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Title: John Phillips (1800-1874): papers and drawings in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History



Letters to Phillips, ordered chronologically (1815-1874), Phillips/Box 1-38


Undated letters to Phillips, Phillips/Box 39-41


Letters from Charles Darwin (1839-1860), Phillips/Box 43


Letters from Henry De la Beche (1830-1853), Phillips/Box 44


Transcriptions of letters from Phillips to De la Beche in the NMW, Box 44a


Letters from Sir Charles Lyell (1836-1871), Phillips/Box 45


Photocopies of letters from Phillips to Lyell, Box 45a


Letters from Adam Sedgwick (1827-1869), Box 46a


Letters from John Edward Lee (1830-1874), Box 46b


Correspondence with publishers, etc. about The origin and succession of life on earth (1860-1861);


Sapcote Borehole letters (1859-1868), Phillips/Box 47


Letters relating to the Naples journey, and publication of Vesuvius (1867-1871), Phillips/Box 48-49


Letters to Phillips on belemnites (1838-1869), Phillips/Box 50


Early works by Phillips, collaborative works with William Smith and some items possibly by Smith: sections, lecture notes, fossil drawings, etc., Phillips/Box 51-52


Notes and drawings on the geology and palaeontology of Yorkshire and Northern England, Phillips/Box 53-54


Topography and buildings: Yorkshire (mounted drawings), Phillips/Box 55-56


Topography and geology: Yorkshire and Northern England (mounted watercolour drawings and a booklet), Phillips/Box 57


Geology and palaeontology of Yorkshire including material for Illustrations of the geology of Yorkshire. [Part 1] The Yorkshire coast (1829) and 3rd ed. (1875): notes, sections, drawings, watercolours, lithographs, etc., Phillips/Box 58-59


Topographical drawings: originals for The rivers, mountains and sea coast of Yorkshire ... (1853); lithographs from the same, and Preface and Contents, Phillips/Box 60


Notes on archaeology, etymology, inscriptions, chemistry and mineralogy, geology and palaeontology (1821-1850s), Phillips/Box 61-62


Notes and drawings of mainly fossil forms, Phillips/Box 63


Palaeontology and zoology: notes and drawings of fossil and living forms, Phillips/Box 64-67


Palaeontological notes and drawings relating to the Palaeozoic era (mainly of the 1840s - his Ordnance


Geological Survey period), Phillips/Box 68


Original drawings for Figures and descriptions of the Palaeozoic fossils of Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset ... (1841), Phillips/Box 69-70


"Drawings not used" for the Figures and descriptions ..., Phillips/ Box 71


Drawings of fossils, possibly for one of his Palaeozoic works, Phillips/Box 72


Fossils drawings, being plates for a projected work, Phillips/Box 73


Drawings of fossil bones and teeth of dinosaurs, etc., some relating to The geology of Oxford and the Valley of the Thames (1871), Phillips/Box 74


Material relating to The geology of Oxford ... (1871), Phillips/Box 75


Material for his Palaeontographical Society monograph: British Belemnitidae (1869-1909), Phillips/Box 76-77


Miscellaneous, unsorted, geological notes, Phillips/Box 78


Notes on surface temperature, climate and palaeoclimates; readings of temperature and atmospheric pressure, Phillips/Box 79


Jurassic geology and palaeontology (mainly of 1850s-1870s), Phillips/Box 80


Notebooks and journals, Phillips/Box 81-92


Astronomy, Phillips/Box 93


Aurora borealis, Phillips/Box 94


Electricity (mainly the papers of Edward Highton), Phillips/Box 95


Meteorology (1820s-1870s), Phillips/Box 96-97


Subterranean temperature experiments, Phillips/Box 98


Terrestrial magnetism, Phillips/Box 99


Notes for his monograph Vesuvius (1869), with associated press cuttings on vulcanicity, C.G.B. Daubeny's contribution on volcanoes to the paper written jointly by Daubeny and Phillips on Geology for the Encyclopaedia metropolitana (1835), Phillips/Box 100a


Original watercolours and pen and ink drawings for the plates and figures of Vesuvius, with some plate proofs, Phillips/Box 100b


Miscellaneous printed material, Phillips/Box 101


Notes on language and miscellaneous, mainly printed, material, Phillips/Box 102


Lecture scripts and review articles, Phillips/Box 103-5


Lecture notes on zoology, biology, etc. (1820s-1830s), Phillips/Box 106


Lectures on zoology, biology and palaeontology, etc. (1820s-1860s), Phillips/Box 107


Lectures on zoology and biology (1820s-1870s), with a later set on physiology [1860s-1870s?], Phillips/Box 108


Lecture notes, mainly geological, Phillips/Box 109


Geological lecture notes, mainly on metamorphism, Phillips/Box 110


Lecture notes: geology and palaeontology, origin of life, geophysics, cosmology and astronomy (1820s-1870s), Phillips/Box 111


Lecture notes for Oxford University (1854-1874), Phillips/Box 112-3


Lecture notes: geology, etc., and examination documents (1855-1873), Phillips/Box 114


Lectures on economic geology, Phillips/Box 115


Manuscript volume by John William Salter (1820-1869) on Mollusca and Brachiopoda, Phillips/Box 116


Notes and correspondence of J.W. Salter re trilobites, Phillips/Box 117




13 folders, 1 out-of-sequence box, Phillips' material in the small and large map chests,


Manuscript additions and printed items of uncertain provenance (see individual listings)


Appendix 1: List of John Phillips' manuscripts in the Museum of the History of Science,


Oxford (compiled by Tony Simcock)

Related material:

There are Phillips' papers in the Museum of the History of Science, Broad St., Oxford.

Held by: Oxford University: Museum of Natural History, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Phillips, John, 1800-1874, geologist

  • Geology

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