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Reference: AMSQ
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue Q

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS5951 2 Sunnyvale, Lower Road, Forest Row, with garage, showroom and motor repair works (Newman-Heald-Martin), 1848-1961, with three adjoining cottages (Gander-Martin), 1899


AMS5952 Deeds of Turnpike Farm, Ringmer, consisting of Broyle allotments, purchased by William Shadwell from Tugwell, Burgess, Hanning, Hoskins, Smith, Ranger, Relf, Comber, Gadsby, Earl-Relf-Barnard, 1771-1786; by Thomas Lucas Shadwell from Read and Willard, 1787-1801; by William Lucas Shadwell from Cook, Hards-Wheeler-Rogers, Farncombe-Rogers, 1817-1829; the descent of the whole estate (Shadwell-Stent-Lucas/Shadwel-Ridge-Greenhill-Carey-Hobden), 1771-1935; manor of Iford and Randiddles in Hurstpierpoint (Snashall), 1799; Broyle Farm Ringmer (Holman-Ridge Carey tenant), 1850


AMS5953 Papers of S J Weinrabe, general merchant and inventor, and his firm Golden Age Products, expanded polystyrene patentees, 109 St James St and 7 Kemp Town Place, Brighton, 1966-1970


AMS5954 83 Western Road, part of Well Croft, Lewes (Attwood, Fuller, Hill and Woollgar-Maxfield-Smith-Chapman-Leney-Paine-Townhill), 1821-1954


AMS5955 Photocopy proctorial notes of a cause between Lewes Priory and Ingram and Thurstan de Brokes concerning the benefice of Patcham, c1280


AMS5956 Brede Parish Magazine, 1905-1975 (gaps)


AMS5957 Account books of Gosden and Lambert of Victoria Road Hailsham, painters and decorators, 1899-1927; Magham Down Village Hall Committee and Fund papers, 1944-1972; cottages and windmill at Cowbeech in Herstmonceux, copyhold of Herstmonceux manor called Kerpses and grants (Winchester, Dalloway), 1778-1860; photograph of Bemsells Farm and mill, c1870


AMS5958 West Street Farm at Maynards Green (Sapperton tenements called Kents and Moyses and Hodges), Heathfield (Wood; Mepham-Hoad-Saunders-Haffenden-Clerk-Ash), 1651-1899


AMS5959 Fairwarp Echo community magazine, 1971-1986


AMS5960 Nayland Farm East Grinstead (lease, Johnson's executors-Isted), 1777; advowson and parsonage house of Fairlight (Pearse), 1826-1843; fine, Newick and Withyham (Tester, Day and Hammond-Holney), 1692


AMS5961 Vouchers for rates and repairs to houses in Tideswell Road and 14 and 15 Sussex Gardens, Eastbourne, executors of C Tomkinson, 1891


AMS5962 32 Sussex Square, Brighton (Roundell, Tomkinson and Wingfield-Sage), 1830-1920; cottages, windmill and land at Frant (Usherwood, Fry, Turner and Arnold-Budgen), 1834


AMS5963 Minutes, Eastbourne Club of the UK Federation of Business and Professional Women, 1946-1986


AMS5964 Scrapbook of photographs, programmes, press-cuttings and parish magazines kept by Emilie Ambrosoni relating to St Bartholomews Church, Brighton, with special reference to the annual pantomime and the Church of England Temperance Society; 1886-1917


AMS5965 Probate of General Frederick St John of Row Heath Cottage, Chailey, (Chailey, Newick, Wivelsfield, 26 Regency Square Brighton, Preston Street Brighton, Mayfair, Curzon Street Mx), 1845; marshland on Court Farm with cottages, wharf, warehouse and quay, Newhaven (Sheffield-Wells-Brett-Catt), 1805-1830


AMS5966 Contract for delivery of milk, (Perrin-Aylwin), Bexhill, 1913; details of tenancy of Hewen Street and Wickham Farms Hamsey by JW Aylwin, 1877-1891; 1914


