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This record is held by Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office)

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Account roll


membrane 1. Tregarn; Truru Vihan; Methscholl


membrane 2. Carmynowe; Wynyanton; Kenell


membrane 3. Treloy; Treffrynk and Penpoll iuxta Lananta; Penwerres


membrane 4. Helston


membrane 5. Carmynowe


membrane 6. Helston in Kerr'


membrane 7. Seynt Columb; Lanhern; Tregeustek; Enyscavyn


membrane 8. Lambrun; Rensy; Lanhaddron


Reeves' accounts; collector's account (Treffrynk and Penpoll membrane 3); receiver's account (Rensy membrane 8).


(26-27 Hen VI)


membrane 1. Tregarn: Richard Nansplough, reeve.


Truru Vihan: Nicholas Benet, reeve; payment of rents includes to lord of Moresk for chief rent of Truru Vyan, to Edmund Beket for chief rent of Gwell Clough Prennyer, and to lord of Truro for high rent there; allowances include for his cloak of the lord's livery, toga sua de librat' domini.


Methscholl: William Feror, reeve (payments of rents includes to lord of Cargavll for chief rent of Goenbaylly).


membrane 2. Carmynowe: William Kentrevek, reeve (includes expenses of mill).


Wynyanton: John Pascowe, reeve.


Kenell: John Noell, reeve (includes repairs to mill).


membrane 3. Treloy: Robert Steffyn, reeve (fixed rents include molend' Vraan, molend' Envrane; payments include to lord of Glevyon for Reys; mill repairs).


Treffrynk and Penpoll: James Hikke, collector (rents include tin-work at Haleowen).


Penwerres: Thomas Skylen, reeve.


membrane 4. Helston manor: detailed expenses of mill of Coys Erle.


membrane 5. Receipts from the demesne of Carmynowe. [English] Details of animals or use of each field.


Field-names: the fidyng close, the cloys that ys next to the Cleys, the close of the wyndemyll, the grete close next to Chiwarlo, the coluer housclose, the longclose, the conyng close, the parkengelly, the cloys of Coys Burnowe; timber cut at Carmynowe Wode and carried to Melyn Cussyerl; sale of 'fursyn'; 'for 2 Rede [?] places att Merthyn Wode 14d'.


membrane 6. Helston: John Polkenhorn, bailiff; fixed rents include rent 'parochie sancti Corantini'; toll of tin measured in 'chiphi'; revenue "pro le chasse fact' ibidem pro diversis animalibus pastur' in foresta in moris et in vast' ibidem"; allowances include for expenses of molend' Coys, for 20 men with horses "colligend' animalia pro le chasse ibidem faciend'"; pension for John Michall, sub-steward, who held the lord's court.


membrane 7. Seynt Columb: Paul Benny, reeve (rents include a close above the mill called Parke en Velyn).


Lanhern: Paul Benny, bailiff (demesne fields: Park Trevorek, Parke Polduwe, an old garden, Parkeslade, Parkendr' de Trevorek, mowing-meadow by the rectory).


Tregeustek: Thomas Caradok, reeve (payments include to Rialton for suit of court of Bryn Bera).


Enyscavyn: Richard Troys Ruef, reeve.


membrane 8. Lambrun: John Louy, reeve (payments of rent include to lord of Halapp for Trebrythall).


Rensy: John Polkynhorn, receiver.


Lanhaddron: John Goly, reeve (decays of rents include Penbrugleth, Hall an Daves).


[Cornwall estate; including Trink, in Lelant; Penpoll, in Phillack; Penwerris, in Budock; Helston; Tregustick, in Withiel; Rinsey, in Breage]


William Kentrevek (Carmynowe)


Bryn Bera (Tregeustek manor)

Date: 1447-48
Held by: Kresen Kernow (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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