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Charles and Lucy Masterman spent much of their married life apart. Their letters to each other (see 1/1 and 1/2) are written from a number of addresses. Some of these addresses, together with the addresses appearing most frequently in the correspondence from Masterman and Lyttelton relatives (see 1/3-1/24), are listed below.


Addington Sq = 10 Addington Square, Camberwell, London, SE5 (Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman's home immediately before his marriage)


Ashley Combe = Ashley Combe, Porlock, Somerset (one of the homes of Ralph and Mary Lovelace, later Earl and Countess of Lovelace)


Bell Hall = Bell Hall, Belbroughton, Worcs (country home of Sir Neville & Lady Katherine Lyttelton)


Bembridge = Bembridge School, Bembridge, Isle of Wight


Bungo = Bungo, Selsey, Sussex (Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman and Lucy Blanche Masterman's holiday home)


Churchfield = Churchfield, Walton-on-the Hill, Surrey (Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman and Lucy Blanche Masterman's country home)


Churt = Bron-y-de, Churt, Surrey (country home of David Lloyd George)


Clovelly = Clovelly Court, Clovelly


Dobermorgen = Dobermorgen, Ramsbury, Wilts


Eaton Sq = 107 Eaton Square, Belgravia, London SW1 (a London home of Sir Neville and Lady Katherine Lyttelton)


Falconhurst = Falconhurst, Edenbridge, Kent (home of John Gilbert Talbot MP and his wife, Meriel (nee Lyttelton), & family)


Farnham Castle = Farnham Castle, Farnham, Surrey (home of Bp Edward Talbot, Bp of Winchester and his wife, Lavinia, nee Lyttelton)


Gillingham St = 46 Gillingham Street, Victoria, London, SW1 (Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman and Lucy Blanche Masterman's London home)


Iona = Iona, Tunbridge Wells (home of Margaret and Daisy Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman's mother and sister)


Littlestone-on-sea = Sealands, Littlestone-on-sea, Kent (holiday home of Lucy Blanche Masterman and he parents)


Manchester Sq = 22 Manchester Square, Mayfair, London W1 (a London home of Sir Neville & Lady Katherine Lyttelton)


Ockham = Ockham Park, Woking, Surrey (a home of Ralph and Mary Lovelace, Earl and Countess of Lovelace)


Old Rosery = Old Rosery, Redhill, Surrey


Overstrand = Grangegorman, Overstrand, Norfolk (retirement home of Rev Edward Lyttelton)


Royal Hospital = Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, (home of Sir Neville & Lady Katherine Lyttelton, while he was Governor of the Royal Hospital)


Royal Hospital, Dublin = Royal Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (home of Sir Neville and Lady Katherine Lyttelton, while he was Commander-in-Chief of British forces in Ireland)


Selsey = Sou'ester, Bungo etc, Selsey, Sussex (Charles Frederick Gurney Masterman & Lucy Blanche Masterman's holiday homes)


Stocks = Stocks, Tring, Herts (home of Humphry & Dorothy Ward)


Stocks Cottage = Stocks Cottage, Tring, Herts (cottage belonging to the Wards.


Tunbridge Wells see Iona


Upshire Bury = Upshire Bury, Waltham Cross, Essex


Yellow Sands = Yellow Sands, Bembridge, Isle of Wight (boys' camps run by Bembridge School)

Date: c 1862 - 1986

To distinquish between the three Margaret Mastermans, who feature in the archive, they are listed as follows:


Margaret M Braithwaite = Margaret Mary Masterman (1910-87), Charles and Lucy Masterman's eldest daughter


Margaret H Masterman = Margaret Hanson Masterman, nee Gurney (1844-1931), Charles Masterman's mother


Daisy Masterman = Margaret Gurney Masterman (1872-1938), sister of Charles Masterman.

Held by: University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney, 1873-1927, politician, author and journalist

Masterman, Lucy Blanche, 1884-1977

Physical description: 71 series
Immediate source of acquisition:

The Masterman Papers were purchased by the University Library (through Sotheby's) from the Masterman family in 1985

  • Asquith, Herbert Henry, 1852-1928, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, statesman
  • George, David Lloyd, 1863-1945, 1st Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor, statesman
  • Wells, Herbert George, 1866-1946, author
  • Churchill, Sir, Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874-1965, knight, statesman and historian
  • Buchan, John, 1875-1940, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, novelist, historian, MP, governor-general of Canada
  • Politics and government
  • First World War, 1914-1918
  • Publishing
  • Newspapers
Administrative / biographical background:

The collection comprises letters, manuscripts and printed material relating to Charles Masterman; his wife Lucy (nee Lyttelton); their children and their families; and many Masterman, Lyttleton and Stuart-Wortley relatives. Prior to the University Library acquiring the collection, a few original letters written by prominent politicians and literary figures of the early 20th century had been sold separately. Photocopies of these letters are included in the University Library's collection.


