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CONFIRMATION of the Division into three parts of the Full Estate, made after the death of Lewes Full c. Jul. 1674 by Roger Pmeroy late of Sandridge, esq., Francis Shepherd late of Waton in par. of Stoke Gabriel, esq., and George Yarde of Stoke Gabriel, gentleman, on 22. Jul. 1692, but which division was not confirmed but mutually agreed upon, by (1) Mary Sawle of Totnes, widow, only daughter & Moir of Mary Wise the late deceased wife of John Wise late of Totnos gentleman, deceased (which sd. Mary was the eldest of the 3 sisters & co-heirs of Lewes Full late of Aish in par. of Stoke Gabriel, Gentleman, deceased), John Wise of Totnes, esq., and Lewis Wise of New Inn, Middlesex, gentleman, only surviving sons of the said John Wise deceased, by his second wife Dorothy, (2) Ambrose Rhodes junior of Buckland, Devon, esq., his wife Sarah (only daughter & heir of Solomon Andrew junior of Lyme Regis, esq., who was the c. son & heir of Florence Andrew by Sol. Andrew senior late of Lyme Regis, esq., deceased, and which said Florence was the second of the 3 sisters & co-heirs of the said Lewis Full deceased), and (3) William Strode of Dittisham, Devon, esq., kinsman and devisee of the messuages, tenements and lands of George Strode late of Dittisham gentleman, (who married Joane the youngest of the 3 sisters & co-heirs of the said Lewes Full deceased), as follows:-


1st share, to Mary Sawle:- The Home Tenement, Long Meadow, Hophay, Coonhouse Meadow (in all 4a. 2r. 33p.), and to have the benefit of the water every third week, Bettney, Brookham, Hole, and Henney Meadow (in all 23a. 2r. 22p.), The Two East Bowhays (5. 1. 15p), Jeffreys higher Ningham, Slees Ningham (in all 2. 1. 36), Sloes Langaland and the Orchard adjoining (in all 3. 2. 11.), Flude (7. 1. 3.), Foredowne, Marlparke, Alices Downe, Pens Brakes (in all 17. 1. 27.), North Downe, Slee's Bowhay, Nowhay, Drymore, little Howell and the freehold part of the Warren (in all 9. 1. 28.), the Mansion House, the pound, Shute Orchard, the remainder of the Great Orchard, the Herbgardens, the Wall that divides that part of Mathew's Orchard to be made up 4 feet in heighth at the equall charge of the three but afterwards to be maintained by the persons enjoying the Home Tenement, and Bowden, under which descriptions were meant the following:- That Capital Messuage/Mansion House with barns, stables, poundhouse and the pound therein, shippen and other outhouses, etc., now in the tenure of John Dyment and are in the village of AISH in the par. of STOKE GABRIEL, and also one tenement called Bowdon and 120 acres of land in the par. of HENYOCK, Devon, all which premises have since the said division been in the possession of John Wise senior and Mary Sawle respectively;


2nd share, to Ambrose and Sarah Rhodes:- Richard Full's Tenement, Alice Lane's Meadow, and Ruland (in all 6a. 0r. 0p.), and to have the benefit of the water every third week, Marygood, Mathews's Brockham, Jeffery Full's Brockham, The two Hillparks, The two Meadows adjoining, Hilly, Jeffery's two Andrews (in all 20. 1. 5.), Crosspark, Tolland, The Comon Tarr (in all 6. 0. 0.), Goosland and Muxtone (in all 3. 2. 5.), Great Howell (3. 2. 14.), Slees Brockham and Langaland (in all 6. 3. 34), The two East Combs, Dragon Pitt, The two higher Brakes (in all 15. 3. 22), the Lane-end Close, The two lower Closes next the Warren, The Wood or Coppice under, half the watering place (in all 9. 2. 21), and Winnebore, The late dwelling house of the said Richard Full deceased, the said Full's Orchard, Poundhouse Orchard, Howell Orchard and Herbgarden and Nurseries, Forstwill, Gappy, and Heathfield Piece, under which descriptions were meant that Messuage & Tenement called Full's Tenement in the par. of STOKE GABRIEL with barns, poundhouse, shippen, cottages, etc., formerly in possession of Richard Full deceased and the Orchard belonging thereto called Full's Orchard, all in the par. of STOKE GABRIEL now in the possession of 3 tenants to the said Ambrose Rhodes except Fostwill, Gappy and Heathfield Piece (70 a. of land) in the par. of KINGSTEIGNTON in the possession of a tenant to sd. Ambr. Rhodes.


3rd share, to William Strode:- Slee's and Mathew's Tenements, Andrew, Andrew Meadow, the Orchard (in all 4a. 2r. 28p.), and to have the benefit of the water every third week, Netley, Lobbyland, Blackdown, Bedland, the two Moorparkes and Grove (in all 24. 0. 27), The Great Bowhay, and Ely (in all 4. 2. 0.), Bawty Bakehouse, a little house adjoining called Combes House (in all 3. 1. 12.), the two lower Ninghams (3. 2. 4.), Oxfordland (6. 1. 0.), All Slee's Downs (18. 0. 0.), Newpark, Langbury, Hinnebore, Headland, and half the watering place (in all 11. 3. 0.), Slee's late dwelling house, Lane's Barn, Slee's Orchard, Lane's Orchard, New Orchard, and Nursery, part of Mathew's Orchard, and the dwelling house and Wedever Orchard (4. 1. 10.), Bulliton Tenement, under which description were meant that messuage and tenement called Slee's House with the barn stable, shippen, etc., and also Slee's Orchard, all which premises are in STOKE GABRIEL except Bulliton with its appurtenances which are in BOVEY TRACY and HENYOCK parishes (260 acres).


To be shared in common:- The Kay in the Warren, the Fishery in the R. Dart and the seats in STOKE GABRIEL Church.


Seals, red, 1 a head, 2 - 6 armorial. Parchment.

Date: 1736, 30. Sep
Held by: Cheshire Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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