AMS5967 Wilmington overseers' rate and account book, 1797-1826, with valuation, 1798; schedule of tithes on copyholds in Wilmington, 1711; cottages purchased by parish, 1834; rent-ledger, Robert Lambe's Wilmington estate, 1914-1916; recollections of Robert Lambe, 1850-1914


AMS5968 Account book of Edward Brown of Brede, carpenter, 1719-1754, with his accounts as overseer, 1728-1729; covers Brede, Udimore, Beckley, Guestling (Broomham estate), Winchelsea, Peasmarsh, Westfield (W Forge and Conster Furnace) and Northiam


AMS5969 Probate of Edward Verrall of Kingston by Sea (Little Horsted), 1763; fine, Little Horsted (Sim-Law), 1812


AMS5970 Photographs of maps: the manor farm of Friston and Crowlink Farm by William Figg, c1820; Heathfield parsonage farm reduced from Thomas Weller's survey by Rose Gregson, c1780; parsonage land in Selmeston by Figg and Son, 1831; manor of Coombe in Wadhurst by Anthony Everenden, 1640; Thomas Diplock's Gregories in Wadhurst by John Pattenden, 1655, copied by Richard Viger, 1720; Excete manor farm in Westdean by William Figg, c1800


AMS5971 Enfranchisement of Great Berege, land of the virgate of Crowhurst and assart land, all in Wadhurst, held of Mayfield manor (Nevill-Fowle), 1590


AMS5972 6 and 7 Chapel Hill, Cliffe, Lewes, including the site of the Tabernacle Chapel and The Angel Inn (Cruttenden-Davey-Osmant-Rickman-Wille, 1759-1806; Cruttenden-Davey-Braughton-Wille, 1759-1821; Wille-Berry-Constable-Venus-Underdown-Pratt-Pannett-Inge-Cama-Allchin-Covington; Allchin-Harrison-Johnson-Coombes-Gray, 1821-1983); 1759-1983


Withdrawn 1991


AMS5973 High Knoll Ninfield (Lawrence-Moore-Bridger-Pinyon-Ford-Sargent-Buckner), mentioning a Salvation Army hall, [1798]-1960


AMS5974 North Bridge Street, Salehurst: house and garden (Drury; Braban-Foster-Bunbury-Freeland-Standen), 1739-1829; Robertsbridge copyhold called The One Star, formerly The George, (Jones-Atkins-Standen), 1807-1843; Robertsbridge copyhold three houses, forge and land (Pemble-Garner-Standen-Heathfield), 1835-1870; photograph of Isfield Place with croquet, 1868; photograph of Henry King at Isfield Place in uniform of 6th Royal Regt, 1877


AMS5975 Mortgage of two houses at The Strand, Rye, (Cheston-Beveredge), 1596


AMS5976 24 Stoneham Road Aldrington (Sackville-Gallard, Williams, Stretton and Vaughan-Vaughan-Kendall-Payne-Cook-Kelley-Gander-Webber-Thompson-Hurrell-Willson-Willy-Atkins); includes early title for Lennox, Kendall, Ruskin and Stoneham Roads; [1882]-1980


AMS5977 Photograph of Map of Hammonds, Carltons, Wick, Whitemans, Marshalls and Fagg farms in Udimore and Brede by James Parsons, 1838


AMS5978 Beech Farm and High Beech House otherwise Loyds Gill, Hollington, part Hollington copyhold (Eversfield-Bowman-Cook-Watts-Lewis-Wertheimer-Conway-Jefferson-Savage), [1702]-1948


AMS5979 Coronation [Lewes] Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids, 1903-1985


AMS5980 Papers in Marten v Jenkin in king's bench concerning disputed mayoral election at Winchelsea, 1740: extracts from court books, 1527-1740; special verdict, c1740; copy customs, c1740


