C/52/7


RHA/R1/8 DW/C/52/8


RHA/R1/9 DW/C/52/9


RHA/R1/10 DW/C/52/10


RHA/R1/11 DW/C/52/11


RHA/R1/12 DW/C/52/12


RHA/R1/13 DW/C/52/13


RHA/R1/14 DW/C/52/14


RHA/R1/15 DW/C/52/15


RHA/R1/16 DW/C/52/16


RHA/R1/17 DW/C/52/17


RHA/R1/18 DW/C/52/18


RHA/R1/19 DW/C/52/19


RHA/R1/20 DW/C/52/20


RHA/R1/21 DW/C/52/21


RHA/R1/22 DW/C/52/22


RHA/R1/23 DW/C/52/23


RHA/R1/24 DW/C/52/24


RHA/R1/25 DW/C/52/25


RHA/R1/26 DW/C/52/26


RHA/R1/27 DW/C/52/27


RHA/R1/28 DW/C/52/28


RHA/R1/29 DW/C/52/29


RHA/R1/30 DW/C/52/30


RHA/R1/31 DW/C/52/31


RHA/R1/32 DW/C/52/32


RHA/R1/33 DW/C/52/33


RHA/R1/34 DW/C/52/34


RHA/R1/35 DW/C/52/35


RHA/R1/36 DW/C/52/36


RHA/R1/37 DW/C/52/37


RHA/R1/38 DW/C/52/38


RHA/R1/39 DW/C/52/39


RHA/R1/40 DW/C/52/40


RHA/R1/41 DW/C/52/41


RHA/R1/42 DW/C/52/42


RHA/R1/43 DW/C/52/43


RHA/R1/44 DW/C/52/44


RHA/R1/45 DW/C/52/45


RHA/R1/46 DW/C/52/46


RHA/R1/47 DW/C/52/47


RHA/R2/1 DW/C/53/1


RHA/R2/2 DW/C/53/2


RHA/R2/3 DW/C/53/3


RHA/R2/4 DW/C/53/4


RHA/R2/5 DW/C/53/5


RHA/R3 DW/C/26, DW/C/28


RHA/TR1/1 DW/B/20/1


RHA/TR1/2 DW/B/20/2


RHA/TR1/3 DW/B/20/3


RHA/TR1/4 DW/B/20/4


RHA/TR1/5 DW/B/20/5


RHA/TR2/1 DW/C/56/1


RHA/TR3/1 DW/B/28/1


RHA/TR4 DW/B/122/1


RHA/TR5/1 DW/B/120/1


RHA/TR5/2 DW/B/120/2


RHA/TR5/3 DW/B/120/3


RHA/TR5/4 DW/B/120/4


RHA/TR5/5 DW/B/120/5


RHA/TR6 DW/B/121/1


RHA/TR7 DW/C/51/1


RHA/TR8 DW/C/58/1


RHA/TR9/1 DW/B/119/1


RHA/TR9/2 DW/B/119/3


RHA/TR10 DW/B/125/1


RHA/TR11/1 DW/C/54/1


RHA/TR11/2 DW/C/54/2


RHA/TR11/3 DW/C/54/3


RHA/TR11/4 DW/C/54/4


RHA/TR11/5 DW/C/54/5


RHA/TR11/6 DW/C/54/6


RHA/TR11/7 DW/C/54/7


RHA/TR11/8 DW/C/54/8


RHA/TR11/9 DW/C/54/9


RHA/TR11/10 DW/C/54/10


RHA/TR11/11 DW/C/54/11


RHA/TR11/12 DW/C/54/12


RHA/TR12/1 DW/C/55/1


RHA/TR12/2 DW/C/55/2


RHA/TR12/3 DW/C/55/3


RHA/TR12/4 DW/C/55/4


RHA/TR12/5 DW/C/55/5


RHA/TR12/6 DW/C/55/6


RHA/TR12/7 DW/C/55/7


RHA/TR12/8 DW/C/55/8


RHA/TR12/9 DW/C/55/9


RHA/TR12/10 DW/C/55/10


RHA/TR12/11 DW/C/55/11


RHA/TR12/12 DW/C/55/12




RUC/A2 DW/B/5-10, 17


RUC/A3/1 DW/B/63/1


RUC/A3/2 DW/B/63/2


RUC/A3/3 DW/B/63/3


RUC/C1/1 DW/B/127/1


RUC/C1/2 DW/B/69/21


RUC/C1/3 DW/B/69/22


RUC/C1/4 DW/B/69/20


RUC/C1/5 DW/B/96/4


RUC/I1/1 DW/B/89/2/1


RUC/I1/2 DW/B/89/2/2


RUC/I1/3 DW/B/89/2/3


RUC/I1/4 DW/B/89/2/4


RUC/I1/5 DW/B/89/2/5


RUC/I1/6 DW/B/89/3/1


RUC/I1/7 DW/B/89/3/2


RUC/I1/8 DW/B/89/3/3


RUC/I1/9 DW/B/89/4/1


RUC/I1/10 DW/B/89/4/2


