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Title: Formulary and notebook

So, bd. calf, kept by Ben. Pyne of Leighton Buzzard; begun in 1745 (when from internal evidence he was 22, and continued till about 1780.


He died in 1792 (Leighton Busserd register: Ben. Pyne, gent.).


The book is written from both ends; at one, the pages have been numbered, partly by Pyne himself, 1-120; at the other 121-157.


It seems to have been begun as a formulary of documents which an attorney might require in his practice. Many of these have names and places, and it seems probable that they are copies of documents used in actual cases (cf. eg. ther Bucks. names with the published Bucks. Q.S.). A number are from Beds.; several from Bucks.; and a few each from Herts. and Norhthants


Bedfordshire related documents-


1. Bail bond: Thos. Butcher of Aspley Guise, butcher, Fra. Bowler of same, victualler, Eli. Butcher of Cranfield, yeo., m. Church of Woburn, carpenter; for Thos. Butcher to answer to Jn. Fox in a lea of trespass (Robt. Ashwell, sheriff). 1745.


6. Bond to Mary Rowley of Leighton Buzzard, wid. (1776 later hand)


10. Affidavit of serving writ: Ben. Pyne on Wm. Cook. undated


15. Affidavit of ejectment: Thos. Savage v. Nich. Newcome on demise of Alex. Brown: notice delivered to Sim. Peters of Ridgnont, yeo. undated


19. Notice of commissioners meeting at the Cock, Redbourne, for repair of Dunstable turnpike; and repeat notice, none having attended 1747.


27. Affidavit of delivering copy declaration to prisoner, Pusey Hancock, in Bedford goal at suit of Edmd. Green. undated


38. Jn. Franklin appoints Chas. Pyne his attorney. 1747.


39. Notice to Robt. Ashwell of tenant's intention to leave farm at Eggington. 1747.


41. Jurat to an answer in Chancery: Robt. Nash , Mercy Hingberg, Jn. Walduck; on oath of one, and solemn affirmation of two (quakers); at the Red Lion, woburn, occ. Wm. Whittingstall. 1748.


43. Authority to distrain for rent of Bolsworths meadow owed to Wilkes' charity. 1748.


78. Apprenticesship indenture: Ric. s. of Benedict Soles, grocer, Leighton Buzzard, to Benedict jr. 1754.


84. Rent receipt from Tim. Wild for cottage in North End of Leighton Buzzard. 1755.


85. Notice by C. Buckmaster of quitting farm in" Hockliffe in the parish of Battlesden." 1756.


88. Release fro legacy: Eliz. Hall to m. Mary under will of f. Geo. of Toddington, blacksmith. 1752.


p.92. Receipt for legacy to poor of Bunstable from tenements in Leighton formerly Issac Hannall's. 1751


p.94. Declaration by Chas. Pyne gent. that Jn.James late Woburn, now of Aspley Guise cordwainer, is indebted to him. undated


p.95. Notice of quitting Brogborough Farm, part of estate of Ralph Radcliffe, infant. 1748.


p.96. Receipt by Jn. Powell for purchase money for cottage in Leighton received of J. Sapwell. 1761.


p.97. Kem. By robt. Jemmett relating to mortage for benefit of Mary Woodman of Leighton, sp. 1759.


p.99. Apprenticeship of Wm. Kurndall, s. of Thos. of Leighton Buzzard, lab., to Chas. Hall of same, cordwainer. 1761.


p.103. Inq. taken at Swan, Bedford (Fra. Mann), before Sir Phil. Monoux, Sheriff, that Robt. Wilshire, Thos. Fulley, Jn. Shelton, Jos. Millington, Wm. Gaddesden, Wm. Sipson, Thos. Seeby, Thos. Bell, Thos. Kennedy, Jn. Stapleton & Wm. Wootton). 1763.


p106. Authorit to Goldsmiths' Co. to pay money to bearer Edw. Shipman and Ben. Pyne. 1777.


p.113. Agreement by ann Bear that mortgage policy shall be for benefit of Wm. Stevens of Heath, yeo. 1777.


p.115. Notice to Jn. Tarry to quit malting in Leighton. 1752.


p.116. Manor of Cranfield: heading of court baron. 1777.


(Reverse end)


p.151. Bond: Hen. Purratt of Tilsworts, yeo., to Robt Hawkins of Leighton, draper, Thos. Read of Tebworth, yeo., and Thos. Skikeltorp of Hockliffe "in parish of Tilsworth", yeo. 1777.


p.152. Apprnticeship indenture: Wm. Bales, s. of Jos., of Leighton, yeo., to Wm. White of Leighton, Baker. 1778.


p.153. Bond: Thos. Fraser of Woburn, lacebuyer, to Patrick Markfarland of Leighton. 1779.


See also:


p.122. B(enjamin) P(yne) born 27 May 1723.


123-8. Receipts for blacking etc. 1779

Date: 1745-1780
Held by: Bedfordshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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