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Various deeds and cognate documents relating to the Gould family, and particularly Elizabeth Gould of Exeter, widow, comprising: 1702-1754 (18) F.L.


Copy of the Will of James Gould of Exeter, mercer, 10 June 1702.


Deeds relating to property in Stogumber, Crowcombe and the manor of Halsway, 1731/2, and Winsford 1739 (2).


Deeds relating to property in Teigngrace, 1733, 1748, Georgenympton, 1734 (2), Yalbourne in Paignton, 1734, 1737, the manor of Sampford Arundell, 1742/3 - 1745 (3), and Ashburton (including tithes), 1745-1754 (5), all in co. Devon.


Household accounts of Elizabeth Gould, 1746-1750, 1751-1753, and letters to her concerning monetary arrangements, 1753-1764 (4). 1746-1764 (6) O.B.


Various documents relating chiefly to the execution of the Will of Elizabeth Gould of Exeter, comprising: 1762-1791 (13) F.L.


Deed relating to Elizabeth and Sarah Tucker, daughter of Frances Tucker (nee Gould), deceased, niece of Elizabeth Gould, and property in Trenton in Hunterdon in New Jersey, 1762.


Probate of Will of Elizabeth Gould of the parish of St. Paul in Exeter, spinster, by which she makes William Hawker of Lower Poundisford, esq., her executor, 23 August 1766, pr. P.C.C. 27 February 1768.


Draft deed relating to Exeter and Will of Elizabeth Gould, 1768.


Affidavit concerning wishes of Elizabeth Gould re mourning rings, circa 1768.


Deed made under the settlement on the marriage of David White formerly of Trenton, then of Portland in Surrey in Jamaica, later resident in Bristol, and wife Elizabeth Gould White (formerly Elizabeth Gould Tucker, spinster), and property in Jamaica, 1783.


Receipt for monies due to Thomas Murgatroyd of the City of Philadelphia, from William Hawker of Poundisford Lodge, esq., under the trust estate of Elizabeth Gould, 1785.


Case for opinion of counsel on Wills of Elizabeth Gould of Exeter, 1768, and Elizabeth Tucker, 2 April 1787, pr. at Trenton 22 October 1787; opinion dated 1788.


Case for opinion of counsel on matters as above; opinion dated 1789.


Will, with letters of limited administration, of Elizabeth Tucker, wife of Samuel Tucker of Trenton in New Jersey, 2 April 1787, admon. P.C.C. 17 March 1790.


Letter of attorney to receive legacies under Will of Elizabeth Gould on behalf of David White of Jamaica at present residing in England, esq., 1789.


Copy of the Will of Samuel Tucker of Trenton in the County of Hunterdon in the State of New Jersey, esq., 9 October 1788, codicil 12 January 1789, sealed certificate 22 July 1791.


Decree in Chancery re cause: White and others v. Hawker and others, 1790.


Release by David White under the said Decree, etc., 1790.


Release by Thomas Murgatroyd under the said Decree, etc., 1791.


Deeds concerning legacies under the Will of Simon Welman late of Yard in Taunton St. James, esq., 6 May 1785, and William Hawker of Lower Poundisford, esq., as his Trustee. 1801 (2) F.L.


Deeds and documents relating to litigation affecting the family of Alexander and property in Winterbourne Monkton, 1758-1781 and n.d. (7); and Lease re property in Clench in Milton 1774 (1); all in co. Wilts. 1758-1781 (8) F.L.


Licence (letter patent) granted to John Wyndowe, gent., and wife Katherine, to alienate the manor of Lorwinche (co. Gloucs.), to Arthur Player and Patrick White; with fragment of Great Seal of Elizabeth, 1597/8. 1597/8 (1)


Documents relating to the Shrievalty of members of the Welman family: 1709-1735 (10) F.L.


Isaac Welman of Poundisford, esq: appointment of keepers of the County (Ilchester) Gaol, 14 December 1709; with Bond of equal date.


Isaac Welman: Indenture of election of Sir William Wyndham, bart., as knight of the Shire, 26 April 1710.


Thomas Welman of Poundisford, esq.: appointment of keeper of the County (Ilchester) Gaol, 31 January 1733/4.


Bonds concerning Edward Clothier, the gaoler, 31 January 1733/4 (2).


Quietus roll of Thomas Welman, esq., sheriff, ending Mich. 1734.


Mandamus to Thomas Welman to deliver the County to Joseph Langton of Newton, esq., 19 December 1734.


'Deed of Turnover' of Thomas Welman to Joseph Langton, of the County, gaol, prisoners, etc. 22 Jan. 1734/5.


Receipt for fees 'on casting out of court and for the Quietus of Thomas Wellman Esqr. Sheriff for the year ended at Michas. 1734', 9 July 1735.


Documents relating to the Lieutenancy:


Appointment by John, Duke of Bedford, Lord Lieutenant of Devon and Exeter, of William Hawker as Deputy Lieutenant, 29 June 1757.


Appointment by John, Earl Poulett, Lord Lieutenant of Somerset, of William Hawker of Pitminster, esq., as Deputy Lieutenant, 28 September 1758.


Appointment by John, Earl Poulett, Lord Lieutenant of Somerset, of William Hawker of Poundisford, esq., as Deputy Lieutenant, 1 October 1761. 1757-1761 (3) F.L.


Miscellaneous documents concerning vocation and personal matters:


Note of baptism of Richard son of Richard Paine in St. Stephens parish in Bristol, 6 September 1640.


Sacrament Certificate of George Sampson of South Petherton, 1698.


Receipt for duty paid on marriage by George Sampson of South Petherton, 4 July 1702.


Verses written 1749 and circa 1750.


Volume of opinions of counsel on cases concerning the law of real property, 1750-1773.


'The Archbishop's Defenition of an Oath' being the oaths of allegiance, abjuration, and defence of succession, circa 1720; [printed fly sheet].


'The Case of the Dissenters, prosecuted by the Corporation of London, for not taking upon them the office of Sheriffs', 1758; [printed fly sheet sent to William Hawker of Luppitt].


Act of 6 Anne for making the Tone navigable, printed 1708.


Act of 33 Geo. II concerning the militia, printed 1760.


'Memoranda of a Town in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1819' enfaced 'By John Johnson Michel'; [several sections].


A Valentine, n.d.


Masons Certificate (Ireland) of Charles John Helyar, 22 November 1865.


Letter from the Adjutant General to Major Helyar concerning the latter's suggestion for the employment of a volunteer yeoman cavalry in the event of a Russian War, 5 May 1885.


District Orders, Aldershot, showing retirement of Colonel W.H. Helyar, 28 October 1895 and 21 November 1895.


Letter from 'Wolseley' to 'my dear Helyar' on his retirement from the Army, 16 November 1895.

Date: 1597-1801
Held by: Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust), not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical description: 1 box

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