AMS5981 National Trust Bodiam Castle estate, 1599-1922: 1 cottage and land (White-Maynard-Baker-Paine-Pinyon), 1744-1841; Hoblins, Vinders (Bodiam copyhold) and leasehold (Pelham-Head; Tress-Maynard-Boys-Morgan-Stedman-Marchant-Ditch-Pinyon), 1599, 1739-1847; whole estate (Pinyon-Levett-Cubitt-Curzon-Mabb, Levett), 1849-1917; 2 Park Lands and Grove Lands in Bodiam and Salehurst (Davis, including his whole estate), 1688-1728; Battle Meads (Culpeper-Fairfax and Pershall-Dunk-Davis), 1688-1748; whole estate including Tompsetts (Davis-Smith), 1763-1815; Feaks (incl Tenterden Brewery) (Tress-Cloake-Boorman-Smith), 1727-1826; whole estate, including valuation of whole Smith estate (Smith-Williams-Cubitt-Curzon-Levett), 1834-1917 3 Bodiam Castle and manor, wharf, warehouses, cottages (Powell-Webster-Fuller-Cubitt), 1723-1864 4 five cottages (Bodiam copyhold called Knowle Hill) (Buckland-Parker-Cubitt), 1807-1917 5 Red Lion later Castle Hotel and wharf, Bodiam copyhold (Tempest-Allen-Daws-Bartram-Cubitt-Curzon), 1778-1917 6 New House Farm (Payne-Collins-Gott-Sivyer), before 1713-1713; house and 50a (with property in Northiam, Hollington and The Five Bells Battle) (Bishop-Sivyer), 1723-1725; tofts and land called Gatford and Brooks (Goulding-Gladwish-Sivyer), before 1730-1730; Bodiam copyhold cottage called Knowle Hill (Collins-Sivyer), before 1731-1731; Bodiam copyhold house and 18a called Bynes (Pook-Sivyer), before 1739-1739; the whole (Sivyer-Weller-Davis-Lamb-Cubitt-Curzon-Elsam), 1731-1917 7 parts of Udiam and Rocks Farms (Royds-Cubitt-Curzon-Levett), 1837-1917 8 house, coalyard and shop at Bodiam (Tempest-Crisford-Kenward-Ayerst-Parker), 1756-1861; house called Gaffords (Davis-Weller-Farrance-Parker), 1870-1884; the whole (Parker-Cubitt-Curzon), 1885-1917 9 cottage, bakehouse and shoemaker's shop (Davis-Little-Oyler-Potter-Buckland-Parker-Cubitt-Curzon-Elsam), 1816-1917 10 Golden Spot (Allfrey-Johnson-Cubitt-Curzon), 1875-1917 11 cottage, 5s called Coopers Field (Allfrey-Cubitt-Curzon-Levett), 1873-1917 12 reversion of Battle Meads (Fairfax-Morland-Cubitt), 1688-1900 13 the manor house (formerly the Vicarage) (Johnson-Cubitt-Curzon), 1903-1917 14 part of Court Lodge Farm and a Bodiam copyhold called Daisy Fields (Tempest-Causton-Cubitt-Curzon-Levett), 1820-1917 15 the whole estate (Cubitt-Curzon and leases), 1909-1922


