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Includes documentation about the Female Emigration Fund and other miscellaneous documents concerning emigration.


Fund for promoting female emigration - includes ratio of males to females in Australia. Lists committee members and subscribers 24th, 29th December 1849. Two copies.


2057/F8/VIII/7 The needlewomen and shop-workers' well-being - extracts illustrative of their condition from the letters in the Morning Chronicle on labour and the poor by Sidney Herbert 1849.


2057/F8/VIII/8 Female Emigration Fund Report February 8th 1850. Two copies.


2057/F8/VIII/10 Female Emigration Fund - emigrant's pass signed Sidney Herbert April 6th 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/11 Female Emigration Fund.


Includes - list of recruiting points in London, questions would-be emigrants have to satisfy before qualifying and rules for matrons on board the emigrant ships.


15th March 1850


2057/F8/VIII/13 Fund for promoting female emigrants. Printed letters received by Stanley Herbert from the colonies on the instruction of the fund. 19th October 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/16 Fund for promoting Female Emigration. First Report of the committee. March 1851. Two copies.


2057/F8/VIII/17 Fund for promoting Female Emigration. Occasional paper including letters from emigrants and description of individual cases. January 1 1851.


2057/F8/VIII/21/a Extract from Adelaide Observer Saturday on St. Patrick's Society of South Australia, concerning Irish emigrants. 14th July 1849


2057/F8/VIII/22 Extract from the Sydney Morning Herald concerning female immigration. Thursday 14 August 1851.


2057/F8/VIII/23 Two cuttings from newspapers - one is undated Emigration Agent's Report, the other The Times August 8th 1848.


2057/F8/VIII/23/a Extract from a newspaper on The Herbert Female Emigration Fund. Undated


2057/F8/VIII/24 The Right Honourable Sidney Herbert's letter extracted from the Morning Chronicle on the plight of the needlewomen. Wednesday, December 5th 1849. Three copies.


2057/F8/VIII/25-28 Correspondence and information about Mrs. Caroline Chisholm founder of Family Colonisation Loan Society. Undated


2057/F8/VIII/25 Booklet 'The Story of the Life of Mrs. Caroline Chisholm the Emigrant's Friend and Her Adventures in Australia'. Undated.


2057/F8/VIII/26 Letter from James Charles Kiernam to Mrs. Chisholm requesting her influence in obtaining him a pardon from his sentence of transportation 25 February 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/27 & 28 Two letters from Mrs. Chisholm to Sidney Herbert asking for money towards ships dated 20 August 1850 and 19 September 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/29 & 30 Letters from William O'Hara of Government Town, Sydney concerning emigrants. The former giving information on work available the latter about labourers Sidney Herbert sent to Australia from Wilton. 29 June 1850 and 23 August 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/31-33 Diagrams of the layout of emigrant ships - no. 33 is the most detailed.


2057/F8/VIII/34 Comparative statement of victualling scales. Undated


2057/F8/VIII/34/a Scale of victualling for merchant ships. Undated


2057/F8/VIII/34/b Proposed scale of victualling for emigrants to Australia. Undated


2057/F8/VIII/35-38 Concerning health and hygiene on emigrant ships. Including:


2057/F8/VIII/35 Letter to Sidney Herbert from George Stephen on the poor sanitary conditions aboard emigrant ships 3rd August 1851.


2057/F8/VIII/39 Family Colonisation Loan Society - ship for Port Adelaide and Port Phillip to sail 28th September from London and 30th September from Gravesend. Details of food, medical provisions, bedding, etc.


2057/F8/VIII/39/a Protection for emigrants on voyage, detail of these on board for Port Phillip.


2057/F8/VIII/40 List of females with occupations, ages and their protection on the voyage - ie. the family they are grouped with.


2057/F8/VIII/41 Instructions for superior teachers or schoolmasters on board emigrant ships - Society for Propogation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts July 1849.


2057/F8/VIII/42 Memoranda on Religious Instruction and Teachers appointed to ships despatched to the Australian colonies.


2057/F8/VIII/43-46 Suggestions for emigrants on clothes needed for Australia and luggage.


2057/F8/VIII/47 Female Emigration Fund - list of females (gives their occupations), on board the Colloden for Port Phillip February 21 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/47/a Rough draft of letter from Sidney Herbert concerned with the Colloden. January 3 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/48 List of emigrants landed from the Duke of Portland at Adelaide. Gives name, former employment, parish and new employment. 6 August 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/48/a Extract of letters from Mrs. Were Todd, Adelaide August 6 1850 concerning the Duke of Portland's arrival and extracts from The Argus. A Melborne paper on the needlewomen of the 'Culloden'.


2057/F8/VIII/48/b Letter of complaint to Sidney Herbert on the behaviour of women from the ship the Duke of Portland, Adelaide, September 2 1850.


2057/F8/VIII/49 Emigrants despatched up to August 20th 1850, gives month, ship, captain, surgeon, matron on board, number of emigrants and destination.


2057/F8/VIII/50 Emigrants from London - Saint Georges, Shadwell, Southwark, Holban and Westminster, home, previous occupation and employment obtained in Australia.


2057/F8/VIII/52 Memoranda on the case of officers selling their half pay to settle on the colony. Undated.


2057/F8/VIII/53 Problems Associated with the Recruitment of Steerage Passengers for the First Four Emigrant Ships to Canterbury in 1850 by Ronald A. Chapman - Records of Canterbury Museum, May 1990, vol. 10 no. 4.

Date: 1848-1851, nd
Held by: Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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