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Details of SC 8/138/6864
Reference: SC 8/138/6864
Petitioners: John Radford, executor of Nicholas Radford of Devon.
Name(s): Radford, John
Addressees: King.
Nature of request: Petition stating that Nicholas Radford was a justice of the Peace by the king's commission and was possessed of great zeal to pursue evildoers. On Thursday 23 October in 34th year of the reign, Radford was at his place called Uppecote in Cadleleigh and was in the king's peace, and Thomas Courtenay came with others bearing arms and attacked Radford's place and set the gates of the place on fire. Radford came and admitted them after Courtenay that he and his goods would be preserved. While Courtenay distracted Radford, the men stripped the place, turning Radford's sick wife out of bed and carrying all away. Afterwards Courtenay said that he had to take Radford to his father and then departed. Philip and the others then struck Radford on the head with a glaive so that his brain fell out and cut his throat.Afterwards at his burial when his body lay in his chapel, Henry Courtenay came with others and took upon him the office of coroner and held an inquest without authority. Afterwards they cast his body from the coffin into the grave and threw the stones conveyed there for Radford's tomb onto the body crushing it. Justice is requested for the so that an example is not set if the murder, felony and robbery pass unpunished.
Nature of endorsement: Let it be done as he requests.
Places mentioned: Devon; Tiverton, Devon; Exe Island, Devon; Exeter, Devon; Cadeleigh, Devon.
People mentioned: Nicholas Radford, justice of peace, gentleman of Devon; Thomas Courtney (Courtenay), late of Tiverton, kt., son of Thomas, earl of Devon; Thomas [Courtenay], earl of Devon; Nicholas Philippe (Philip) otherwise called Nicholas Gye, late of Tiverton, yeoman; Nicholas Gye otherwise called Nicholas Philip, late of Tiverton, yeoman; John a More, otherwise called John Penyale late of Exe Island of Devon, tailor; John Penyale, otherwise called John a More late of Exe Island of Devon, tailor; John Briggham (Brigham), late of Tiverton, yeoman; William Layn late of Tiverton, yeoman; Thomas Overye, otherwise called Thomas Amery late of Exeter, tailor; Thomas Amery, otherwise called Thomas Overye late of Exeter, tailor; Henry Courteneye (Courtenay), late of Tiverton, esquire, brother of Sir Thomas Courtenay, kt., and godson of Nicholas Radford.
Note: Datable, from internal references, to c. 1455. See also R. L. Storey, The End of the House of Lancaster, pp.168-9, The History of Parliament: The Commons 1386-1421, iv.168-70, and PROME, parliament of 1455, introduction, and appendix, nos. 32-33.
Date: [c. 1455]
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
Access conditions: Open on Transfer
Publication note:

Who was Alice Perrers?, W.M. Ormrod, (Chaucer Review, XL, pp. 219-229, 2006), pp.264-8 (edition of petition)

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