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Details of HW 14/70
Reference: HW 14/70

Reply from GHQ Int (s) Mar 12 to EWT's letter of Mar 3 on GCCS liaison with GHQ and Y success in the field, agreed Mar 15 that GCCS GHQ Party be desolved now danger of invasion remote; Hut 3 to EWT with evidence of Axis reinforcements for Tunisia via Italy, Mar 12; DDMI (O) to EWT Mar 15 on dangers of incorporating Sigint into ME Weekly Intelligence Report, AD (S) to EWT Mar 18 agreeing with DDMI (O); EWT to C Mar 12 with draft letter to Commissioner of Metropolitan Police asking him to put 8 extra PC operators into Denmark Hill, C writes to Commissioner Sir George Abbiss KBE Mar 15; Wing Cdr Jones of Hut 3 to C requesting permission to cut Sigint service to Cairo and Alexandria as Algiers was now main intelligence centre with attached draft to Ds of I summarising new policy Mar 19; more protests from BP on transfer of ATS from Beaumanor to ME Mar 11, BP summary of events, WG Welchman visits Beaumanor to discuss subject Mar 12, exchanges between EWT and DDMI (O) on subject Mar 12-17; Newman of Research Section to EWT on recent machine developments Mar 12; AD (S) to AD (A) requesting extension of Photographic Dept Mar 13; HC Kenworthy to Lt Col Sayer and GPO re transfer of ex-Admiralty receivers at Flowerdown to GPO station at Sandridge, also question of suitable aerials for Hawklaw, Mar 15; Kenworthy at Knockholt to EWT on shortage of operators; exchanges between AW Bonsall, HAS and RAF Cheadle on problems with Cheadle's classification of Orchestra Kracs Mar 13-15; tasks and sub-sections of AS, staff and tasks of AS Small Cypher Section, SALU paper Mar 19 on Sigint sources that could be expected on a Western Front and case for creating section responsible for current collation of intelligence from all sources, letters from F/L Prior to Professor Boase on state of Prior's subsection on his departure for overseas; eleven-page summary of all intelligence reports received by AS including subjects, distribution and how received, also list of all permanent documents held in AS Mar 19, AS to 380 WU Algiers on Italian Delta anti-aircraft and anti-submarine vessel patrol network Mar 14; Capt Sawdon leaves BP for tour of ME Sigint units Mar 17; AM takes action to stop using GP frequency following BP request Mar 15; liaison with WO and AM; BP correspondence with Acting Director CBME Dryden, with DDMI (Y) Col Scott in Algiers and with Blaire-Cunnynghame in ME, Lt Col Sayer to AD (S) on respective responsibilities of Dryden and Scott Mar 18, Cdr Saunders I/C comms at BP to Sayer on Sigint plans for Algiers, Constantine, Tunis and Tripoli Mar 17; exchanges between EWT and Major Stevens in Washington, cooperation with American Y, minutes of meeting Mar 18 at BP with US Army rep on BP liaison with US Sigint authorities in London, exchange of material, EWT and Sayer to visit Lt Col Bicher of ETOUSA, Handel Edwards of AS to Sayer on cooperation with US Y on Western Front suggesting tasks for US, Mar 14; EWT to Bayly in NY with details of German Hellschreiber printer system Mar 18; liaison with Kilindini, letter from Brian Townend at COIS Kilindini to Mr Foss at BP re work on Japanese naval cyphers Mar 11; problems with British Comsec, MI-8 to DDMI (Y) in ME, Germans continue to obtain British Orbat from decoded messages Mar 11; further to events of Mar 9-10, PM's concern over possible compromise of BP E breaking capability, signal from C to Gen Alexander repeating all top level exchanges on subject headed by PM's signal to Gen Montgomery of Mar 9 and ending with final warning from C to Montgomery, map provided by Hut 3 supporting Sigint details Mar 11, signal from C to Service Chiefs in Med/North Africa quoting Sigint report with GAF Tunis Air Corps convinced on Mar 13 that Allies knew beforehand routes of German supply convoys, Allied Commands ordered to carry out pre-strike reconnaissance in future before hitting convoys so as not to compromise Ultra, signal from PM to Admiral Cunningham in Med stressing need to protect Ultra otherwise Sigint service to Commanders would be restricted, orders from Chief Sigs Officer ME to 8 and 18 Army on Comsec measures following PM's concern over possible compromise of Ultra Mar 15; ME Sigint cover for Mar 12; GS Int (s) GHQ Home Forces to MI-8 commenting on MI-8 draft to DMI on Y organisation in the field Mar 12

Date: 1943 Mar 11-20
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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