Charles Masterman


Charles Masterman (1873-1927) was a Liberal politician, who served as an MP from 1906 to 1914 and again from 1923 to 1924. He held a series of government posts between 1908 and 1915 and played an important part in the preparation and implementation of the National Insurance Act of 1911 and in the organisation of British government propaganda during World War I. He was a prolific writer, publishing a number of books and contributing articles and reviews to newspapers and periodicals of the time.


All aspects of Masterman's life and career are represented in the collection from his school days at Weymouth College to his early death in 1927, particularly his work as an MP and government minister (1906-15) and his writings and journalism. The material includes memoirs written by his mother and other members of the Masterman family; volumes of letters from school friends; school and university notebooks; letters to his wife Lucy before and after their marraige (some written during House of Commons debates); a diary written in 1901, when he was living in Camberwell; correspondence with politicians (Herbert Asquith, David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Sir Edward Grey, W H Beveridge, Herbert Samuel, Augustine Birrel to name but a few) and writers, including John Buchan, Arnold Bennett, H G Wells and Ford Madox Ford; printed and typescript papers - many annotated by Masterman - relating to the work of government departments (including the Home Office, the National Health Insurance Commission, the Cabinet and Wellington House) and to the work of the Liberal Party (including the Liberal Land Enquiry and the Liberal Industrial Enquiry); and notes for political speeches. The collection also includes manuscripts, typescripts, proofs and printed copies of some of Masterman's books and many of his periodicals and newspaper contributions.


Lucy Masterman


Charles's wife, Lucy (1884-1977), was the daughter of General Sir Neville Lyttelton and Lady Katherine (nee Stuart-Wortley). Before her marriage, Lucy had already earned a reputation as a poet. During her lifetime she published several volumes of verse, as well as contributing poetry, reviews and historical articles to newspapers and magazines over a period of 60 years. Her major literary work was her biography of Charles Masterman, published in 1939. After the death of her husband, Lucy continued to lead an energetic political life. She fought the Salisbury seat for the Liberal party unsuccessfully in the 1929 and 1931 General Elections and maintained an active correspondence with Liberal politicians until the 1970s. She had many interests, particularly the role of women, the plight of World War II refugees and prison reform.


Included in the archive are letters which Lucy wrote to her husband between 1907 and 1927; letters to her parents and sisters; correspondence concerning the fate of individual refugees in Britain, 1939-45; copies of the diaries, which she kept between 1908 and 1913, when Charles was a member of Asquith's governments, as well as other memoirs; manuscript, typescripts, proofs and printed copies of her poems, articles and book reviews; background material and drafts of her biography of Charles Masterman; also drafts of a number of other unpublished literary works.


Relatives of Charles and Lucy Masterman


The collection contains a significant amount of material (mainly letters) relating to Charles and Lucy's children; Charles Masterman's mother and siblings; the Lyttelton family (including Lucy's father and his siblings); and Lady Katherine Lyttelton and her Stuart-Wortley relatives. Of particular interest are letters written from South Africa in 1900-01 by General Sir Neville Lyttelton, while in command of British forces there.


Additions, 1985-1996.


The late O L Professor Hood-Phillips presented to the University Library a number of books, pamphlets and journals relating to Charles Masterman's old school, Weymouth College. These have been added to the Masterman archive.


Papers of John Payne.


Among the items purchased from the Masterman family were manuscripts, printed papers and letters relating to John Payne, the Victorian poet and translator. These are now housed separately from the Masterman papers (see Handlist of the John Payne Papers).


Relatives of Charles and Lucy Masterman


The collection includes a number of letters from relatives of Charles and Lucy Masterman (mainly in 1/1-1/24). The following family charts are included as a guide to the writers, recipients and subjects of this correspondence


1. MASTERMAN FAMILY (see particularly 1/1-1/3, 1/5, 1/7, 1/19-1/23)


William MASTERMAN had issue, including


Thomas MASTERMAN of Wanstead & Rotherfield Hall (1789-1879)


m. 1838 Isabella DODD (d. 1881)


1. Thomas William MASTERMAN (Willie) (1839-12 Jul 1894)


m.1865 Margaret Hanson GURNEY (23 Mar 1841-28 Mar 1932), dau. of Thomas GURNEY


1. Ernest William MASTERMAN medical doctor (2 Jan 1867-29 Mar 1943)


m. (1) 23 May 1894 Louisia Maria Nazarina Zeller (Lucy) (d.27 Apr 1908)


