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Rental or Survey


Lanhern, St Columb


Lanhern: 12th May 1460 (12th May 38 Hen VI).


(Free tenants)


Heir of Warin Lercedekne, knight, 3 acres Cornish in Ruthfos and Gau'gan.


Thomas Nanswhidan, 1 acre Cornish in Nanstornan, 1 acre Cornish in Penfos.


Roger Polgrun, 1 acre Cornish in Polgrun.


John Nanfan, 1 acre Cornish in Bodruthyn.


James Flamank, 2 acres Cornish in Trenans.


Stephen Mark and John Felipp, co-heirs, 1 acre Cornish in Penfos; common suit of court.


Heir of John Tynten, 6 acres Cornish in Helwyn and Hengolan.


John Porth, 1 acre Cornish in Porth; John Coulyng and John Porth, 1 acre Cornish there.


Oto Colyn, [blank] Cornish in Elwans, Bodruthyn and Pentyr.


Heir of Thomas Knapp', 3 ferlings in Trewaruena; John Martyn Barry, 3 ferlings there by right of his wife.


(Conventionary tenants)


Treuudrys (John Faven); Trewaruena (George Queynte); Lanvyan; Penpons Lanhern; Wyndesore; Enysmaugan (Juliana Trous); Tregonvan; Tregoustek; Trevelgy; Penfos; Kenewes; meadow of Carnanton (remains in lord's hands); Hellenpark (remains in lord's hands); Lanhern Doune (remains in lord's hands); mill of Lanhern; demesne land of Lanhern (reserved in lord's hands).


Vill of Sancta Columba [no date].


(Free tenants): [long list of free tenants, including] Ralph Tripkunyn, those tenements which were Luke Pluvan's; Odo Moyll, (inter alia) 1 tenement lately John Felghour's; John Michell, (inter alia) 2 tenements opposite the cross (exoposito cruci'), 1 close called Parkenfenten, 1 tenement by the cross in the lane (iuxta crucem in venella), 1 close leading to the spring (ducens ad fontem); Ralph Tripkunyn, 1 tenement lately Andrew Treghar's; Richard Paule, 1 tenement lately John Doll's; Nicholas Tresithny, (inter alia) 1 forge (fabricale); Luke Kerter, a bake-house (domus pistrine); the great close (magnum clausum); John Shirdewyn; close by St Columb mill; fair and market used to pay 6d yearly; [added later] Richard Tresafnowe (and others), in Tresafnowe.


[Lanherne; St Columb (Major)]


Trewaruena [= Trevenna, in Mawgan P.]


Tresafnowe [= Tresawna, in St Enoder]


Helwyn (Lanherne manor) [in St Eval, at Engollan]

Date: 1460
Held by: Archives and Cornish Studies Service (formerly Cornwall Record Office), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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