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Reference: Add Mss 44725 - 46010
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue 42

This is the forty second volume of Additional Manuscripts Add Mss to have been catalogued in the West Sussex Record Office and it has been compiled, in general, along the lines indicated in the introduction to the first volume in November 1956


The class of Additional Manuscripts embraces all the smaller gifts and deposits of documents received by the West Sussex Record Office, as distinct from the large family and estate collections, such as the Goodwood Mss., or accumulations from solicitors' offices, such as Oglethorpe and Anderson Mss.; collections of official bodies, such as Quarter Sessions Records; or collections from other bodies, such as the Records of the Royal Sussex Regiment, each of which is referred to and quoted by name. The majority of Additional Manuscripts have been deeds of title, though increasingly a healthy balance of a vast range of other original material has been catalogued in these volumes. However, the pressure of the sheer weight of material to be catalogued has meant that since volume twenty nine in March 1983, the catalogues of title deeds, instead of being the detailed calendars that had been prepared until that date, have mainly been catalogued in summary lists, with the emphasis being placed on the property concerned in the transaction, rather than on the parties involved, or the technicalities of the type of legal conveyance being used. From the thirty sixth volume in November 1987, the Accession number of each collection catalogued is given at the head of each separate catalogue


This catalogue includes literary papers, such as the personal papers of Robert Gittings and his papers relating to his biographies of John Keats, Thomas Hardy and Dorothy Wordsworth, 1928-1984 (Add Mss 45535 - 45558) and Sketch Books of Augustus Hare, c.1845 - 1848 (Add Mss 45638 - 45641). There are theatrical papers such as records of Chichester Festival Theatre Society 1960-1989 (Add Mss 45584 - 45590); records of Chichester Festival Theatre, 1960-1989 (Add Mss 45584 - 45590, and 45772 and 45773) and records of Chichester Players, 1934-1977 (Add Mss 45591 - 45600). Records of Clubs and Societies include those of the Sussex Boy Scouts Association, 1931-1939 (Add Mss 44741 - 44759); the Milland Valley Horticultural Society, 1906-1964 (Add Mss 45245 - 45247); records of the 1st. Rustington Scout Pack, 1969-1985 (Add Mss 45525 - 45534); Lancing Choral Society, 1941-1984 (Add Mss 45605 - 45617) and the Music Books of Horsham and Crawley Town Bands, 1903-1936 (Add Mss 45980 - 46010). It lists Chichester Excavation Committee reports, 1970s and 1980s (Add Mss 45123 - 45143); the papers of Major General Cyril Lloyd concerning the establishment of West Dean College, 1969-1973 (Add Mss 45441 - 45477) and a fine collection of papers of the Forrest family, members of the Colonial Service in India, 1857-1983 (Add Mss 45808 - 45887. This appears as a separate catalogue on A2A, 'Forest family' under the from Landlord to Labourer project. The documents range in date from an account roll for Nyetimber Manor, 1435-1437 (Add Mss 44818) to Repair and Conservation information notes for custodians and stewards at Uppark, 1991 (Add Mss 45250)


No index has been provided for this volume, as all the relevant details of this and all previous volumes have been included in the card indexes of persons, places, manors and subjects, which are to be found in the Search Room of the West Sussex Record Office


Searchers are again asked to exercise care in quoting references, and to use the form Add Mss (or MSS.) followed by the relevant number or numbers. In printed works the reference should be preceded by 'West Sussex Record Office' (or 'W.S.R.O.' in subsequent references). Those wishing to photocopy items catalogued in these pages should ask permission from the Search Room Supervisor and sign the appropriate copyright forms, and those seeking to quote documents in published work, should ask permission in writing from the County Archivist




County Archivist


September 1992


Add Mss 44725-44740 Inventory and Valuation Notebook and Copies of Correspondence from the offices of Messrs. Crow, Watkin and Watkin, former estate agents of Dorking, merged with King & Chasemore, 1902-1943


