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Descent from William Fitzwilliam, who "came with Kinge William the Conqueror and was mareschall of his hoste [and] maryed Emma daughter of Monsr Solabis of Normandy, Anno 1066, down to the eight children, 6 sons and 2 daughters, of "John Fitzwilliam, of Sprotburgh and of Hathilsey who mar. Elizabeth daughter and sole heire to Christopher D'Amory Anno 1540", of whom the eldest son John who "went over the seas ye last yere of Kinge Henry the Eight and continued there till his decease the 10 of March anno 1562 [1563] dyed without issue" - the second son "Hugh Fitzwilliam 2 sonne brother and heire claymeth ye foresaid manors to him entayled".


Immediately below the pedigree are the arms respectively of (1) "Hugh Fitzwilliam of Sprotburgh, etc." - (2) William Fitzwilliam Erle of Southampton - (3) William Fitzwilliam of Lincolne - (4) William Fitzwilliam of Kingesley - and (5) William Fitzwilliam of Mabelthorpe.


At the foot is a long declaration by Hugh Fitzwilliam explaining why he, on the advice of his "lerned counsell" caused his "descent and Pedegree to be sette fourth as well to showe my right and title, as howe the houses of the Fitzwilliams of Aldwerke, Adwyke, Bentley and Geynesparke ar descended of the house of Sprotburgh and of Hathilsay". This declaration is subscribed in his own handwriting as follows:- "By me Hugh Fitzwilliam, son and heir to John Fitzwilliam of Sprotborugh and of Hathilsay".


Appended are five small seals of arms (mostly undecipherable) but presumably of the 5 living representatives of the family whose arms are given below the Pedigree.


Note. The above pedigree drawn up by Hugh Fitzwilliam was to establish his claim to be heir of William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough who died without male issue in 9 Hen.VIII. [1516] The male line of the eldest house of Fitzwilliam having thus become extinct, Hugh claimed to be the nearest male heir as being the eldest living descendant of Ralph FitzWilliam described as "Captain of Salva Terra or Sauve Terre, a castle in France, this being the second line of the Fitzwilliam family. In consequence of disputes with Sir Henry Savile of Tankersley, Hugh not only had this pedigree drawn up but also the whole descent transcribed in a quarto volume now preserved at Milton. This Sir Henry Savile had married Elizabeth Suthill, the daughter and heiress of Thomas Suthill who had married Margaret Fitzwilliam the elder daughter of Sir William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough [ob.1494], with the death of whose grandson William Fitzwilliam, as has been said, the eldest line became extinct. It was Sir Henry Savile who "having become possessed of the great mass of the Fitzwilliam evidences" by the above marriage is said to have "burnt three great bags, meaning therby to deface the blode and name for ever" (Hunter's South Yorkshire, vol.1.p.334 footnote) Dorothy the sister of Margaret Fitzwilliam, had married Sir William Copley. of Sprotborough. The issue of these suits for the valuable estates of the last Fitzwilliam of the eldest line was to establish the Saviles in possession, and in the division the Saviles got Emley and the Copleys Sprotborough, etc.


Vellum roll, richly emblazoned.

Date: dated 8 July 1570
Held by: Northamptonshire Archives Service, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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