Catalogue description Exchequer: Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer and Pipe Office: Miscellanea, New Series

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Details of E 389
Reference: E 389
Title: Exchequer: Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer and Pipe Office: Miscellanea, New Series

The records in this series are a heterogenous collection of miscellanea, basically unsorted, of the offices of the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer and the Pipe. They were transferred from E 370 as an emergency measure in 1995.

Included are a number of administratively distinct file series from both offices; examples of documents from file series destroyed under schedule; much miscellanea; and a number of strays from other record series. The series is an important one which does much to clarify and explain the several great series of enrolments which are the major legacy of the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office and the Pipe Office. The records include documents preparatory to and subsidiary to the drawing up of the main record account, and indications of the process which followed on the final audit and enrolment. It includes also manuscript originals of the returns to the various Treasury and parliamentary commissions on fees, and internal memoranda and working papers of both offices.

Distinct file series or document groupings include:

  • attermination rolls, relating to the payment of debts to the Crown; sheriffs' particulars of account for the farm and profits of the county, and their continuation from the late 15th century as declared accounts
  • bills of craving, subsidiary to the declared accounts and to the petitions of allowance, including assize calendars, which contain information similar to that of the agenda books of the various assize circuits, and gaolers' cravings for the maintenance of prisoners
  • petitions of allowance of sheriffs, escheators, and bailiffs; sheriffs' returns of illeviable debts
  • documents relating to the appointment of under-sheriffs
  • Foreign Apposers' states
  • nichil rolls and subsidiary documents
  • claims to liberties (relating to the collection of and account for judicial fines and issues)
  • summonses of the Pipe and also for recusancy
  • writ rolls of the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office
  • receipt rolls and registers concerning the delivery of estreats
  • rolls of the marshal of the Exchequer
  • presentation rolls of the mayor and sheriffs of London
  • proffer rolls and other formal documents concerning audit and account;
  • outlawry rolls estreated from both King's Bench and Common Pleas

and both certificates and subsidiary documents concerning the payment of wages to justices of the peace.

Miscellaneous records in the series include records relating to office practice, including inventories of records, tables of fees, and returns to parliamentary commissions; estreats and summonses, including writs of summons for creation payments for baronetcies; and accounts for Wales in the reign of Edward I.

The series includes important strays from E 137

Date: 12th century-19th century
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: English and Latin
Physical description: 447 files, papers and volumes

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