Add Mss 44741-44759 Records of Sussex Boy Scouts Association and District Associations, 1931-1939


Add Mss 44760-44769 Title Deeds of 20 Crosbie Close, Donnington, 1957-1981


Add Mss 44770 Manuscript of a novel, nd., but 19th. century


Add Mss 44771 Articles of Apprenticeship, 1912


Add Mss 44772-44775 Letters to W. Hargreaves from Lord Leconfield, 1913-1935


Add Mss 44776-44814 Records of Baybridge Canal Company, 1825-1875


Add Mss 44815-44817 Title Deeds of property in Kirdford, Lurgashall and Shipley, 1637/8-1714


Add Mss 44818 Account Roll for Nyetimber Manor, 1435-1437


Add Mss 44819-45122 Title Deeds and Photographs of public houses owned by Friary Meux, 1619-1965


Add Mss 45123-45143 Chichester Excavations Reports, 1970s-1980s


Add Mss 45144-45157 Title Deeds and related papers of Gaskyn's Estate, Rudgwick, 1845-1963


Add Mss 45158-45164 Account books of James Martin and John Soper of Henfield, 1803-1857, and papers relating to Henfield Congregational Church, 1839-1909


Add Mss 45165-45228 Title Deeds of property in Henfield and West Grinstead, 1698-1908


Add Mss 45229-45230 Diary and Autograph Book of the Misses Palmer, daughters of the Rev. Henry Palmer of Sullington, 1898-1916


Add Mss 45231-45240 Title Deeds of 12 Glamis Street, Bognor Regis, 1866-1925


Add Mss 45241-45242 Miscellaneous personal papers of Ethel H. Cousins of Bognor Regis, 1929-1936


Add Mss 45243-45244 Title Deeds of land in Bognor Regis, 1826


Add Mss 45245-45247 Minute Books of Milland Valley Horticultural Society, 1906-1964


Add Mss 45248 Title Deeds of 1 Mount Pleasant, Tower Hill, Horsham, 1949-1990


Add Mss 45249 Title Deed of land in Burgess Hill, 1869


Add Mss 45250 Repair and Conservation Information Notes for Custodians and Stewards at Uppark, 1991-


Add Mss 45251-45263 Title Deeds of Mariners's Yard, The Trippet, Bosham, 1899-1955


Add Mss 45264-45292 Title Deeds of Michemer or Mitchmore Farm in Stoughton, 1770-1894


Add Mss 45293-45423 Papers of the Martin, Dennett and Dixon families, 1627-1884


Add Mss 45424 Map of a farm in Felpham, 1791


Add Mss 45425-45440 Title Deeds of property in Burgess Hill, 1824-1980


Add Mss 45441-45477 Personal papers of Major General Cyril Lloyd concerning the establishment of West Dean College, 1969-1973


Add Mss 45478-45490 Records of the West Sussex Association for the Blind, 1921-1965


Add Mss 45491-45493 Miscellaneous documents, 1713-1874


Add Mss 45494-45495 Title Deeds of Pryors Cottage, Hyde Lane, Upper Beeding, 1769 and 1877


Add Mss 45496-45507 Bills and receipts from Local Tradesmen sent to Daniel Easton of Steyning, stonemason and builder, 1763-1789


Add Mss 45508 Title Deeds of 37 Valebridge Road, Burgess Hill, 1924-1986


Add Mss 45509 Title Deeds of 109 Southfield Road, Worthing, 1914-1991


Add Mss 45510 Marriage Settlement of James Johnson Loe and Florence Blanche Amelia Carrighan, 1883


Add Mss 45511-45521 Title Deeds of miscellaneous copyhold properties in the Manors of Cowdray, River and Verdley, 1712-1908


Add Mss 45522-45524 Title Deeds of Ham Marshes in Sidlesham, 1778-1779


Add Mss 45525-45534 Records of the 1st. Rustington Scout Pack (formed 1922), 1969-1985


Add Mss 45535-45558 Personal papers of Robert Gittings and papers relating to his biographies of John Keats, Thomas Hardy and Dorothy Wordsworth, 1928-1984