1. Lucy Margaret Theodora M MASTERMAN (Meta) doctor at Selly Oak Hosp., Birmingham) (5 Jul 1896-c.1971)


2. Grace Winifred Granta MASTERMAN (Winnie, artist, of Buckfast & Ross-on-Wye) (8 Dec 1898-21 Feb 1984)


m.4 Aug 1926 Benet Christopher MCKENZIE dentist (d.11 Aug 1984)


1. Christopher Gurney MCKENZIE med doctor


m.Oct 1963 Caroline




2. Caroline Mary MCKENZIE (1964-1970)


3. Richard MCKENZIE


2. Roland Francis Michael MCKENZIE


m.Jun 1964 Hilary


1. Rachel Elizabeth Clare MCKENZIE (b.1965)


2. Jonathan MCKENZIE (b.1966)


3. Catherine Elizabeth MCKENZIE (Nancy)


4. Andrew MCKENZIE (b.1968)


3. Nancy Elizabeth MCKENZIE (b.Nov 1927)


1-2. 2 sons


3. Mark twin (b.1967)


4. Rachel twin (b.1967)


3. Muriel Gladys MASTERMAN (Gladys) medical doctor (b. 12 Sep 1900)


m. 1925 Douglas RICHARDSON


1. Corinne RICHARDSON medical student Bart's


2. Margaret RICHARDSON


3. Ann RICHARDSON art student


4. Florence Isabella Joy MASTERMAN (Joy) medical doctor (2 Jul 1902-9 Apr 1982)


m. 1928 Rev Angus Campbell MACINNES Asst Bp of Salisbury (d.1977)


1. Elizabeth MACINNES


2. John MACINNES m. Inge


3-4. 1 son, 1 dau


5. Rosalind Sylvia MASTERMAN (Sylvia, lived in New Zealand) (b.18 Feb 1906)


m.1933 Thomas Richard SMITH (Tom) (d.1977)


1. Richard SMITH (b.1934)


2-4. 2 sons, 1 dau


m.(2) Johanna Hermene Charlotte Zeller (Hansi) (Sep 1876-1961)


1. Bertram MASTERMAN med doctor (b.5 Mar 1910)


m.1946 Mary Kathleen DAVIS


1. Timothy John MASTERMAN (b.1947)




3. Sally MASTERMAN (b.Dec 1950)


4. dau


2. Renee Lucy Irene MASTERMAN (b.9 Aug 1915)


m.1938 Harold Swainson BRODRIBB, RAMC


1. dau


2. John (b.1942)


3. Peter (b.1947)


2. John Howard Bertram MASTERMAN (Bertie) Prof of History at Birmingham Univ, 1902-1907, later Bishop of Plymouth (6 Dec 1867-25 Nov 1933)


m.1893 Margarethe Matilde Therese BODEMER (Grady) (b.1872)


1. Cyril Aubrey MASTERMAN (1897-1974)


m.1921 Monica Nessie RUBERY (d. May 1992)


1-3. 2 sons, 1 dau


3. Arthur Thomas MASTERMAN zoologist (9 Ap 1869-10 Feb 1941)


m.1894 Caroline Maud NOTCUTT (Cissy) (d. 1933)


1. Thomas William Arthur MASTERMAN (Bill) in R Navy (11 Jul 1895-1971)


m.1926 Melanie Muriel PATTY (Muriel) (d.1974) (had issue)


2. Margaret Lorna MASTERMAN (Lorna) (1896-1950)


4. Margaret Gurney MASTERMAN (Daisy) (29 Feb 1872-May 1938 in Cambridge)


5. Charles Frederick Gurney MASTERMAN (23 Oct 1873-17 Nov 1927)


m.2 Jun 1908 Lucy Blanche LYTTELTON (19 Jul 1884 in Gibraltar-22 Apr 1977), dau. of Lieut-Gen Sir Neville Gerald LYTTELTON & Lady Katherine Sarah STUART-WORTLEY


1. Margaret Mary MASTERMAN (4 May 1910-1 Apr 1986)


m.1932 (as his 2nd wife) Richard Bevan BRAITHWAITE Prof of Moral Philosophy, Univ of Cambridge (15 Jan 1900-21 Apr 1990)


1. Lewis Charles BRAITHWAITE (b.c1937)


m.1968 Louisette Jane (Zeta)


