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Details of IND 1
Reference: IND 1
Title: Public Record Office: Indexes to Various Series

This is an artificial series largely comprised of original series indexes to records in the Public Record Office, and related documents. The indexes are often essential means of reference to associated series and can be either contemporary with the documents contained in those series or later compilations.

Date: c 1500-c 1950
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Administrative / biographical background:

Many pieces in IND 1 were formerly part of other series; and many pieces which were once in IND 1 have now been transferred to the series from which they were originally extracted or to other appropriate series.

The largest transfer of documents out of IND 1 took place in the early 1970s in preparation for the opening of the Public Record Office at Kew. Those IND 1 pieces relating to series to be produced at Kew from 1977 were transferred from IND 1 into other series so that they could be united with the documents for which they served as indexes. Accordingly from 1977 to 1996 pieces in IND 1 related to series produced at the Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, and not to series produced at Kew. During the same period many pieces in IND 1 at Chancery Lane were transferred to the series from which they had originally been extracted or to new series in the appropriate departments. The process of restoring documents which remained in IND 1 after 1977 to their original archival contexts is continuing gradually.

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