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Details of CO 137/744
Reference: CO 137/744

Letters from 'Offices' (Government departments and other organisations) relating to Jamaica. Correspondents and subjects covered are as follows:

Admiralty (erection of oil tanks at Harbour Head; delay of assumption of duty by Commander Calthrop).

Crown Agents (assistant Mistress to be appointed at Shortwood College, Kingston; forwards three test slips of samples of 'Trypan blue'; proposed establishment of wireless communication between Grand Turk and South Caicos; further observations on the above; transportation and power problems in Jamaica; selection of an engineer for the survey of a tramway for the Government Sugar Factory; proposed harbour improvements in the colony; war bonus payable to candidates selected by Crown Agents; awaiting authorisation for cement expert to visit colony; appointment of a Government Agent for Jamaica in Canada; report on Hydro-Electric supply by Preece, Cardew and Rider; safety appliances for railway; recommendation of P M Mackay for appointment as Assistant Locomotive Superintendent; Central Sugar Factory; submission of name of R W Willcocks for appointment as Superintendent of Public Works; proposed loan for the Government of Jamaica; appointment of Mr J H Blakesley as Consulting Engineer for the proposed Central Sugar Factory; issue of short dated securities by Government of Jamaica; appointment of Miss H M Mcleod as Technical Instructress for the Government Continuation, Technical and Commercial School).

Privy Council (dissolution of Legislative Council).

Foreign Office (importing of West Indian bananas into France; deposit of money at Sao Paolo Consulate by Mr T Clarke; the question of establishing a British Consulate at La Ceiba Spanish Honduras; enquires whether the cost of defending Uriah Lewis will be refunded to the FO in due course; question as to quality of Jamaica rum imported into Switzerland; Lieut C B Austin's flight between Canal Zone and Miami, Florida; claim of Mr Thomas White against Nicaraguan Government; wireless communication between Jamaica and British Honduras; no objection to proposed flight by Lieut C B Austin; establishment of Jamaican Charitable Organisation Society in Cuba; liability to income tax of the employees of the US Consulate at Kingston, Jamaica; registration of trade marks 'Sheffield' and 'Ron Jamaica' in Venezuela; prospect of Most-Favoured-Nation treatment being accorded in France to bananas imported from Jamaica; claim of Mr H H Jones for compensation for injuries sustained in Cuba in 1918; consignments of sugar for Holland - detention in UK; question of approaching French Government regarding bananas from Jamaica; conditions of employment of Miss L Wilson and Miss A Medley; Mr Stapenhorst's desire to recover certain debts claimed by him from the Haytian [Haitian] Government; transmission of confidential despatch bags from London to Bogota by Messrs Elders and Fyffe's vessels; Mr Clarence B Selver's claim against the Haytian Government; question of who to succeed Monsieur Roques as Haytian Consul at Grand Turk; the case of Mr Augustus Robinson).

Home Office (claim of Frank Barnes to British Nationality; verification of Barnes' claim of birth in Jamaica; application for naturalisation by M I Esses; intention to reside in British Dominions is a condition of naturalisation for Mr Moses Shagoury; proposal to return Mr R Southgate and Mr W F Miller to the Home Prison Service).

India Office (repatriation of Lieutenant Calder to Jamaica).

Parliament (Jamaican Preference to Canada- extension to UK; preference which Jamaica has given to cotton piece goods from Great Britain).

Board of Trade (breach of quarantine laws by Master of 'Saint Bede'; import of West Indian fruit into France; establishment of a light at Morant Cays, Jamaica; copy of Police report on seaman Jason Fletcher; regulation of public accounting in Jamaica; copy of a report on seaman E Copeland; repatriation of James Moore to Jamaica; tariff treatment of Jamaican bananas imported into France; law 44 - pilotage; wife's refusal of repatriation for seaman Mighty; repatriation of Ishmael Wilson and wife).

Treasury (supply to the Jamaican Government of nickel coin; Jamaica Government repaying loan; sale of the business of Messrs Wessels and Nephew in Jamaica; firm of L Wessels; case of J H Brown - claim for compensation for injuries; local Government concurs that local Currency Laws should again be put into force with regard to the payment of local notes in coin; repayment of 1910 loan; certain bank notes as legal tender; pension to Mr L J Bertram; prisoners of war transferred to Canada).

War Office (renewal of declaration under section 189(2) Army Act; selection of Lieut R H L Fink as Staff Officer to the local forces, Jamaica; war bonuses to civilian employees of Colonial Government replaced by increase in wages; claim for compensation by D Baker; C Phillips could not be retained indefinitely in a military hospital; approval of Lieut R H L Fink as Staff Officer; transfer of Muckamore Dock to Colonial Government; pay of civilian employees of War Department again under consideration; repatriation of C Phillips).

Miscellaneous Offices (repatriation of H Husband; disease conditions in Cayman Islands; report on lignite from Jamaica; proposed establishment of wireless communication between Grand Turk and Cockburn Harbour on the Island of South Caicos; the late Reuben Camberon; request for free passages for ex-servicemen; Widows and Orphans Pension Fund; visit of US aircraft to Kingston; export of silver to Jamaica; prevention of diseases among bees; light at Sand Cay, Turks Island too expensive for General Lighthouse Fund; wireless communication between Grand Turk and South Caicos; the case of Charles Grey; letter from Massachusetts SPCA, regarding alleged cruelty to animals in Jamaica; importation of frozen mutton from New Zealand; visit of Sir A Shipley to give advice on educational matters; production of pimento leaf oil in Jamaica; award of pension to D Baker; contribution towards cost of preparation of monograph on Flora of Jamaica; F N Niles to start a course of instruction at the Royal Irish Constabulary Depot; report of the Loan Works Committee; enemy debts clearing office law; Ishmael Wilson's application for assistance; Panama disease of bananas; freight rates for sugar- comparison between from Cuba and from Jamaica; water courses bill; question of oil fuel installation; importation of frozen meat from New Zealand; grant to Mr W Fawcett for next volume of 'Flora of Jamaica'; letter by Jamaica Imperial Association on mails for England; no action taken on S Baker's application for pension; Pimento leaf oil; modifications of regulations on importation of dogs into Jamaica; importation of goods by Controller of Prices and Profits; desire of the Canadian Bank of Commerce to issue bank notes in Jamaica; repatriation of C A Smart; memo of Sub Committee on transport and power problems; distressed seaman C A Smart).

Date: 1920
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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