Add Mss 45559-45572 Receipts and papers of the Goacher family of Saucelands Farm, Shipley, 1793-1893


Add Mss 45573 Payment Book of the Walter family of Washington, 1864-1883


Add Mss 45574 Title Deeds of 10, Barn Wood, Pound Hill, Worth, 1939-1980


Add Mss 45575-45583 Records of Chichester Festival Theatre Society, 1959-1989


Add Mss 45584-45590 Minutes and other papers relating to Chichester Festival Theatre, 1960-1989


Add Mss 45591-45600 Records of Chichester Players, 1934-1977


Add Mss 45601-45602 Documents relating to Dame Elizabeth Puckering's Charity, 1902


Add Mss 45603-45604 Will of John Curling of Ramsgate, 1743 and Account Book of Trustees of the heirs of John Davey of Hurstpierpoint, 1764-1825


Add Mss 45605-45617 Records of Lancing Choral Society, 1941-1984


Add Mss 45618-45634 Miscellaneous documents, 1812-1968


Add Mss 45635-45637 Deed of partition of Pechell family estates, 1832 and estate maps of West and East Grinstead, 1776 and 1806


Add Mss 45638-45641 Sketchbooks of Augustus Hare, c. 1845-1849, and an anonymous artist, c.1801, 1802


Add Mss 45642-45696 Records of Findon, Washington, Sullington, Ferring, Ashington and Beeding and Bramber Women's Institutes, 1929-1988


Add Mss 45697-45717 Title Deeds of 18 Green Lane, Chichester, 1895-1992


Add Mss 45718-45727 Specifications and brochure concerning housing on Greenfield Farm, Horsham, 1967


Add Mss 45728 Bills and estimates for Birling, Ashenground Road, Haywards Heath, 1942-1959


Add Mss 45729-45732 Miscellaneous documents, mostly concerning Barnham Nurseries, 1952-1969


Add Mss 45733-45755 Title Deeds of Owls Acre, Broomers Hill, Pulborough, 1935-1986


Add Mss 45756-45770 Papers of the Upperton family of Brighton, Shoreham, Southwick, Amberley, Lyminster and Arundel, 1864-1991


Add Mss 45771 Papers regarding the history of the Frewing family, 1944


Add Mss 45772-45773 Additional records of Chichester Festival Theatre, 1987-1989


Add Mss 45774 Plans and sections for a proposed factory in Gatwick Road, Crawley for Messrs. S. Schwartz, 1955


Add Mss 45775-45776 Programme for the Conferment of an Honorary Degree of the University of Sussex on J.R. Armstrong, 1992


Add Mss 45777-45807 Title Deeds and related papers of Towne House, Ashurst, 1616-1889


Add Mss 45808-45887 Papers of the Forrest family, members of the colonial service, in India, 1857-1983


Appears as a separate catalogue, 'forrest family' under the from Landlord to Labourer project on A2A


Add Mss 45888-45890 Family Bible and copy letter book, 1935-1937


Add Mss 45891 Account Book of Robert Grimes of Worthing, tailor, 1823-4


Add Mss 45892-45893 Books of Copy Letters and reminiscences relating to the Dependents, 1877-1918


Add Mss 45894-45903 Miscellaneous title deeds of properties on various Cowdray Manors, 1720-1835


Add Mss 45904-45907 Miscellaneous documents relating to East Preston and Angmering, 1905-1930


Add Mss 45908-45924 Title Deeds of 115 and 116 Bognor Road, Chichester, 1851-1990


Add Mss 45925-45958 Records of Rogate and Crawley Down Women's Institutes, 1922-1984


Add Mss 45959-45978 Title Deeds of property in Henfield, 1799-1946


Add Mss 45979 Map of Ashfold estate in Slaugham and Lower Beeding, 1946


Add Mss 45980-46010 Music Books of the Horsham Town Band and Crawley Town Military Band, 1903-1936

Date: 1435-1991
Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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