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Details of FO 925
Reference: FO 925
Title: Foreign Office: Library: Maps and Plans

This series contains maps, plans, and atlases accumulated by the Foreign Office from library material, extracts from despatches and reports, and items collected by diplomats in the course of their work.

They are not specifically diplomatic maps, but contain historical information. Some are manuscript, original and unique maps. Others are printed, by one form or another: for example, engraved, lithographed, photozincographed, and so on. Some have manuscript additions. The maps are single sheets or gatherings of sheets (either flat or rolls) and published atlases.

Date: 1700-1944

For maps acquired in 1900 and later, bandwidths of numbers were allocated by the Foreign Office to geographical regions, beginning with 7001-10000 (for maps of Africa); in other words, the intervening numbers 4653 to 7000 were not used.

Within each bandwidth not all numbers were taken up: piece numbers 4653-7000, 8029-12000, 12391-15000, 15026-16000, 16045-17000, 17287-19000, 19013-20000, 20134-21000, 21203-24000, 24023-25000, 25389-28000, 28026-29000, 29069-30000, 30404-31000, 31127-32000, 32056-33000, 33082-34000, 34026-35000, 35049-36000, 36049-37000, 37268-38000, 38031-39000, 39033-40000, 40012-41000, 41526-44000 were not used.

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Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English

Foreign Office, Library, 1801-1946

Physical description: 18726 folded maps
Access conditions: Open
Publication note:

Some of the maps in FO 925 have been catalogued in: 'Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office: 2. America and West Indies', London: HMSO, 1974; 'Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office: 3. Africa', London: HMSO, 1982; 'Maps and Plans in the Public Record Office: 4. Europe and Turkey', London: The Stationery Office, 1998.

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