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Title: Gloucester Diocesan Records

GDR Volumes


GDR/A The Diocese


GDR/A1 General Acts, 1792-1886


GDR/A2 Surveys of the Diocese, 1831-c.1863


GDR/A3 Diocesan Boundaries, 1875-1907


GDR/A4 Statistical Returns, 1906-1938


GDR/A5 Assistant Bishop, 1892


GDR/A6 Diocese of Bristol, 1846-1897


GDR/A7 Chancellors of the Diocese, 1859-1923


GDR/A8 Archdeacons, 1905-1936


GDR/A9 Rural Deans, 1876-20th cent.


GDR/A10 Appointments of Surveyors, 1886-1930


GDR/A11 Restitution of Temporalities, 1661-1830


GDR/A12 Seals, 1905-1946


GDR/A13 Episcopal Houses of Residence, 1837-1905


GDR/A14 Individual Bishops, 1777-1959


GDR/A15 Assessors' Election Papers, 1885-1929


GDR/A16 Printed Works, 1763-1947


GDR/A17 Boards and Committees


GDR/A18 Diocesan Officials


GDR/A19 Diocesan Synod


GDR/A20 Lay Workers


GDR/B Consistory Court


GDR/B1 Act Book, 1886-1898


GDR/B2 Account Book, 1832-1863


GDR/B3 Minutes of Court, 1771-1857


GDR/B4 Court Papers, 16th-20th cents.


GDR/B5 Penance, c.1579-1809


GDR/B6 Excommunication, 1701-1806


GDR/B7 Chancellor's Orders, 1697


GDR/B8 Fees, 1677


GDR/B9 Apparitors, 1592-1835


GDR/C Visitation


GDR/C1 General, 1597-1883


GDR/C2 Visitation Accounts, 1690-1896


GDR/C3 Visitation Papers, 1683-1943


GDR/C4 Churchwardens' Presentments, 1591-1960


GDR/C5 Ministers' Articles of Enquiry, c.1680-1960


GDR/C6 Churchwardens' Accounts, 1684-1732


GDR/C7 Church Inventories, 1681-1914


GDR/C8 Midwives and Surgeons, 17th cent.-1775


GDR/D Benefice and Incumbent


GDR/D1 Presentations, 1541-1964


GDR/D2 Nominations, 1604-1955


GDR/D3 Grants of Next Presentation, 1553-1706


GDR/D4 Patrons' Petitions, 1736-1897


GDR/D5 Advowsons, 1626-1926


GDR/D6 Bishop's Notices, 1901-1951


GDR/D7 Institutions, Collations and Licensings, 1542-1941


GDR/D8 Letters Testimonial, 1617-1907


GDR/D9 Subscriptions, 1640-1949


GDR/D10 Commissions, 1725-1905


GDR/D11 Induction Mandates, 1606-1830


GDR/D12 Dispensations in Plurality, 17th cent.-1923


GDR/D13 Non-Residence on Benefices, 1804-1933


GDR/D14 Resignations, 1545-1956


GDR/D15 Relinquishment of Holy Orders, 1871-1918


GDR/D16 Sequestrations, 1711-1945


GDR/D17 Union and Disunion of Benefices, 1735-1929


GDR/D18 Licences for Divine Worship, 1823-1936


GDR/D19 General, 1716-c.1914


GDR/E Ordinands and Curates


GDR/E1 Deacons' Papers, 1715-1877


GDR/E2 Priests' Papers, 1715-1877


GDR/E3 Ordinands' Papers, 1718-1810


GDR/E4 Lists of Ordinands, 1715-1912


GDR/E5 Ordination Advertisement, 1806


GDR/E6 Ordination Sermon, 1876


GDR/E7 Ordinands' Subscriptions, 1874-1907


GDR/E8 Miscellaneous Ordination Papers, 1719-1783


GDR/E9 Nominations to Stipendiary Curacies, 1715-1914


GDR/E10 Licences to Stipendiary Curacies, 1766-1908


GDR/E11 Curates' Subscriptions, 1874-1925


GDR/F Fabric


GDR/F1 Faculties, 1619-1958


GDR/F2 Consecration Papers, 1832-1910


GDR/F3 Church Building, 1750-1909


GDR/F4 Parsonage Houses, 1768-1935


GDR/F5 Dilapidations, 1857-1931


GDR/F6 Burial Grounds, 1845-1948


GDR/F7 Inspection and repair of churches


GDR/G Episcopal Estates


GDR/G1 Registers of Leases, 1715-1856


GDR/G2 Leases, 1661-1905


GDR/G3 Estate Books and Papers, 1647-1856


GDR/G4 Orders in Council, 1847, 1855


GDR/G5 Leicestershire, 1834-1856


GDR/H Gloucester Cathedral


GDR/H1 Deans, 1569-1953


GDR/H2 Prebends and Canonries, 1562-1948


GDR/H3 Dean Newcombe, 1751


GDR/J Diocesan Registrars


GDR/J1 Appointments, 1898, 1905


GDR/J2 Accounts, 1705-1942


GDR/J3 Correspondence, 1858-1911


GDR/J4 General, 20th cent.