AMS5982 National Trust Batemans estate, Burwash, 1803-1956: 1 Batemans (Butler-Rogers-Johnson-Freeland-Pattenden-Appleyard-Gould-Whitehead; includes map by W Williams, 1797), 1729-1868; windmill and cottages (Pattenden-Hilder-Honeysett-Mclnnes-Whitehead), before 1787-1884; the whole (Whitehead-Jarvis-Macmeikan-Scrimgeour), 1886-1897; Park House watermill (Pelham; Skinner; Gould-Russell-Barrow-Russell-Scrimgeour), 1785-1878; cottage near Park House watermill (Weston-Brook-Scrimgeour), 1844-1900; the whole (Scrimgeour-Kipling), 1902 2 appeal by Kipling against Ticehurst Union rates, 1902-1903 3 Rye Green Farm (Newington and Russell-Sargent-Mitchell-Kipling), 1862-1903 4 Little Batemans: house, four cottages and 5a (Ellis and Wood-Vigor-Reeves), 1797-1833; barn, lodge and 5a (Pattenden-Weston-Blackford-Reeves), 1810-1833; the whole (Reeves-Whitehead-Jarvis-Kipling), 1835-1904 5 barn, lodge and 6a (Pattenden-Sutton-Honeysett-Coombs-Jarvis-Kipling); includes houses in Burwash town; 1787-1904 6 Dudwell Mill (Butler-Hilder), 1746-1822; Park Farm (Pelham-Fisher-Hilder), 1754-1824; the whole (Hilder-Honeysett-Nevill-Fairhead-Scrimgeour-Kipling), 1824-1905 7 land N of Batemans (Jarvis-Scrimgeour-Kipling), 1892-1905 8 field W of Little Batemans (Jarvis-Kipling), 1905 9 part of Ashlands (Gould-Whitehead-Noakes-Kipling), 1868-1905 10 brickworks W of Bell Alley Lane (Clutton-Sargent-Harrison-Egerton-Kipling), 1851-1906 11 Reeds near Dudwell Bridge (Wilson-Turner-Noakes-Jarvis-Kipling); includes Park Pale Farm Mountfield; 1783-1906 12 table of contents 13 The Orchards (formerly Porchester Cottage) (Mitchell-Eaton-Horsfield-Kipling), 1904-1910 14 Fenners Farm (Tew-Kipling), 1912 15 part of Judins Farm (Breach-Schroeter-Jefferson-Belcher-Kipling), 1874-1925 16 letter from G A Macdonald concerning title, 1927 17 part of Judins (Belcher-Hayward-French-Kipling), 1925-1928 18 s34 planning agreement with Battle RDC, 1936 19 manor of Burwash compensation agreement, 1937 20 lists of deeds


AMS5983 The Warren, Wych Cross, Maresfield (Sackville-West-Fisher), 1828-1900


AMS5984 Lamb House, Rye (Lamb-Bellingham); includes whole Lamb estate; [1838]-1893


AMS5985 Dyke estate settlement (Langney in Pevensey and Westham, Brede Place, farms in Brede and Udimore, Horeham in Waldron, land in Ripe, Chalvington, Laughton, Selmeston and Chiddingly, The Moat in Salehurst, Hooks and Ashurst in Waldron and Chiddingly), 1651; map of Charles Nairn's Shepherds [now Laurelhurst] in Burwash by Stephen Katte, 1772; map of John Thomson's Thorns at Cross in Hand in Waldron, c1795; copy portion of Mayfield tithe map by John Payte of Mayfield showing the partition of the Baker estate (Old Mill, Knowle, Place, Pococks Farms and Common Land), 1851


AMS5986 Photograph of map John Gorringe's Lewhurst Farm in Hellingly, c1780


AMS5987 Common recovery, Westdean (Hooper-Jenkins), 1699


AMS5988 Letters from Alfred Russell, South Chicago, USA, to family in Hollington and Ewhurst, 1881-1883


AMS5989 Map of John Thetcher's Thorne Land and Waltrouse in Westham by John de Ward, 1620


AMS5990 Maps of Bicknell Coney's Biggs Place in Ticehurst and Poppinghole in Whatlington by Richard Budgen, 1775


AMS5991 58 Leicester Road, Lewes (Tourle; West-Stanford; Baxter-Powell, Lintott and Gates-Best-Milham-Page-Ruff-Poole-Lewes Portland Cement Co-Eastwoods-Pullen-Small-Whittick), 1824-1978