1. Lucy Anne BRAITHWAITE (b.1970)


2. Nicholas BRAITHWAITE (b.21 Jun 1972)




2. Catherine Lucy BRAITHWAITE


m. 29 Aug 1976 Raymond Charles INCHLEY


2. Neville Charles MASTERMAN (b.28 Nov 1912)


m.Jul 1947 Brenda TONGUE, dau of GERTRUDE


1. Margaret Elizabeth MASTERMAN (b.May 1948)


2. Eleanor Lucy MASTERMAN (b.Jul 1950)


3. Catherine MASTERMAN


3. Dorothy Hilda MASTERMAN (Dumps) (3 Jul 1914-24 Aug 1981)


6. Henry Wright MASTERMAN (Quintus) (17 Jul 1875-Nov 1900 during Boer War)


7. Walter Sidney MASTERMAN (Sextus) soldier, 1900-1919; Fisheries Officer, Min of Agriculture, 1919-1922; novelist (19 Dec 1876-May 1946)


m.18 Sep 1920 Olive Doreen LOWRIE (Ollie) (30 Apr 1900-19 Aug 1973)


1. Doreen Lucy MASTERMAN (Tishy) (b.Aug 1922)


m.1955 Albert James BATCHELOR (Bert)


2. Florence Isabelle M MASTERMAN (Aunt Florrie, Mrs Joy)


m.George W JOY painter


2. LYTTELTON FAMILY (see particularly 1/4, 1/6, 1/8-1/17)


William Henry LYTTELTON 3rd Baron Lyttelton (3 Apr 1762-30 Apr 1837)


m.Mar 1813 Lady Sarah SPENCER (29 Jul 1787-13 Apr 1870)


1. Caroline Lavinia LYTTELTON (Aunt Coque) (1 Feb 1816-8 Apr 1902)


2. George William LYTTELTON 4th Baron Lyttelton (31 Mar 1817-19 Apr 1876)


m.25 Jul 1839 Mary GLYNNE (sister-in-law of Wm Gladstone) (d.17 Aug 1857)


1. Meriel Sarah LYTTELTON (of Falconhurst) (1840-22 Apr 1925)


m.19 Jul 1860 John Gilbert TALBOT, MP (24 Feb 1935-1 Feb 1910)


son of John Chetwynd TALBOT & Caroline Jane STUART-WORTLEY


1. George John TALBOT (19 Jun 1861-1938)


m.03 Jun 1897 Gertrude CATOR (of Woodbastwick Hall)


1. John Bertram TALBOT (10 Jun 1900-16 Aug 1922)


2. Mary Meriel Gertrude TALBOT (b.18 Jan 1903)


3. Thomas George TALBOT (of Markbeech, Edenbridge) (b.21 Dec 1904)


m.1933 Hon Cynthia GUEST


2. Bertram TALBOT (27 Apr 1865)


m. 21 Feb 1903 Victoria Alexandrina, dau. of DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH


3. Merial Lucy TALBOT (of 16 Moore St, Chelsea, 1929) (b.1866)


4. John Edward TALBOT (14 Mar 1870-1937)


m.27 Apr 1898 Mabel BALFOUR (d.1949)


1. Anne Meriel TALBOT (b.9 Aug 1899)


2. Joan Ankaret TALBOT (b.3 Mar 1901)


m.1928 Capt Eric Hyde VILLIERS (d.1964)


3. Evan Arthur Christopher TALBOT (of Old Brewhouse, Kingston Blount) (b.1903)


m.1926 Felicite Annette Cynthia LONG


1. Christopher Michael Edward TALBOT (of Old Vicarage, Tilford) (b.1928)


2. Catherine TALBOT (of Kingston Blount, Oxon) (b.1930)


5. Mary TALBOT (d.25 May 1897)


m.14 Apr 1896 Winfrid Oldfield BURROWS Vicar at Holy Trinity, Leeds & Bp of Chichester (had issue)


6. Caroline Agnes TALBOT


m.13 Oct 1891 Talbot BAINES (d.29 Nov 1927) (had issue)


7. Eustace TALBOT (twin) (1 Sep 1873-26 May 1905)


8. Evelyn TALBOT (twin - in Australia, 1905) (b.1 Sep 1873)


9. Gwendolen TALBOT (of 41 Egerton Gdns) (b.1877)


m.6 Dec 1905 Sir Guy STEVENSON


10. Margaret Isabel TALBOT (Peg, of Friendly Green, Cowden & Glenarm Castle


m.2 Jul 1904 Randal Mark ANTRIM, Earl of Antrim


1. Rose Gwendolen Louisa ANTRIM (b.23 May 1909)


2. Randal John Somerled ANTRIM (b.22 May 1911)


3. Jean Meriel ANTRIM (b.1 Sep 1917)


4. James ANTRIM (b.3 Aug 1917)


2. Lucy Caroline LYTTELTON (1841-22 Apr 1925)


m.7 Jun 1864 Lord Frederick Charles CAVENDISH MP (30 Nov 1836-6 May 1882 in Phoenix Park, Dublin)