RUC/I1/11 DW/B/89/4/3


RUC/I1/12 DW/B/89/4/4


RUC/I1/13 DW/B/89/5/1


RUC/I1/14 DW/B/89/5/2


RUC/I1/15 DW/B/89/5/3


RUC/I1/16 DW/B/89/4/5


RUC/I1/17 DW/B/89/1/5


RUC/I1/18 DW/B/89/6/1


RUC/S1/1 DW/A/10/1


RUC/S1/2 DW/A/10/2


RUC/S1/3-4 DW/B/96/3


RUC/S2/1-47 DW/A/16/1-47


RUC/S2/48, 49 missing


RUC/T1 DW/C/57/1


RUC/TR1/1 DW/B/4/1


RUC/TR1/2 DW/B/4/3


RUC/TR1/3 DW/B/4/4


RUC/TR2/1 DW/B/130/1


RUC/TR3/1 DW/B/126/1


UCC/A1/1 DW/B/128/1


UCC/A1/2 DW/B/128/2


UCC/A1/3 DW/B/128/3


UCC/A1/4 DW/B/128/4


UCC/A1/5 DW/B/128/5


UCC/A1/6 DW/B/128/6


UCC/A1/7 DW/B/128/7


UCC/A1/8 DW/B/128/8


UCC/A1/9 DW/B/128/9


UCC/A1/10 DW/B/128/10


UCC/A1/11 DW/B/128/11


UCC/A1/12 DW/B/128/12


UCC/A1/13 DW/B/128/13


UCC/A1/14 DW/B/128/14


UCC/A1/15 DW/B/128/15


UCC/A1/16 DW/B/128/16


UUC/A2/1 DW/B/129/1


UUC/A2/2 DW/B/129/2


UUC/A2/3 DW/B/129/3


UUC/A2/4 DW/B/129/4


UUC/A2/5 DW/B/129/5


UUC/A2/6 DW/B/129/6


UUC/A2/7 DW/B/129/7


UUC/A2/8 DW/B/129/8


UUC/A2/9 DW/B/129/9


UUC/A2/10 DW/B/129/10


UUC/A2/11 DW/B/129/11


UUC/A2/12 DW/B/129/12


UUC/A2/13 DW/B/129/13


UUC/A2/14 DW/B/129/14


UUC/S1 DW/A/11/1


West Sussex Record Office, RD/EG/1/1 DW/B/103/6


West Sussex Record Office, RD/EG/1/2 DW/B/103/7


West Sussex Record Office, RD/EG/1/3 DW/B/103/8

  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Sussex
  • Urban planning
Administrative / biographical background:

Wealden District Council was established in 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972. It replaced Hailsham Rural District Council and Uckfield Rural District Council. Under the East Sussex Review Order 1934, Hailsham RDC had been enlarged by absorbing Eastbourne RDC and East Hoathly and Waldron parishes from Uckfield RDC. Uckfield RDC had been enlarged by absorbing Uckfield UDC, Hartfield, Withyham and (in part) Forest Row parishes from East Grinstead RDC and Frant and Wadhurst parishes from Ticehurst RDC. All the rural and urban district councils had been established under the Local Government Act 1894, meeting first in January 1895, and had taken over the functions of the rural and urban sanitary authorities formed under the Public Health Act 1872. For a map showing the changes of boundaries, see John Godfrey, 'Local government in the 19th and 20th centuries' in K. Leslie and B. Short, An historical atlas of Sussex (Chichester: Phillimore, 1999), 126-7

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