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Reference: J 95
Title: Supreme Court of Judicature: High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division: Divisional Court Orders

This series is a continuation of J 73 and consists of orders and copy orders of Divisional Courts of the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice upon appeals from decisions of inferior courts and tribunals and in connection with applications for judicial review of actions of public bodies.

The series also includes orders on special cases, by way of case stated on a point of law, from magistrates' courts and courts of quarter sessions. Following the abolition of quarter sessions under the Courts Act 1971, there are orders on special cases submitted by crown courts in respect of non-indictable offences. Additionally there are orders on appeal from decisions of certain administrative tribunals, such as the Industrial Tribunal.

The orders also arise from applications for the issue to inferior courts, such as those mentioned above, and to administrative tribunals and to other public bodies, such as local authorities, of prerogative orders of certiorari (to quosh the decision or to remove the action into the High Court), mandamus (commanding certain action to be taken) and prohibition (forbidding the continuance of an action). In addition to such orders arising from these applications for judicial review and appropriate remedy, the series also contains a few orders relating to applications for the issue to prison authorities of writs of habeas corpus for the production in court of a person held in custody.

Date: 1920-1987

From 1920 until 1970 the records consist of manuscript entry books of orders. From 1920 until 1936 two books were kept for each term's sittings. From 1937 until 1970 three or more books were kept annually. Between 1971 and 1972 some of the books continued in manuscript form, but others consist of typescript copies, each such volume being preceded by an index.

In 1973 binding was discontinued and thereafter orders were numbered annually and placed in folders with an index for each year. From 1980, however, a system of filing by dossier was progressively introduced. Consequently this series does not extend beyond 1982.

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Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Supreme Court of Judicature, Kings Bench Division, 1901-1952

Supreme Court of Judicature, Queens Bench Division, 1952-

Physical description: 290 files and volumes
Access conditions: Open

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