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Title: Fillingham of Syerston

This is largely a collection of title deeds with some estate administration and financial papers together with surveys and maps, including a coloured "plotte" of Thorpe in 1619 (DD/FM/65/1). A series of papers relates to a drawn out and costly Chancery suit over the manor of Thorpe, purchased by George Fillingham in 1808 from the Neales of Tollerton and shortly afterward sold to Sir Robert Howe Bromley (DD/FM/59/1-10). The enclosure of Syerston is covered in some detail with copies of the act, award, map, and commissioners' minute book (DD/FM/78/2-4). There is also a detailed survey and map of the parish in its open state (DD/FM/60/4,DD/FM/64/1-2), as well as William Fillingham's own estimate of the improved value of his land after enclosure, and statements of the costs of the enclosure proceedings (DD/FM/60/2). The remainder of the documents are wills and executorship papers of the Fillinghams and related families, and estate papers of George Fillingham's clients. A few archives of the Earls of Rutland's Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire estates which obviously strayed into Fillingham hands from Belvoir during the course of their estate agency to the Manners family include a series of 16th and 17th century leases of the Greasley Castle estate, coal mining agreements between the Manners and an Ilkeston, (Derbyshire) yeoman, in 1616, and Major Charles White of Greasley, a local Parliamentarian commander, in 1641 and 1647 (DD/FM/80/1-13). The archives of William Fillingham are unfortunately scanty, but those of his son, George, are especially voluminous. The latter's meticulously kept and extraordinarily detailed account books are a model of their kind. They were begun within a week of his father's death in 1795, when he was 21, and were continued in his own hand, until he was in his 70s. His mother, each of his sisters, and later his children, all had their own separate accounts, which were "allowed" by the head of the family at the end of each year, and signed by both parties. As every minute item of income and expenditure of himself and his family is recorded (even down to pence lost and found), the ledgers afford an extremely detailed insight into the professional, economic and social life of the Fillinghams in the early 19th century, and particularly of the running of the estate and home farm. One volume, for example, records the exact activities of each of his agricultural labourers each day between 1839 and 1844, with details of their wages.


Content Summary:


Title Deeds and related papers:


Fillingham Estate: Nottinghamshire Syerston


DD/FM/1/1-33 Manor and estate; Sutton - Ffytche - Fillingham; also Kelham, Averham, Rolleston, N. Clifton, Harby, Park Leys, Staythorpe, Knapthorpe, Caunton, Elston, Flintham


(Fillingham purchase, 1792) 1775-1837


DD/FM/2/1-9 Williamson Close, Little Williamson Close, Ash Close; Edwards - Elston - Wood 1789-1820


DD/FM/2/10-13 Moor Close; Challand - Wood 1814


DD/FM/2/14-20 Whole estate; Wood - Fillingham 1822


DD/FM/3/1-4 Moiety of messuage and closes: Two sevenths;


(Brown) - Faulkes - Fillingham. 1826




DD/FM/3/5-7 One seventh; (Brown)- Faulkes - Fillingham


(See also DD/FM/8/1-14 below) 1828


DD/FM/4/1-5 Various closes; Wakefield - Fillingham 1829-1854


(Fillingham purchase, 1829)


DD/FM/5/1-13 Cottage and land; Williamson - Shaw - Stansall - Whyman 1700-1803


DD/FM/6/1-12 Close; Whyman Faulkes - Fillingham 1808-1848




(See also DD/FM/13/1-6 below)


DD/FM/7/1-3 Estate; ? -Fillingham 1856


DD/FM/8/1-4 Moiety of messuage and closes:


Four - sevenths; (Brown) - Faulkes - Hancock 1837


DD/FM/8/5-14 Whole moiety; Hancock - Hancock - Fillingham 1844-1857


(See also DD/FM/3/1-7 above)


DD/FM/9/1 Messuage; Fillingham - Hall 1857


DD/FM/10/1 Moor Close; Fillingham - Pickering and others 1857


DD/FM/11/1-7 Cottage, later 3 cottages; Skinner - Singleton - Fillingham. 1814-1860


DD/FM/12/1-10 Cottage, later 6 cottages; and pew in church; Bell - Hancock - Lang - Pickering - Fillingham 1829-1873


DD/FM/13/1-6 Cottage, later in two; Whyman - Brown - Fillingham. 1812-1874


(For earlier deeds see DD/FM/5/1-13 above)


DD/FM/14/1-61 Capital messuage, land and cottages; Hamond - Hitchbone - Elston - Cowley Markham - Fillingham 1704-1878