3. Charles George LYTTELTON 5th Baron Lyttelton & 8th Viscount Lyttelton (27 Oct 1842-9 Jun 1922)


m.19 Oct 1878 Hon Mary Susan Caroline CAVENDISH (d.28 Jan 1937)


1. Maud Mary LYTTELTON (b.22 Jul 1880)


m.25 Feb 1908 Hugh Archibald WYNDHAM


2. John Cavendish LYTTELTON 6th Baron Lyttelton & 9th Viscount Cobham (23 Oct 1881-31 Jul 1949)


m.1908 Violet LEONARD (d.1966)


1. Charles John LYTTELTON 7th Baron Lyttleton & 10th Viscount Cobham (1909-1977)


m.1942 Elizabeth Alison MAKEIG-JONES (1915-86)


1. John William Leonard LYTTELTON 8th Baron Lyttelton & 11th Viscount Cobham (b.Jun 1943) m.Penelope (div.)


2. Meriel Catherine LYTTELTON (b.1911)


3. Viola Maud LYTTELTON (b.1912)


m.1946 Robert George GROSVENOR 5th Duke of Westminster (d.1979) (had issue)


4. Audrey Lavinia LYTTELTON (d.1918)


m.1950 David LINDSEY (d.1958)


5. Lavinia Mary Yolande LYTTELTON (b.1921)


m.(1) Feb 1945 Capt Cecil ROLT (d.Apr 1945)


m.(2) 1948 John DENNYS (d.1973)


3. Rev George William LYTTELTON asst master at Eton (6 Jan 1883-1962)


m.03 Apr 1919 Pamela Marie ADEANE (d.1975)


1. Diana Maud LYTTELTON (b.1920)


m.Alexander HOOD


2. Humphrey Richard LYTTELTON (b.23 May 1921)


3. Helena Frances LYTTELTON (b.1923)


m.1940 Peter LAWRENCE


4. Margaret Rose LYTTELTON (b.1926)


5. Mary Pamela LYTTELTON (b.1929)


4. Frances Henrietta LYTTELTON (Nan) (11 Jun 1885-20 Jan 1918)


m.12 Jan 1911 Christian Henry GUEST


1. John GUEST (b.1915)


5. Rev Charles Frederick LYTTELTON (Caryl) vicar at St Mary, Hackney & rector at Hawarden, 1920-1928 (25 Jan 1887-03 Oct 1931)


m.11 May 1920 Sibell Eleanor Maud ADEANE, Mrs Kay Shuttleworth (Maud, of Barbon Manor)


1. John Anthony LYTTELTON (21 Jul 1921-1944)


2. Martin William LYTTELTON (11 Mar 1923-16 Mar 1923)


6. Rachel Beatrice LYTTELTON (b.21 Jan 1891)


m.28 Aug 1919 Capt-Sir Walter Buchanan RIDDELL (d.1934)


1. Sir John RIDDELL (b.3 Jan 1934)


7. Richard Glynne LYTTELTON (16 Oct 1893-1977)


m.23 Jul 1931 Judith CLIVE


1. Spencer Clive LYTTELTON (b.1939)


2. Thomas Glynne LYTTELTON (b.1940)


4. Rev Albert Victor LYTTELTON asst curate at St Michael's, Southwark (29 Jun 1844-4 Apr 1928)


5. Lieut-Gen Sir Neville Gerald LYTTELTON (28 Oct 1845-6 Jul 1931)


m.1 Oct 1883 Katherine Sarah STUART-WORTLEY (18 Sep 1860-27 Mar 1943)


dau. of James Archibald STUART-WORTLEY & Jane BEILBY


1. Lucy Blanche LYTTELTON (19 Jul 1884 in Gibraltar-22 Apr 1977)


m.2 Jun 1908 in St Margaret's, Westminster Charles Frederick Gurney MASTERMAN (24 Oct 1873-17 Nov 1927)


for descendents see MASTERMAN FAMILY


2. Hilda Margaret LYTTELTON (13 Jan 1886-Jun 1972)


m.23 Feb 1909 in Dublin Lt Col Arthur Morton GRENFELL (1884-25 Nov 1958)


for descendents see GRENFELL FAMILY


3. Mary Hermione LYTTELTON (Goss, of North Aston Hall, Oxford) (15 Oct 1894-27 Mar 1985)


m.01 Mar 1919 William Lionel HICHENS (d.1940)


