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Details of HW 16/6
Reference: HW 16/6

Bound volume of BP GP periodic summaries: reports 27-40 include details of massed shootings of Jews and Russians on Eastern Front 1941-42, even so figures for executions are incomplete as in Sept 1941 Germans decided details of such atrocities too sensitive to be sent by radio and must be sent by courier post; hardships endured by GP in Russia during winter of 1941/42; details of escaped POWs, many British; detailed results of Allied air raids, particularly from 1943 to end of war; evacuation of German settlers from the Crimea to Germany 1941-43; MSGP 37 contains details of GP searches in Ukraine for suitable buildings for conversion to gas chambers; BP considered in MSGP 28 of Sept 12 1941 that execution of Jews by SS in Russia provided evidence for a policy of savage intimidation if not of ultimate extermination, this same report gave statistics for Southern Sector of Russian Front with 12,361 Jews shot in week of Aug 23-31 1941; MSGP 29 reveals at least 3,353 Jews liquidated in first 13 days of Sept 1941; MSGP 30 reported mass executions in Kremenchug during night of Oct 30/31 1941; MSGP 35 and 36 report GP reprisals on Eastern Front, fire, pillage and executions Apr-June 1942; MSGP 37 reported 700 Jews incapable of work shot in Ukraine July 1942; appendix to MSGP 38 of Sept 7 1942 includes evidence for SS use of Scopolamin and Meskalin injections against captured enemy parachutists; MSGP 55 reports SS exhumations of massed graves in Ukraine as German forces retreat, Mar 1944; great detail during 1944 on GP fighting with partisans in Yugoslovia and GP co-operation with Chetniks; MSGP 59 reported executions of Italian partisans June 1944, same report detailed SS reaction to July 20 attempt on Hitler's life; MSGP 60 reported proposal of Aug 27 by Germans to form new French Government under collaborator Doriot who was convinced that there could only one Europe, under leadership of nation which had made the greatest sacrifices, ie Germany; MSGP 60 of Sept 7 1944 reported movement of train carrying some 1300 Jews leaving Hungary for Auschwitz and chemicals being sent to Auschwitz for Himmler's Special Commissioner for the Combatting of Animal Pests; MSGP 61 of Nov 5 1944 contains details of German V-1 launches from Holland; during 1944 and up to German surrender in 1945 considerable data on GP preparation of defensive positions in face of Allied advance; MSGP 65 of May 29 1945 reports an April order by Himmler that all men living in any German house that flew a white surrender flag were to be immediately shot; GCCS paper of July 18 1942 on GP morse networks; selected GP verbatim German language extracts sent out by BP Intelligence Exchange (IE) for specific customers, mainly BP Naval Section, 1942-44; translated GP highlights Nov 1940-May 1941 covering GPD Nos 104-240 and not issued in MSGP series.

Note: GPD 199 of Mar 21 1941 and GPD 200 of Mar 22 1941, missing from piece 31, are bound in this MSGP volume. Reference nos quoted in the MSGP series can be found in the GPD and GPDD series of verbatim German texts, see pieces 17-43. MSGP reports 39, covering GPD daily reports 1035-1093 and 51, covering daily reports 1906-1922 are missing at transfer from this bound volume
Date: 1940-1945
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: MSGP 9-66
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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