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Details of DL 25
Reference: DL 25
Title: Duchy of Lancaster: Deeds, Series L

The series consists, for the most part, of the documentation of conveyancing: the evidences of title relating to the several estates of the Duchy scattered throughout the kingdom. It is to a large extent made up of deeds from the archives of estates acquired at various times by the earls and dukes of Lancaster.

Among the estate archives represented in the collection are those of the earls of Chester, and the Lacy, Bohun, Chaworth and de Quincy families; the abbey of Furness and the priories of Burscough, Cartmel and Conishead; and the honors of Clare and Mandeville, which were annexed to the Duchy by act of parliament.

Part of the collection may include some deeds lodged as evidence in proceedings before the Court of Duchy Chamber. Others may have been brought to the Duchy chancery for the purposes of enrolment.

Please note: Digital images of the seals from this series are available to download.

Date: c1100-1979

Seals in series DL 25 and DL 26 were numbered arbitrarily as part of the digitisation process; these numbers are used to distinguish item-level catalogue entries for the seals.

Separated material:

Part of the collection of Duchy of Lancaster deeds was stolen in 1755. When the theft was discovered, in 1763, it proved possible to recover eleven boxes from the thief's widow. Nevertheless, many deeds had either been sold or destroyed.

Those which had lost their seals and were bound in the 1820s are in DL 36

Larger deeds separated from this series due to their size will be found in DL 26

Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: DEE, PEN, NEW, KNA, THA, SAP, 13B01(B), 13F01, MIS, SAV
Legal status: Not Public Record(s)
Language: English, French and Latin

Duchy of Lancaster, 1399-

Duchy of Lancaster, Chancery, 1351-

Physical description: 3876 papers and parchment membranes
Access conditions: Open unless otherwise stated
Immediate source of acquisition:

From 2021 Duchy of Lancaster

Accruals: Series is accruing
Publication note:

A number of deeds are printed in full in The Lancashire Pipe Rolls and Early Lancashire Charters, ed William Farrer (Liverpool, 1902). Others are printed in Early Yorkshire Charters, iii, ed William Farrer (Edinburgh, 1916); vi-vii, ed Charles Travis Clay (Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series, extra series, iii and v, 1939 and 1947).

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