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Reference: E 101
Title: King's Remembrancer: Accounts Various

This series brings together records from various parts of the Exchequer, including the offices of the King's Remembrancer, the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer, the Augmentation Office, the General Surveyors, the Auditors of the Land Revenue, the Treasury of the Receipt, and the Exchequer of the Receipt.

The core of the series is formed by the accounts and particulars of account deposited in the King's Remembrancer's Office after enrolment on the Pipe and Chancellors Rolls, or the Foreign Accounts Rolls, and which, by the nineteenth century, formed a substantial element of the ancient miscellanea of the Exchequer. The documents have been subdivided into thematic groups: Alienation Office; Army, Navy and Ordnance; Augmentation Office; butlerage; Channel Islands; Clare household; Council, wages and diet; equitium regis (royal stable); fines and amercements; forests; France; Hackney Coach Office; Hanaper; Imprests; Irish Exchequer; Jews; Marshalsea of the Household; mines; Mint; miscellaneous; nuncii; recusants; resumed lands; Scotland; sheriffs' administrative accounts; Treasury of the Exchequer; ulnage; universities; North Wales; wardrobe and household; wool; works.

The Medieval Soldiers database contains more searchable information for the Army and Navy sections of E 101 between 1369 and 1453. The project focused on muster lists and wages for war lists in E 101. Records selected were mostly lists of names. The high level financial records concerning armies are not included in this external database.

Digital images of some of the records in this series are available through the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website. Please note that The National Archives is not responsible for this website or its content.

Date: c1154-c1830

The basic arrangement of the documents into thematic groups was first established in 1837, with further modifications in 1886, 1894, and and more material has been added since.

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