1. John David HICHENS (Sep 1920-Aug 1944)


2. Mark Lyttelton HICHENS (b.1926)


3. Stella HICHENS (of Hereford Sq, SW) (b.1927)


m.1951 Richard P HORNBY MP


1. John Hugh HORNBY (b.1954)


2. Juliet HORNBY (b.1956)


3. Patrick Lionel HORNBY (b.1958)


4. Simon Richard HORNBY (b.1960)


4. Phoebe Jane HICHENS (of Lower House, North Aston) (b.1929)


m.1965 Edward PEARCE


5. Rachel Katharine HICHENS (b.1933)


6. Andrew Lionel HICHENS (b.1936)


m.1968 Ann GOCH


1. Nicholas HICHENS (b.Mar 1970)


2. David Lionel HICHENS (b.1974)


6. George William Spencer LYTTELTON private secretary to William Gladstone, 1892-94 (12 Jun 1847-5 Dec 1913)


7. Lavinia LYTTELTON (of Farnham Castle) (1849-10 Oct 1940)


m.29 Jun 1870 Rt Rev Edward Stuart TALBOT Bp of Rochester & Winchester (19 Feb 1844-30 Jan 1934) son of John Chetwynd TALBOT & Caroline Jane STUART-WORTLEY


1. Rev Edward Keble TALBOT (b.31 Dec 1877)


2. Rev Neville Stuart TALBOT (Rifle Brigade & Bp of Pretoria) (21 Aug 1879-1943)


m.9 May 1918 Cecily Mary EASTWOOD (d.1921)


1. Elizabeth TALBOT (b.1919)


m. Ronald CHALK


2. Gilbert Seymour Wyndham TALBOT (b.31 Aug 1921)


3. Mary Catherine TALBOT (May, of Dean's Yard) (b.2 Oct 1875)


m.06 Apr 1904 Rev Lionel FORD (d.27 Mar 1932)


1. Arthur FORD (in Navy)


2. Lavinia FORD


3. Richard FORD


4. Lavinia Caroline TALBOT (Winnie) (15 Apr 1882)


5. Gilbert Malker Lyttelton TALBOT 'fiancee' of Hermione Hichens (1 Sep 1891-30 Jul 1915)


8. Mary Catherine LYTTELTON fiancee of Arthur Balfour (26 May 1850-21 Mar 1875)


9. Rev Arthur Temple LYTTELTON provost at Lancing College (7 Jan 1852-19 Feb 1903)


m.3 Aug 1880 Kathleen Mary CLIVE


1. Lt Col Arthur Geoffrey LYTTELTON (7 May 1884-11 Dec 1959)


m.(1) 1921 Mwyndeg CLOWES (d.1951)


1. Judith Hazel LYTTELTON (of 13 Sloane Ave) (b.1925)


m.1950 Henry James JOHNSON


1. Rupert Charles Gavin JOHNSON (b.1954)


2. Charlotte Mary JOHNSON (b.1959)


m.(2) 1953 Cynthia Violet ANDERSON (29 Mar 1898-11 Sep 1992)


2. Stephen LYTTELTON (1887-1959)


m.(1) 1919 (div.1933) Maureen SMITH


1. Barbara Meriel LYTTELTON (b.1921)


m.1947 Charles Rusell FAWCUS


m.(2) 1938 Mary Cicely GASCOIGNE (d.1945)


1. Mary Kathleen LYTTELTON (b.1939)


m.1970 Malcolm FRASER (of Kirkhill, Inverness)


2. Edward Gascoigne LYTTELTON (b.1944)


m.(3) 1947 Phoebe Hermione GRAHAM


1. Ciceley Phoebe Lavinia LYTTELTON (b.1950


3. Margaret Lucy LYTTELTON (15 Jul 1882)


m.30 Jul 1914 Lancelot BECKER


1. Lucy BECKER


2. Clare BECKER


10. Robert Henry LYTTELTON solicitor (b.18 Jan 1854)


m.(1) 14 Jul 1884 Edith SANTLEY (d.14 Feb 1926)


m.(2) 19 Jul 1926 Olive Agneta CLARKE


11.Rev Edward LYTTELTON headmaster at Haileybury & Eton (23 Jul 1855-1925)


m.21 Dec 1888 Caroline Amy WEST (d.6 Jul 1919)


1. Nora Joan LYTTELTON (b.15 Jun 1890)


2. Delia LYTTELTON (b.19 Nov 1892)


12. Rt Hon Alfred LYTTELTON (7 Feb 1857-5 Jul 1913


m.(1) 21 May 1885 Octavia Laura TENNANT sister of Margot Asquith (d.24 Apr 1886)


1. Alfred Christopher LYTTELTON (1886-1888)


m.(2) 18 Apr 1892 Edith Sophy BALFOUR (d.1948)