DD/FM/15/1-18 Cottage and land, later Field Close; Hitchbone - Skinner - Challand - Saunderson - Rose - Fillingham 1768-1883


DD/FM/16/1-10 Pingle, later cottage(s); Challand - Taylor - Caparn - Fillingham 1788-1883


East Stoke and Elston


DD/FM/17/1-8 Various closes (Stoke Prebendal leases); Stinton - Fillingham; also Syerston, Coddington, Newark, Farndon, Balderton, Thorpe; Rauceby Lincs. 1783-1857




DD/FM/18/1 Messuage and shops, Mill Gate and Potterdyke; Fillingham - Newcastle 1792




DD/FM/19/1-13 Land in the Meadows; Kingston - Brand - Fillingham - Taylor; also Aslockton, Granby, Orston, Screveton, Willoughby-on-the Wolds, Bleasby, Goverton, Gibsmere, Notown, Car Colston, Thoroton, Broxtowe; Mapperley (Db) 1726-c1851


Sometime Hough estate: Leicestershire Bottesford, Easthorpe, Normanton, and Beckingthorpe


DD/FM/20/1-5 Normanton : oxgang; Wright - Hough 1647-1690


(Hough purchase. 1647)


DD/FM/21/1-10 Bottesford, Easthorpe, and Normanton : ½ oxgang and 3½a.; Calcroft - Coe - Hough 1669-1696




DD/FM/22/1-2 Normanton: messuage, Hough Closes, and oxgang; Bugg - (Hough). (Hough purchase c.1706?) 1696-1706


DD/FM/23/1-8 Beckingthorpe : farm and four oxgangs; Parkins - Orston - Trigge (- Hough) (Hough purchase c177-) 1625- 171-


DD/FM/24/1 Bottesford, etc.; whole estate; Hough. c1710-1720


DD/FM/25/1 Easthorpe : land; Hough c1770


DD/FM/26/1 Easthorpe : close; Rutland - Hough (exchange). 1772


DD/FM/27/1-16 Easthorpe : cottage; Bothemly - Somerby - Briggs - Vincent - Hough 1684-1778


DD/FM/28/1-8 Easthorpe : 4 leys, later land; Vincent - Liddall - Various - Cooke - Hough. 1686-1780


DD/FM/29/1-6 Easthorpe: messuage, land, etc.


Vincent - Hough 1729-1781


DD/FM/30/1-9 Easthorpe : 2 oxgangs; Boswell - Dodsley 1708-1742


DD/FM/30/10 Easthorpe : lands.; Toddington - Hutchin 1708




DD/FM/30/11-24 Easthorpe : cottage and lands, later lands only;


Rowse - Hutchin- Bennett - Dodsley


Dodsley 1698-1742


DD/FM/30/25-34 Easthorpe : whole estate; Dodsley - Porter - Hough 1742-1786


DD/FM/31/1-16 Easthorpe: whole Hough estate; Fillingham - Various 1840-1857


DD/FM/32/1 Easthorpe : messuage and 5 oxgangs; Vincent: Chancery suit (probably relates to one of properties above) 1587




Great and Little Hale


DD/FM/33/1-3 Messuage and lands; Hough 1799


DD/FM/34/1 Three Leys Close; Fillingham - Fillingham 1840


DD/FM/35/1-16 Whole estate; Fillingham - Various. 1856-1857






DD/FM/36/1 Messuage; Hough 1799


Bottesford School estate: Leicestershire Bottesford, Easthorpe, and Normanton


DD/FM/37/1-16 Two oxgangs, etc.; Knowles - Clarke - Browne - Trustees of Bottesford School 1624-1772


Balderton Poor estate : Nottinghamshire Balderton


DD/FM/38/1-2 House, etc.; Gibson - Trustees of Balderton Poor 1727-1763


Miscellaneous: Nottinghamshire Balderton


DD/FM/39/1 Messuage, etc; Smith - Shipman 1777




DD/FM/40/1 Various closes; Cowley mortgage 1802


Settlements, Wills, Executorship and Trust Papers


Fillingham family


DD/FM/41/1-4 Fillingham, Ann; Syerston 1851-1855


DD/FM/41/5-7 Fillingham, Charles Augustus; India 1877-1879


DD/FM/41/8-9 Fillingham, Elizabeth; Syerston 1819-1820


DD/FM/41/10-13 Fillingham, Elizabeth Sarah; Syerston 1871-1886


DD/FM/41/14-16 Fillingham, George; London 1806-1808


DD/FM/41/17-19 Fillingham, George;