GDR/K Miscellanea


GDR/K1 Bell Papers, 1831-1847


GDR/K2 Deeds, 1725-1902


GDR/K3 Land Tax, 1799-1804


GDR/K4 General, 1596-1921


GDR/L Convocation


GDR/L1-49 Convocation Papers


GDR/M Charities


GDR/N Papists and Dissenters


GDR/N1 Papists, 1705-1780


GDR/N2 Dissenters, 1784-1838


GDR/O Correspondence and Petitions


GDR/O1 Miscellaneous, Correspondence, 1840-1863


GDR/O2 Petitions, 1687-1899


GDR/P Confirmation & Baptism


GDR/P1 Notices, 1834, 1849


GDR/P2 Returns, 1903-1966


GDR/Q Marriage


GDR/Q1 Marriage Licence Bonds, 1730-1823


GDR/Q2 Marriage Licence Allegations (Single), 1747-1837


GDR/Q3 Marriage Licence Allegations (Volumes), 1637-1823


GDR/Q4 Marriage Licences, 1714-1823


GDR/Q5 Marriage Licence Indexes, 1830-1906


GDR/Q6 Marriage Licence Abstracts, 1813-1830


GDR/Q7 Surrogates' Letters, 1717-1798


GDR/Q8 Surrogates' Appointments, 1815-1871


GDR/Q9 Surrogates' Bonds, 1754-1830


GDR/Q10-13 Marriage Licence Papers, 1686-1797


GDR/Q14 Roe Marriage Indexes


GDR/R Testamentary Bibury Peculiar SEE also GDR/D678


GDR/S Education


GDR/S1 Schoolmasters, 1578-1855


GDR/S2 School Sites, 1842-1905


GDR/S3 Diocesan Inspectors' Reports, 1872-1928


GDR/S4 Bristol, 1838-1853


GDR/T Tithe


GDR/T1 Tithe Apportionments and Maps, 1837-1927


GDR/T2 Tithe Books and Papers, 1792-1931


GDR/U Inclosure


GDR/U1 Awards, 1779, 1797


GDR/U2 General, 1765-1782


GDR/V Parish


GDR/V1 Bishop's Transcripts, 1569-1929


GDR/V2 Letters relating to the Transcripts, 1832


GDR/V3 Transcript Receipts, 1859-1871


GDR/V4 Parish Register Survey, 1813


GDR/V5 Glebe Terriers and Inventories, 1572-1914


GDR/V6 Parish Papers, 1706-1944


GDR/V7 Orders in Council, 1844-1909


GDR/V8 Parochial Libraries, 18th cent.


GDR/V9 Queen Anne's Bounty, 1753-1873


GDR/V10 Ecclesiastical Commissioners, 1865-1907


GDR/V11 Insurance, 1893-1904


GDR/V12 Fees, 1899-1936


GDR/V13 Churchwardens and Parish Clerks, 1711-1923


GDR/W Peculiar Jurisdictions


GDR/W1 Bibury


GDR/W2 Bishop's Cleeve










GDR/X Handlists


GDR/Y Diocesan Yearbooks




Archdeacons' Records


Diocesan Registrar's Records


Diocesan Board of Finance


APPENDIX I The Hockaday Collections


APPENDIX II Bishops of Gloucester


APPENDIX III Bishops of Tewkesbury


APPENDIX IV Archdeacons of Gloucester from 1541


APPENDIX V Archdeacons of Cirencester and Cheltenham


APPENDIX VI Archdeacons of Bristol, 1836-1897


APPENDIX VII Deans of Gloucester


APPENDIX VIII Chancellors of the Diocese


APPENDIX IX Registrars


APPENDIX X Bishop's Transcripts




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Date: 1541 - 2000

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Held by: Gloucestershire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Diocese of Gloucester, Gloucestershire

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  • Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Administrative / biographical background:



There have been many changes in the boundaries of the diocese and of its archdeaconries and rural deaneries, particularly since 1836. This table sets out the important dates and main changes; the many transfers of parishes between deaneries are not noted here, but are indicated in the index at the back of this book.


1541 3 Sept - Foundation of the diocese of Gloucester


Rural Deaneries:


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bristol, Gloucester, Campden, Hawkesbury, Cirencester, Stonehouse, Dursley, Stow, Fairford, Winchcombe.


Archdeaconry of Hereford: (The Archdeacon of Hereford retained his jurisdiction over the Forest deanery until 1836 when the deanery became part of Gloucester archdeaconry. His courts were held at Mitcheldean.)


1542 4 June - Foundation of the diocese of Bristol


The diocese of Gloucester remained as above, except that most of the large rural deanery of Bristol was transferred to the new diocese of Bristol, and only 10 parishes were left as the deanery of Bristol within the diocese of Gloucester.