1. Oliver LYTTELTON Viscount Chandos (15 Mar 1893-1972)


m.30 Jan 1920 Lady Moira Godolphin OSBORNE


1. Anthony Alfred LYTTELTON (b.23 Oct 1920)


2. Rosemary LYTTELTON (b.30 May 1922)




3. Julian LYTTELTON (b.30 Aug 1923)


4. Nicholas Adrian Oliver LYTTELTON (b.26 Mar 1937)


2. Mary Frances LYTTELTON (b.1895)


m.18 Dec 1928 Sir George Lillie CRAIK (d.9 Jul 1929)


3. Anthony George LYTTELTON (3 Jun 1900-17 Dec 1901)


m.(2) Sybella Harriet CLIVE (d.9 Dec 1900)


1. Sarah Kathleen LYTTELTON (12 May 1870-1 Oct 1942)


m.26 Apr 1900 John Cann BAILEY barrister & author (d.29 Jun 1931)


2. Sybil LYTTELTON (17 Feb 1873-2 Oct 1934)


m.16 Jul 1895 Lionel Henry CUST (d.12 Oct 1929)


1. Lionel George Arthur CUST (of Datchet Hse, Windsor & Uplands, Fordingbridge) (b.1896)


m.1925 Margaret Violet Louisa CLOWES (d.22 May 1962) (had issue)


3. Hester Margaret LYTTELTON (26 Dec 1874-aft.1939)


m.05 Apr 1904 Rev Cyril Argentine ALINGTON headmaster Eton (1908-1933) (had issue)


3. Spencer LYTTELTON (19 Jun 1818-4 Feb 1889)


m.10 Aug 1848 Henrietta CORNWALL


1. William Henry Cornwall LYTTELTON (9 Jun 1849-22 May 1882)


4. Rev William Henry LYTTELTON rector of Hagley (3 Apr 1820-24 Jul 1884)


m.(1) 28 Sep 1854 Emily PEPYS (9 Aug 1830-12 Sep 1877)


m.(2) 5 Feb 1880 Constance Ellen YORKE (d.24 Dec 1920)


5. Lavinia LYTTELTON (d.3 Oct 1850)


m.14 Oct 1843 Rev Henry GLYNNE rector at Hawarden (d.29 Jul 1872)


3. GRENFELL FAMILY (see particularly 1/11-1/14)


Lt Col Arthur Morton GRENFELL (1884-25 Nov 1958)


m. (1) Victoria Sybil M GREY (Vera) (d.1907)


1. Reginald Pascoe GRENFELL (of 34 Elm Park Gdns) (b.1 Nov 1903)




2. Sybil Vera GRENFELL (of 99 Cadogan Lane) (b.21 Jul 1902)


3. Harry St Leger GRENFELL (b.19 Aug 1905)


m. (2) 23 Feb 1909 in Dublin Hilda Margaret LYTTELTON (13 Jan 1886-Jun 1972)


1. Mary Hermione GRENFELL (of Chawton House) (b.25 Dec 1909)


m.1933 Geoffrey WALDEGRAVE, Lord Waldgrave (had issue)


2. Katherine GRENFELL (Kate, of Knowles Farm, Lawrenny) (b.29 May 1912)




3. Frances Olivia GRENFELL (of Taynuilt) (b.2 Sep 1918)




4. Laura Margaret GRENFELL (of Auchairne, Ballantrae) (b.16 Apr 1920)


m.Brig Sir Bernard FERGUSSON, Governor General of New Zealand


1. Geordie FERGUSSON


4. STUART-WORTLEY FAMILY (see particularly 1/18)


James Archibald STUART-WORTLEY (1776-1845)


1. James Archibald STUART-WORTLEY (3 Jul 1805-22 Aug 1881) (3rd son)


m. 1846 Jane BEILBY (d.4 Feb 1900)


1. Mary Caroline STUART-WORTLEY (Mamie & MCL, of Ashley Combe, Oakham & Wentworth House) (1848-c1944)


m. 1880 Ralph Gordon LOVELACE, Earl of Lovelace (d.1906)


2. Archibald John WORTLEY (27 May 1849-1905)


m.1883 Eleanor Edith BROMLEY


3. Charles Beilby STUART-WORTLEY Baron (7 Cheyne Walk) (b.15 Sep 1851)


m.(1) 1880 Beatrice TROLLOPE (d.26 Jul 1881)


1. Beatrice Susan Theodosia STUART-WORTLEY (Bice/Beech) (b.15 Jul 1881)


m.1 Dec 1906 Capt Arthur CECIL


1. Mary Elizabeth CECIL (b.18 Mar 1908)


2. James Charles CECIL (b.3 May 1915)


3. Robert Arthur CECIL (b.16 Jan 1921)


m.(2) 1886 Alice Sophia Caroline MILLAIS, dau. of Sir John Everett Millais


1. Clare Euphemia STUART-WORTLEY (art historian) (16 Oct 1889-1945)


4. William STUART-WORTLEY (27 Jan 1853-1863)


5. Margaret Jane STUART-WORTLEY (Margie, of 9 York Terrace) (1855-6 Oct 1937)


m.1877 Maj-Gen the Hon Reginald A J TALBOT (14 Jul 1841-15 Jan 1929)