Syerston : Hough marriage settlement 1804


: will., etc. 1841-1850


DD/FM/41/20-26 Fillingham, George;


Syerston : Tudway marriage settlement 1835


: exor. 1856-1859


DD/FM/41/27 Fillingham, Letitia; Wells Som. 1848


DD/FM/41/28 Fillingham, Letitia; Syerston: Ames marriage settlement 1865


DD/FM/41/29 Fillingham, Richard; Balderton 1782


DD/FM/41/30-31 Fillingham, Sarah; Syerston 1825-1830


DD/FM/41/32-33 Fillingham, Sophia Ann; Syerston 1871-1873


DD/FM/41/34-38 Fillingham, Thomas; Mansfield 1785-1819


DD/FM/41/39-57 Fillingham, William; Syerston 1795-1815


Hough familv


DD/FM/42/1-3 Hough, Eleanor; Newark 1818-1821


DD/FM/42/4 Hough, Eleanor; Bath Som. 1848-1855


DD/FM/42/5-7 Hough, Thomas; Easthorpe Leics. 1799-1819


DD/FM/42/8 Hough, William; Normanton Leics.: marriage settlement 1691


William Fillingham as executor


DD/FM/43/1-11 Rimington trust 1747-1792


DD/FM/44/1 Birkett (Elizabeth ?) 1781


DD/FM/45/1 Neale, Ann. 1793


George Fillingham as executor


DD/FM/46/1-5 Bottesford Hospital trust 1814-1842


DD/FM/47/1-10 Birkett family trust: general 1796-1837


DD/FM/47/11-17 Birkett family trust: John Birkett 1802-1811


DD/FM/48/1-6 Gauntley, William 1793-1843


DD/FM/49/1-13 King family trust 1794-1849


DD/FM/50/1-2 Minta, William 1766-1799


DD/FM/51/1-2 Neale, Charles 1829-1843


DD/FM/52/1-4 Spragging, Thomas 1815-1837


DD/FM/53/1-9 Woodward and Cooper family trusts 1800-1841


Thomas Hough as executor


DD/FM/54/1-7 Bugg, Francis and Ann 1775-1791




DD/FM/55/1 Eagle, Mary 1750


DD/FM/55/2-3 Handley, William Farnworth c1870


DD/FM/55/4 Jackson, Richard 1784


DD/FM/55/5 Oxenden, Sir Henry 1802-1817


DD/FM/55/6-9 Taylor, William 1790-1822


DD/FM/55/10-11 Tomlinson, John 1828-1829


Accounts and Financial Papers


Fillingham family


DD/FM/56/1 Fillingham, Ann and Elizabeth 1811


DD/FM/56/2-14 Fillingham, Elizabeth Sarah, Sophia Ann, and George Henry 1821-1898


DD/FM/56/15-61 Fillingham, George 1793-1857


Hough Family


DD/FM/57/1-4 Hough, Eleanor 1804-1852


DD/FM/57/5-9 Hough, Thomas 1789-1813




DD/FM/58/1 Handley, Benjamin 1799


DD/FM/58/2 Ryley, Hannah c1801


DD/FM/58/3 Graves, John Samuel, and Allen, John Roy 1855


Legal Papers


DD/FM/59/1-10 In Chancery: George Fillingham v. Sir Robert Howe Bromley, bart.; Thorpe manor, also Ints Corn. (1771-) 1806-1824


Estate Papers


Fillingham and Hough estates Surveys, valuations, and rentals: Nottinghamshire


DD/FM/60/1-10 Syerston; also Elston; and Bottesford Leics. 1724-1835


DD/FM/61/1-2 Newark and Balderton; also Claypole Lincs. 1795




DD/FM/62/1-2 Bottesford and Easthorpe c1700, 1856




DD/FM/63/1-4 Great and Little Hale 1785-1857


Maps and Plans Nottinghamshire


DD/FM/64/1-8 Syerston 1792-1819


DD/FM/65/1-2 Thorpe 1619, 1712




DD/FM/66/1-2 Great Hale 1767, 1800


Miscellaneous Estate papers Nottinghamshire


DD/FM/67/1-16 Syerston, East Stoke, Elston, Newark, and Balderton c1792-1851




DD/FM/68/1 Bottesford 1847




DD/FM/69/1-10 Great Hale: general 1788-1848


DD/FM/69/11-17 : tithes 1818-1857




DD/FM/70/1-4 Bath 1846-1878


DD/FM/71/1-4 Miscellaneous c1815-1823


DD/FM/72-75 George Fillingham as estate agent


Hilyard/Thoroton family


DD/FM/72/1-8 Document not deposited


Mason, William




DD/FM/73/1-24 Besthorpe, Darlton, Dunham, Morton, North Leverton, South Scarle, South Wheatley, Upton 1796-1839