This is the perpetuation of a mistake First published in to now disproved see Pxvi [note 1] of 'Records of the Diocese of Bristol'. (This affects the index entries for these parishes.)


These divisions remained the same until:


1836 (Order in Council 5 Oct.) Union of the dioceses of Gloucester and Bristol


Rural Deaneries:


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Campden, Stonehouse, Stow, Forest, Winchcombe, Gloucester


Archdeaconry of Bristol: Cirencester, Hawkesbury, Bristol, Fairford


1837 (Order in Council 19 July) Transfer of Cricklade and Malmesbury rural deaneries to the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol from the diocese of Salisbury (Archdeaconry of Wiltshire) Campden Stonehouse Bristol Fairford


Rural Deaneries:


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Campden, Stonehouse, Stow, Forest, Winchcombe, Gloucester


Archdeaconry of Bristol: Hawkesbury, Bristol, Fairford, Crickdale, Malmesbury, Cirencester


In the next thirty years the larger deaneries were gradually divided and came to be known as:


Forest North and Forest South


Stonehouse North and Stonehouse South


Winchcombe North and Winchcombe South


Bristol City and Bristol Rural


Hawkesbury North and Hawkesbury South


Malmesbury North and Malmesbury South


1870 - Creation of Northleach rural deanery


This was made up of parishes from Stow (Archdeaconry of Gloucester) and Cirencester (Archdeaconry of Bristol) rural deaneries; to avoid having to obtain an Order in Council the deanery was divided into North and South under one rural dean, and the parishes left in their respective archdeaconries.


1882 (Order in Council 30 Nov.) Creation of Archdeaconry of Cirencester. (This also regularized the 'North and South' divisions of rural deaneries)


Rural Deaneries:


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Dursley, Forest North, Forest South, Gloucester, Stonehouse North, Stonehouse South, Winchcombe North, Winchcombe South.


Archdeaconry of Bristol: Bristol City, Bristol Rural, Crickdale, Hawkesbury North, Hawkesbury South, Malmesbury North, Malmesbury South.


Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden (from Archdeaconry of Gloucester), Northleach North (from Archdeaconry of Gloucester), Stow (from Archdeaconry of Gloucester), Cirencester (from Archdeaconry of Bristol), Fairford (from Archdeaconry of Bristol), Northleach South (from Archdeaconry of Bristol).


1886 (Order in Council 31 Dec.; London Gazette 7 Jan. 1887) Changes in names and boundaries


Rural Deaneries:


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley (formerly Stonehouse North), Cheltenham (formerly Winchcombe South), Dursley, Gloucester, Forest North, Forest South, Stonehouse (formerly Stonehouse South), Winchcombe (formerly Winchcombe North)


Archdeaconry of Bristol: Bitton (formerly Hawkesbury South), Bristol (formerly Bristol City), Chippenham (formerly Malmesbury South), Cricklade, Hawkesbury (formerly Hawkesbury North), Malmesbury (formerly Malmesbury North), Stapleton (formerly Bristol Rural)


Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden, Cirencester, Fairford, Northleach (formerly Northleach North and South), Stow


1897 (Order in Council 7 July) - The diocese of Bristol re-constituted with the following rural deaneries: Bitton, Cricklade, Bristol, Malmesbury, Chippenham, Stapleton (i.e., the former Archdeaconry of Bristol except Hawkesbury rural deanery)


The diocese of Gloucester now comprised:


1. Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Hawkesbury, Dursley, Stonehouse, Forest North, Winchcombe, Forest South


2. Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden, Northleach, Cirencester, Stow, Fairford


1907 (Order in Council 9 May) - Changes in boundaries; two new rural deaneries (Tetbury and Tewkesbury) added.


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Hawkesbury, Dursley, Stonehouse, Forest North, Tetbury, Forest South, Tewkesbury


Archdeaconry of Cirencester: Campden, Northleach, Cirencester, Stow, Fairford, Winchcombe


1919 (Orders in Council 30 July and 31 Oct.) - Archdeaconry of Cirencester renamed the Archdeaconry of Cheltenham; some re arrangement of rural deaneries.


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Gloucester, Dursley, Hawkesbury, Forest North, Stonehouse, Forest South, Tewkesbury


Archdeaconry of Cheltenham: Campden, Northleach, Cheltenham, Stow, Cirencester, Tetbury, Fairford, Winchcombe


1952 - The rural deanery of Gloucester was divided into three: Gloucester City, Gloucester North, Gloucester South.


The present diocese of Gloucester is constituted as follows:


Rural Deaneries:


Archdeaconry of Gloucester: Bisley, Dursley, Forest North, Forest South, Gloucester City, Gloucester North, Gloucester South, Hawkesbury, Stonehouse, Tewkesbury


Archdeaconry of Cheltenham: Campden, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Fairford, Northleach, Stow, Tetbury, Winchcombe

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