6. Blanche Georgina STUART-WORTLEY (Blanchie, of 28 Old Queen St) (b. 1856)


m. 1895 Col Fred FIREBRACE


7. Caroline Susan Theodora STUART-WORTLEY (Kyo, 30 Upper Grosvenor St & 58 Green St) (1858-1940)


m.1881 Norman de l'Aigle GROSVENOR (22 Apr 1845-21 Nov 1898)


son of Robert GROSVENOR (of Moor Park) & Charlotte ARBUTHNOT


1. Susan Charlotte GROSVENOR (1882-21 Mar 1977)


m.15 Jul 1907 John BUCHAN Lord Tweedsmuir (1875-1940)


1. Alice Caroline Helen BUCHAN (b.1908)


m.1938 Sir Brian RAMSAY-FAIRFAX-LUCY (of Charlecote) (d.1974)




2. John Norman Stuart BUCHAN (b.25 Nov 1911)


m.(1) 1948 Priscilla Jean FORTESCUE (d.11 Mar 1978)


1. Priscilla Susan BUCHAN


m.Lord James Alexander DOUGLAS-HAMILTON (b.31 Jul 1942)


1-4. 4 sons


m.(2) 1980 Jean Marguerite GRANT (widow)


3. William d'Aigle BUCHAN (b.10 Jan 1916)


m.(1) 1939 (div.1946) Nesta CROZIER


1. Perdita Caroline BUCHAN (b.1940)


m.1968 Edward CONNOLLY


m.(2) 1946 (div.1960) Barbara Howard ENSOR (d.1969)


1. Deborah Charlotte BUCHAN (b.1947)


m.1966 Bernard STEWART MP (of 121 St George's Rd)


2. John William BUCHAN (b.1950)


m.1977 Amanda Jocelyn BELL (of Hidcote Bartram)


3. Charles Walter BUCHAN (b.1951)


4. James Ernest BUCHAN (b.1954)


5. Josephine BUCHAN


m.(3) 1960 Suara Cynthia Mary TATCHELL


4. Prof Alastair Francis BUCHAN, Director, Institute of Strategic Studies (9 Sep 1918-1976)


m.1942 Hope GILMOUR


1. David John Washington BUCHAN (b.1947)


m.1974 Sarah CAWKWELL


2. Benjamin Alastair BUCHAN (b.1948)


m.1974 Elizabeth OAKLEIGH-WALKER


3. Anna Virginia Pauline BUCHAN (b.1953)


2. Margaret Sophie Katherine GROSVENOR (Marnie) (b.1886)


m.2 Dec 1916 Jeremy PEYTON-JONES


8. James STUART-WORTLEY (27 Aug 1859-29 Apr 1863)


9. Katherine Sarah STUART-WORTLEY (18 Sep 1860-27 Mar 1943)


m.1 Oct 1883 Lieut-Gen Sir Neville Gerald LYTTELTON (28 Oct 1845-6 Jul 1931)


son of George William LYTTELTON 4th Baron Lyttelton & Mary GLYNNE


1. Lucy Blanche LYTTELTON (19 Jul 1884 in Gibraltar-22 Apr 1977)


m.02 Jun 1908 in St Margaret's, Westminster Charles Frederick


Gurney MASTERMAN (24 Oct 1873-17 Nov 1927)


for descendents see MASTERMAN FAMILY


2. Hilda Margaret LYTTELTON (13 Jan 1886-Jun 1972)


m.23 Feb 1909 in Dublin Lt Col Arthur Morton GRENFELL (1884-aft.1959)


for descendents see GRENFELL FAMILY


3. Mary Hermione LYTTELTON (Goss, of North Aston Hall, Oxford) (15 Oct 1894-aft.1980)


for descendents see LYTTELTON FAMILY


2. Caroline Jane STUART-WORTLEY (d.12 Jun 1876)


m.30 Aug 1830 John Chetwynd TALBOT (1806-26 May 1852)


1. John Gilbert TALBOT MP (24 Feb 1835-1 Feb 1910)


m.19 Jul 1860 Meriel Sarah LYTTELTON (of Falconhurst) (d.22 Apr 1925)


dau. of George William LYTTELTON 4th Baron Lyttelton & Mary GLYNNE (sister-in-law of Wm Gladstone)


for desendents see LYTTELTON FAMILY


3. - Other children

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