AMS5992 Deeds 53 The Avenue, Lewes (Dalbiac-Parsons-Every, Gates, Powell and Lintott-Davey-Vine-Brigstocke-Salzman-Brent-Whittick), 1877-1986


AMS5993 Records of Arthur Tester Limited, builders, St Leonards, including photographs of work at Beaulieu in Hants and of an informal cricket team; 1908-1965


AMS5994 Receipt for £200 for poor of Fletching and Smeeth [Kent] (Howard and Leech-Baker, Hare and Churcher), 1597


AMS5995 Correspondence of the Curteis Family of Windmill Hill, Wartling; pedigrees of Curteis and Mascall in introduction; correspondents: Tufton, Collett, Brampton, Woollett, Luxford, Fox, Kenrick, Ranken, Jemmett, Moore, Lamb, Mascall, Smith, Dawes, Darby, Selmes, Rattray, Home, Lattice, Davenport, Robbins, Oak, Percival, Inglis, Kay, Graham, Fix; subjects: Tufton family; purchase of estate at Swinethorp Lines by SR Collett; division of Mascall estate at Peasmarsh; 1820 and 1829 Sussex elections; tenancy of Marley Farm in Rye Foreign; agricultural hardship in Beckley; disturbances and 'Swing' riots in Icklesham, Salehurst, Peasmarsh, Rye, Udimore, Northiam, Hooe, Ninfield, Eastbourne, Etchingham, Tenterden and Rolvenden; quitrents on Knelle estate; death of Eleanor O'Brien; 1770-1844


AMS5996 Records of Lewes Exhibition Fund, 1512-1986: Free Grammar School, Southover: will of Agnes Morley, 1512, Mary Jenkins, 1709, abstracts of deeds of settlement, 1512-1717; minutes, 1848-1885; Blunts Charity: minutes and rent accounts, 1840-1886; deeds of 171-172 High Street, Lewes (feoffees appointments, with leases to Henry Stonestreet 1613, Edward Verral 1759, chancery decree 1840), 1613-1883; Lewes Exhibition Fund schemes, 1885-1979; minutes, 1885-1974; accounts, 1886-1986; papers and files, [1834]-1985; grant applications, 1970-1985; charity returns, 1943-1984; governor's file, 1959-1984


AMS5997 Photograph of map of Crowham Farm, Westfield


AMS5998 Records of D E Burtenshaw Ltd, Builders and Decorators, 30 Sillwood Street, Brighton, 1880-1967: includes daybooks of work at sites in Brighton and Hove including Kemp Town Brewery, clients of Boxall and Kemp, solicitors, Craig Hall and Co, architects, Tamplins Brewery, Maple and Co, furnishers, Findlater Mackie and Co, wine and spirit merchants; catalogues of local builders' suppliers


AMS5999 Postcards and photographs relating to Mowden School (founded by AP and BA Snell), 108-112 Lansdowne Place Brighton, 10-14 The Droveway, Hove, 1903-1931


AMS6000 Personal and business papers of Dick Merricks of Broadstreet Farm, Icklesham, 1575-1975: partnership agreements, notes for history of Brook Farm Icklesham, lecture notes, 1956-1975; deeds of Brook Farm (Faversham Charities leases to Brooke, Reynolds, Cooper and Barnsley, Cooper and Puckle, Woodhams, Smith, Goble, Wildish, Holmes, Bean, Merricks), 1575-1967; maps by Thomas Goble of Rye, 1809, James Drewry of Eastling in Kent, 1846; plans and specifications for new hop-oasts, cottages and buildings, 1869-1958; hop quota dispute papers, 1935-1936; clerk to the trustees correspondence files, 1895-1968; oast-books, 1972-1985; farming, wages and household accounts of James Barling of Warehorne in Kent and Pickham Farm Guestling, 1844-1872; tenancy agreement for Pickham Farm, Ashburnham-Merricks, 1909; marked-up sale catalogue, 1916

Date: 1512-1986
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office

Physical description: 50 Accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure

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