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a. 3rd. Nov., 1572. Report of a meeting between William Glaseor, Vice-Chamberlain of the Palatinate, and the Mayor and Aldermen. The former summoned the latter to attend him at the Castle, and there stated his case, that the City of Chester was part of the Palatinate, and that the Exchequer was the lawful Court of Chancery for the City. 4ff.


b. 1567/73. Draft of general orders issued by the Mayor, Richard Dutton; only f.5 can definitely be assigned to Dutton. f.7 regulation forbidding foreign suits.




c,d. post 27th Oct.,1573. Two drafts of bill of complaint from Alexander Cotes, Controller of the royal subsidies and customs at Chester, to Lord Burghley. Protests against his rough handling and imprisonment by the Mayor, in order, so he believes, to prevent his interference with the export of some illegal merchandise. He cannot obtain justice in the City the Mayor himself being judge and therefore asks that, the Mayor now being in London, he be summoned to answer for his actions. 6ff. and 8ff.


e. n.d. Rough draft of Dutton's answer to the complaint brought against him by Cotes. Denies the detail of Cotes's bill, and puts the whole case in a wider setting - alleges that Cotes, using the machinery of the Exchequer court, was attempting illegally to obtain the release of a relative, whom the Mayor and Justices had just committed to prison. Robert Low, Sergeant-at-Mace. 10ff.


f. n.d. Rough draft of questions to be put on behalf of Dutton, deft., against Cotes, complt. 3ff.


g. n.d. Rough list of questions not clear whether connected with f above. 2ff


h. 12th Jan., 1574. Summons, by virtur of a royal commission, from Hugh Choldmudeley Sir Hugh Cholmondeley, Henry Maynwaryng Mainwaring and Richard Hurleston, to various aldermen and others. Requests their presence at Natwich on 25th Jan. to give evidence on such matters as will be put to them. 2ff.


i. n.d. Draft of letter from the Mayor to Burghley. Recapitulates how he had presented a bill of complaint against the customers, Controller and Searcher of the Port of Chester, protesting against various disorders, and how a commission for the trial of the case had been issued to Cholmondeley, Mainwaring, Hurleston, and George Irland. The Commissioners, however, because of their friendship with Glaseor and Cotes the customer and controller, decided to hear the case at Nantwich, although they knew that most of the witnessess lived in Chester, and that the Mayor would find it difficult to leave the City; also, two of the Commissioners were unable to be present, and so the whole affair was postponed sine die. Asks that the commission might be renewed. 4ff.


j, k. Jan., 1574. Two drafts of a bill of complaint from Edmund Gamull servant to Glaseor and others to the Earl of Leicester, Chamberlain of the Palatinate.


Protests against the closing of the Wolf Gate New Gate by Dutton, who, it is suggested, is motivated chiefly by his malice against the officials of the Castle.


6ff. and 2ff.


l. 23rd Jan., 1573/4. Copy of letter from the Mayor to Leicester Retufes Gamull's charges; emphasises that the Wolf Gate was always during the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII kept closed and only opened by William Glaseor the Vice-Chamberlain? when he was Mayor 1551, to suit his won convenience; that that a great deal of inconvenience resulted, and that it was for this reason he ordered the gate to be closed. 2ff.


m. n.d. Draft of bill of complaint from Dutton to Leicester. Protests that, in spite of an Order issued at the request of Dutton's predecessor, for putting an end to the dispute with the Palatinate, Glaseor continues to infringe the privileges of the City; asks that the matter be again dealth with, and encloses a schedule of offences to support his case.




n. n.d. The Schedule. A list of cases wherein Glaseor has infringed the liberties of the City courts, by taking recognizances to the peace between citizens, revoking cases to his own court, etc. Note reference to the case of Alexander Cotes; and reference to Glaseor as Steward to the Dean and Chapter, Chapter Clerk, and Auditor. 4ff.


o. n.d. Brief note of another case removed to the Exchequer by Galseor. Elizabeth Sneyd, widow, v. Thomas Grene. 1f.


p. Feb.,1574. Draft of bill of complaint from William Aldersey to Leicester. Protests against his disfranchisement by Dutton, and gives brief summary of his career, from ironmonger's apprentice to Mayor, over the last fifty years. Note, Thomas Weveor?, Sergeant of the Peace.




q. 1573/4. Draft of bill of complaint from John Aldersey son to William to Leicester. Protests that he is unable to recover a debt from one Roger Smith, although he won his case against him in the Pentice, by reason of Smith's friendship with the officials of the City. Note, Sir Richard Egerton, farmer of prize wines at Chester.


From endorsement, this bill was apparently used as an excuse to disfranchise John. 3ff.


r. n.d. Draft of letter from the Mayor, etc. to Leicester. Writes in dutiful acknowledgment of his service to them, and assures him of their acceptance of the Orders of the Council, settling the dispute between themselves and the Palatinate. 1f.


s. n.d. Draft of letter from the Mayor, etc. to the Council. Thanks them for settling the dispute between the City and the Palatinate, and asks them for their good offices in the renewing of the City's charter. 2ff.


t. 1573-4. Dutton's accounts, with notes added by auditors?:-


His expenses in London, Michaelmas Term 1573


His Expenses in London, Lent Term 1574.


His expenses from May 15th 1574.


Money laid out during his year of office. Brief note of his receipts, 8ff.


u. n.d. Comments on Dutton's accounts, being explanations by him of some of the entries. 1f.


v. n.d. 1572-3. Copy of information laid in the Exchequer Court, Chester, on behalf of the Queen, by William Crofton, gent., one of Her Majesty's Serjeants at the Lawe and officers of the County Palatine.


Charges Roger Ley, the present Mayor, with choosing Aldermen and Common Councilmen without the assent of the Citizens, and so infringing the charter of Henry VII. The Mayor and Aldermen are also charged with speaking speeches tending to the discredit and overthrow of the authority of the Exchequer Court, and maintaining the disobedience of the Mayor and Citizens to its jurisdiction. Asserts that the City is part of the County Palatine. 8ff

Date: 1572-1574
Held by: Cheshire Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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