Mason, William and Nightingale, Sir Charles, Cambridgeshire


DD/FM/74/1-11 Kneesworth; also Bassingbourn, Melbourn and Meldreth c1825-1840


Miscellaneous or uncertain




DD/FM/75/1 Clayworth and Gringley-on-the-Hill 1805


DD/FM/75/2 Flintham 1801




DD/FM/75/3 Aston (on-Trent ?) 1798




DD/FM/75/4-6 Roxholm 1822-1823


Miscellaneous Family and Other Papers


DD/FM/76/1-15 Apprenticeship, commissions, etc. 1707-1892


Miscellaneous Public Papers




DD/FM/77/1 Rivers Devon, Smite, and Car Dyke 1842




DD/FM/78/1-4 Syerston 1792-1795


DD/FM/78/5 East Stoke and Elston 1795


Parish Administration


DD/FM/79/1 Syerston volunteers 1798


DD/FM/79/2-6 Syerston highways 1802-1819


DD/FM/79/7-9 Syerston tax collection 1803-1805


DD/FM/79/10 Syerston poor relief 1813


Deeds of Title and Related Papers of the Dukes of Rutland




DD/FM/80/1-13 Greasley Castle estate 1596-1687




DD/FM/81/1-16 Ilkeston and Little Hallam; also Bagworth, Thornton, Knaptoft, Lubbesthorpe, Leics.; Bisbrooke (Ruo) 1598-1650


DD/FM/82/1 West Hallam, Breaston, Mapperley, Stanley, Draycott, and Heanor (Db), Chilwell, Thrumpton, Bramcote, Attenborough, Eastwood Notts. 1601




DD/FM/83/1 Belvoir Leics., and Haddon Derbs., estates 1658


DD/FM/84/1-4 Additional items 1739-1846

Date: 1587 - 1898
Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Fillingham family of Syerston, Nottinghamshire

Physical description: 30 boxes
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  • Fillingham, William, 1734-1795, of Flawborough, Nottinghamshire
  • Fillingham, George, 1774-1850, of Syerston, Nottinghamshire
  • Fillingham, George, 1809-1856, of Syerston, Nottinghamshire
  • Fillingham, George Henry, 1841-1895, of Syerston, Nottinghamshire
  • Syerston, Nottinghamshire
  • Bottesford, Leicestershire
  • Grantham, Lincolnshire
Administrative / biographical background:

These documents relate to the purchase and maintenance of Syerston Manor and estate by the Fillingham family. The bulk of the documents are title deeds of properties in the Syerston, (Nottinghamshire) and Bottesford, (Leicestershire) areas. The Fillinghams were a yeoman family settled in the Newark area in the early 18th century and the founder of the fortunes of the Syerston branch was William Fillingham (1734-95) of Flawborough. A land surveyor of considerable repute, he became steward to the Duke of Rutland at Belvoir, and also agent to various other local families. He acted as an enclosure commissioner for 23 parishes in Nottinghamshire between 1774 and 1795, in addition to at least 5 others in the Grantham area of Lincolnshire and others in North East Leicestershire and Derbyshire. The remuneration from these, combined with investments in a number of canal companies and urban property in Newark, proved sufficient for him to purchase Syerston manor and estate from the Ffytche family in 1792. He immediately began erecting a small mansion there, and initiated the enclosure of Syerston's open fields, begun in 1792 and completed in 1795. On his untimely death in 1795 his newly acquired inheritance passed to his only surviving son, George Fillingham, (1774-1850), who took over his father's duties, (including the agency to the Duke of Rutland) at the age of 21. Increasing his inheritance by marrying his cousin the joint heiress of Thomas Hough, a wealthy yeoman farmer and landowner from Easthorpe near Bottesford (Leicestershire), he completed the building of Syerston Hall, consolidated his estate in the parish, and firmly established his family amongst the local gentry. Upon his death in 1850 the estate devolved upon the only son, George, (1809-1856), Harrow-educated, who enjoyed only a short tenure before being succeeded by his son George Henry Fillingham (1841-95).


The records were deposited at Nottinghamshire Archives in 1969.

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