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Title: Exchequer of Receipt: Miscellaneous Rolls, Books and Papers

This is a series of miscellanea, part of which contains genuinely miscellaneous records of the Exchequer of Receipt. There are also records which properly belong to the King's Remembrancer, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, Pipe Office, and Land Revenue Office of the Exchequer.

The series includes a collection of gentleman pensioners' rolls, payment rolls to commanding officers in the Irish military establishment, and Elizabeth I's jewel rolls.

The miscellaneous rolls comprise many small or imperfect accounts of receipts, issues and imprests. They include payments to officers of the Exchequer of Receipt, 1307; a list of ornaments in the chapel of Thomas, duke of Gloucester, c1399-c1413; writs for levying Queen Margaret's dower on certain resumed lands, 1447-1453; receipts of the duchy of Lancaster, 1490-1495; accounts of the receiver of fines on alienations, 1599-1600 and 1642-1652; copies of bonds for payments by France to England discharged in 1612; contracts for the pay and clothing of forces in the Low Countries, 1606-1607 and 1608-1609; compositions for knights' fees in Cumberland and Yorkshire, 1629-1631; account of the under-keeper of Marylebone park, 1643-1645; accounts of personal expenses of the King while a prisoner, 1647-1649; account of the duty on French shipping, 1674-1678; and an account of the governor of Tangier, 1681-1684.

The miscellaneous books and papers include:

  • acquittance and receipt books containing signed receipts for payments to private persons, 1629-1632 and 1693-1706
  • documents relating to the expenses of troops and garrisons in England, Ireland and abroad, 1559-1777
  • assignments of orders on bankers' annuities, 1704-1717
  • a register of powers of attorney of Nevis and St Christopher's debentures, 1707-1745
  • four bundles of 'blood money' certificates of the conviction of highwaymen and other felons and of the rewards paid to informers, whose receipts are endorsed, 1649-1800
  • a report on the fees, etc of custodians of castles and parks, 1608
  • accounts of the charges of the Queen's stables, 1555-1556
  • a list of those fined for failure to appear at Charles I's coronation and to take up knighthood, with the amount of composition paid, 1630-1632
  • an account of new and clipped money at the mint, 1698
  • an account of the expenses of messengers, 1558-1603
  • receipted orders to Earl Camden, one of the tellers, for the payment of monies, 1806-1812
  • orders and receipts relating to prisoners, 1572-1605 and 1634-1765
  • four books of wardrobe and household accounts containing the expenses of the Queen's masques, 1610
  • the expenses of Princess Elizabeth, 1613
  • the poultry office accounts, 1716
  • household expenses of Princess Charlotte of Wales, 1806-1814
  • an account of work at the Tower, Hampton Court and elsewhere, 1602-1603
  • expenses for dinners for officers of the Exchequer of the Receipt while making a repertory of treaties, 1567
  • an account of the sale of fee-farm rents, 1671-1679
  • memoranda of stationery issued to officers of the Exchequer, 1556-1710
  • certificates of survival of John, count of Friesland, 1575-1589
  • bond of delegates of the Low Countries and Lower Germany for a loan from Queen Elizabeth, 1578
  • papers relating to the history, management, fees and duties of the Exchequer of Receipt, c1602
  • certificates, testimonials, letters of attorney and applications for debentures addressed to the auditors and tellers, c1558-c1625
  • miscellaneous certificates relating to clergymen proceeding to America, 1660-1791
  • certificates of the number of persons touched for the King's evil, 1669-1685
  • agreement between the Treasury and the City of London as to scavage, 1833
  • plans of the building for the victualling and commissariat departments at Gibraltar, undated
  • 'Thorpe's Exchequer papers', c1558-1685
  • further Exchequer papers, 1558-1820
  • papers relating to Exchequer bills and the Bill office, 1697-1866
  • books of fees for honours, imprests, issues and tallies, 1715-1846
  • papers relating to West Indian relief, 1833-1845
  • an index to appointments and offices, compiled in 1837, containing references to the registration of grants of offices and appointments in the books and rolls of the Auditor's office; and original letters patent, c1603-c1830, including some of Richard Cromwell.

Date: c1216-c1901
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English and Latin
Physical description: 252 bundles, files and volumes
Access conditions: Available in microform only unless otherwise stated

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