Catalogue description Records of Research Establishments

Details of Division within ADM
Reference: Division within ADM
Title: Records of Research Establishments

Records of the various departments, establishments, factories, laboratories and panels comprising the Admiralty's research establishments.

The series fall broadly into subject as follows:

Of laboratories:

Of factories:

  • records of the RN Cordite Factory are in ADM 322
  • RN Torpedo Factory, ADM 290

Of advisory panels, departments, directorates, establishments, stations and units:

  • records of the Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment are in ADM 259
  • Chemical Advisory Panel, ADM 247
  • Chemical Department, ADM 248
  • Co-ordination of Valve Development Department, ADM 272
  • Craft Experimental Establishment, ADM 250
  • Development Establishment, ADM 251
  • Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapon Development, ADM 277
  • Experiment Works, ADM 226
  • Experimental Diving Unit, ADM 315
  • Experimental Stations, ADM 212 and ADM 297
  • Fuel Experimental Station, ADM 309
  • Gunnery Establishment, ADM 263 and ADM 294
  • Marine Engineering Establishment, ADM 309
  • Mine Design Department and Mining Establishment, ADM 253
  • Naval Aircraft Materials Laboratory, ADM 291
  • Naval Construction Research Establishment, ADM 280 and ADM 311
  • Naval Weather Service Department, ADM 307
  • Surface Weapons Establishment, ADM 220
  • Torpedo Experimental Establishment, ADM 290
  • Underwater Countermeasures and Weapons Establishment, ADM 258
  • Underwater Detection Establishment, ADM 259
  • Underwater Explosion Research Advisory Panel, ADM 279
  • Underwater Explosion Research Establishment, ADM 280 and ADM 311
  • Underwater Weapons Establishment, ADM 292 and ADM 302
  • Underwater Weapons Launching Establishment, ADM 260
  • Yarrow Research Department, ADM 317
  • Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment reports and files are in ADM 341
  • Admiralty Research Establishment reports and files are in ADM 342

Date: 1874-1991
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English
Physical description: 36 series
Administrative / biographical background:

Histories of most of the research establishments will be found with the series containing their records.

In 1977 several Admiralty research establishments were merged to form the Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment (AMTE). A further amalgamation of research establishments occurred in 1984, and AMTE became part of the Admiralty Research Establishment.

The Admiralty Research Laboratory (ARL) was opened in 1921 at Teddington on a site next to the National Physical Laboratory. Its formation was intended to concentrate on one site the research work which had previously been scattered among several Admiralty Experimental Stations (AES), principally Hawkcraig, Parkeston Quay and Shandon. The ARL performed physical research of a fundamental nature with naval applications, and was organised into groups dealing with particular fields of research, such as underwater ballistics and sea acoustic studies. In 1977, ARL was merged with other research establishments to form the Admiralty Marine Technology Establishment, which itself became a department of the unified Admiralty Research Establishment in 1984.

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